October 18, the day the Yuan de Hunedoara family entered history. And the king gave him Hunedwara fort

King Sigismund and Foucault. fee. Corvinor Castle Museum.

October 18 entered the history of Hunedoara. It is the date of the first documentary testimony of the Hunyazi family.

The family of Yuan de Hunedoara is first mentioned historically in 1409, when King of Luxembourg Sigismund donated to them the Castle of Hunedoara, the settlement where one of the most impressive medieval castles in southeastern Europe would be built.

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The oldest document on the Honyas family dates from October 18, 1409, the act by which the King of Luxembourg granted Sigismund the former monarchy called Hvnyadvar (lat. It concerns the two brothers Mogosh and Radu, their cousin Radu and Ioan, son of Voico.

According to the painters-musicians from Corvinir Castle, the translation of the text in the Donation Act is as follows:

We, Sigismund, by the mercy of God, King of Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia, etc., Marquis of Brandenburg, vicar-general of the Holy Roman Empire and Governor of the Kingdom of Bohemia, hereby declare to all who are worthy, that we, out of the faithful and meritorious services rendered by our knight Vojko, The son of the Serbs, which he has shown and shown to our majesty in suitable places and times, desiring to motivate his faithful services, and to feel the sweet taste of the royal wages for service and more fervently, our royal lord named Hunedoara, which is in the county of Alba in the parts of Transylvania, together with all its utilities, i.e. its proceeds and its goods, with arable, cultivable and uncultivated lands, with meadows and pastures, forests and orchards, waters, heather and running water, and in general with all the utilities to which they belong, within their true and old limits, with the consent of the former council to lords and barons, under the title of new donation And with all the rights that belong to us, to the aforementioned knight Voiko and through his person to his brothers Magas and Radol, respectively to Radol, brother on the father’s side, and at the same time to His son Ewan and all his heirs and successors, we give, donate and bequeath forever and definitively to keep and possess without infringing the rights of others by the content of this letter, which after its return, we will draw in the form of a franchise. Given in Visegrad, on the day of the celebration of Saint Luke the Evangelist, year of the Lord 1409.

Over time, there were controversies over the extent of ownership of the Iwan de Hunedoara family over their services to the king. Hunedoara, the settlement on which Corvinor Castle would be built, was certainly among them.

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