Hungarians give us lessons: how much money do they spend on the best women’s handball team in Europe

Anita Gorbic (left) played until last year, at Gyor, along with Stein Bridal Oftedal.

In our country, public funds are dumped to finance sports and meager amounts of sponsorship are obtained. In Europe quite the opposite. A comparison of CSM Bucharest and Győr, two important handball teams, shows this.

Bucharest is a city where thousands of people live without heating and hot water in the winter months. Perhaps the fact that Capital City Hall is financing a sports club is not at all warm.

We are talking about the CSM in Bucharest, where public funds have been “injected” since the time of Gabriela Feria. Ironically, then, the activist Nikosur Dan (photo) He attacked this anomaly and promised that things would change if he won the election.


“I consider it inappropriate for Bucharest City Hall to agree with the government not to cut off the gas supply, because there are no sports grounds where children can play sports for free, because there are not enough state nurseries and kindergartens, but for the same City Hall to pay Salaries of hundreds of thousands of euros for some handball players”, wrote Nicuşor Dan, in a Facebook post from 2016. Later, he developed this idea in an interview with “The CSM should focus on raising children and young people, saving young people who live In this city is the opportunity to play sports, not to fight for some prize which is, after all, empty pride. We cannot keep, with public money, so many world-class stars. I think the purpose of the municipality should be different.”

performance costs

It is as soon as he became the mayor of the capital, Nikosur Dan continued what Gabriela Feria had been doing. I mean, it’s spending public money to fund sports. We are talking about an area that, everywhere in the West, is self-financed through sponsorship and through sums invested by the private sector.

Here, instead, only the handball department of CSM Bucharest club “swallows” 3.6 million euros a year! Nikosur Dan himself estimated, in April 2021, to Gazeta Sportorilor: “It costs the CSM Bucharest handball team somewhere, with salaries and competitions, in total, 17-18 million lei per season.”

If the bulk of this amount had come from sponsorship, as happens in other countries, the city council contribution would have been understandable. However, the weight is just the opposite! That is, 81% of the budget of the handball department is provided by Capital City Hall. Surprisingly, the general manager of the CSM club, Gabriella Szabo – photo (46 years old), really proud of this anomaly.


“Performance costs! For performance we have to invest! All Romanian sports are subsidized by the Romanian government or local authorities. Which is not a bad thing. This year, during the pandemic, we, the club, can be proud, in addition to the support we receive from General City Hall, We have raised over €700,000 from sponsoring the handball team and more. Even for club children and juniors. My marketing colleague and I are knocking on corporate doors to raise as many funds as possible from the corporate environment”, Gabriela Szabo told


Geyer gets 81% of its money from Germans

The fact that the CSM club in our country boasts that it secures 19% of the budget for handball from sponsorship, while the rest of the money goes to the government, is very strange, since we are two steps away from that, which is, in Hungary, things are quite the opposite.

Geyer is, at the moment, the strongest women’s handball team in Europe. In Hungary, he has won eight of the last ten editions of the tournament. And in the Champions League, she won the title three times in a row, in 2017, 2018, and 2019. In the last edition, in 2021, the Hungarians finished third in the league.

According to information obtained by “Adevărul”, the budget of Gyr club amounted to 6 million euros per year in 2018 and has gradually reached 8 million euros at the moment. Of this amount, local authorities provide 1.5 million euros. The rest of the money comes from sponsor Audi. This German brand has a huge factory in the city, employing tens of thousands of employees, and is proud to supply Geor with the largest budget in women’s handball in Europe.

he heard

The local authorities’ contribution, in addition to the amount they supplement the team’s budget, is to provide five-star infrastructure. For example, the “Audi Aréna”, where Giord plays, with a capacity of 5,500 seats, was built by City Hall. It cost 16 million euros. However, we are talking about a one-time investment that will benefit the city for many years to come.

2006 is the year when Audi Hungary started sponsoring the Gyor handball team. Since 2011, the brand also supports the football club.


Although it is Romania’s most popular women’s handball team, with mega star Cristina Nyago playing, CSM attracts even a small amount of sponsorship, if we are to go by Gabriella Szabo’s words. Currently, the brands that associate their image with CSM are: Game World Casino, Engie, Fiterman Pharma, Borsec and Cocomax.

Cristina Nego (CSM Bucharest)


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