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sFrom August 30 to September 1, 2022, the fourth edition of the “Văratec Meetings” event will take place. Initiated and supported with rare vigor by literary critic Petri Isashi, who has always been brought up with professionalism and spirit by Kristina Stefan, Vice President of the Bacau Branch of the Writers’ Union, the event is this year’s Culture Magazine Spiritual Child. 13 plus, reconsidering salon The Bacau Branch of the Union of Romanian Writers, the Buhuși Society “Renaissance”, the Buhuși Library “G, Bacovia” and the Vrancea Cultural Magazine. Among the participants will be some of the founders of the event – Kristina Stefan, Petri Isachi, Ion Verco, Stefan Monteno, Mihai Botiz Stonecaro, Viorel Savin, Dumitro Bragnano, Adrian Longo, Pietro Pozzato, Alexandro Dumitru, Jorge Nitsa, Pietro. But also some who will participate for the first time. Culita Ioan Ușurelu, Nicolae Matei and Adrian Matei will arrive from the legendary fields of Vrancea. Ekaterina Petrescu Botuncia will come from Targovite, Cecilia Moldovan, Ozana Kalmuski and Ioan Nyako will increase the number of participants from Bokoa. The show will be moderated by Ion Verco.

The beginning of the Soul Encounter will take place in Isevoire, Neame, in the home of the University pathologist Stephane Monteneau, where he will be the cause of great intellectual delight, among other things, the library dedicated to Eminescu. The host will tell the story of “a new encounter between fans of Emensko and the German lands.” “People are also born in Moldova” and “Foundations of the Romanian Nation” will be the heartfelt interventions of the Mayor of Dombrava Ruzi-Neamt, Elena Ceriتشيescu, and the parish priest of the “Izvorol Tomdwere” Church in Izvoir, Romeo Gheorghe Leonti. Interesting accents from the meeting will be placed on the Ștefanmunten creation letter by Mihai Botíz Stonecaro (“tefan Munteanu and the Eminescu Philosophy”), but also by Christina Otivan, Petri Isachi, Dumitru Bragnano, Viorel Savin, Irianon Virco, Adrien Longo.

On the same day, in Văratec, a new challenge will be launched: “The Current Affairs of Eugen Lovinescu”, through original speeches by Kristina Stefan (“Eugen Lovinescu – Psychological Portrait of Eminescu”) and Adrian Matei (the Eminescian character from the Lovinescian novel “).

Ștefan Munteanu, Viorel Savin, Mihai Botez Stîncaru, Petre Isachi and Ioan Neacșu will turn the essence of the discourses into real topics for discussion. On the same day, Alexandru Dumitru, Petro Pozzato, Cecilia Moldovan, Ekaterina Petrescu Botuncia, Nikolai Matei and Adrian Matti will give consistency in another original challenge: “Heart controversy and controversial views/views”, a kind of free-choice field by the meeting .

The next day, Petre Isachi will provide conceptual illustrations of another soul teacher: the centenary of Marine Breda. Writer’s Fact”. Ecaterina Petrescu Botoncea will focus on the spirit of ‘Mircea Eliade seen by Eugene Simeon through the ‘knots and marks’ of the Romanian critics, and Ioan Nyacu will delight in the ‘aesthetic dimension of literature’. Interventions in this debate are expected – Cecilia Moldovan, Viorel Savin , Mihai Botiz Stonecaro, Stefan Monteno, Adrien Longo, Adrien Mattei, Kristina Stefan, Petri Isachi, Ozana Kalmuski, Pietro Pozzato, Nikolai Matti – new sparks of soul will provide this approach.

Another moment of the day promises to be regal, the one in which Coletta will witness Ioan Oorillo, starting with a historic meeting, on “Romania and Imenescu Lover: Amita Boss”, while Ozana Kalmuski will discuss why “music of the past” will always fascinate us. In yet another long-awaited soul break, Nicolae Mattei and Pietro Pozzato will report on “Actualitatea rondelului” and the adventures of the aphorism, this “novel that can be read in one breath.” In the stillness of the evening and the breezes that arrived on the last day of summer in the immediate vicinity of the “silver groves”, the participants will comment with excitement on the idea of ​​Palmyra more and more, “in search of the lost reader”, trying to suggest possible solutions …

On the last day of the meeting, on the first day of autumn, in another historical place, Agapia Monastery, in passionate communion with the nuns here, Mihai Botiz Stonecaro will discuss the topic “Duilio Zamfriescu, Aristocrat of Culture”, supported by the interventions to be given by Coletta Ioan Orillo , Ion Firko, Petri Isashi, and Petro Nika. Project proposals for ‘Văratec 2023’ will pull the curtain on a new story about the meaning of existence.

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