Waste of public money: what results did CSM achieve in Bucharest with 14 million euros “cut” in 4 years

Cristina Nygo has reasons to be happy: she is among the most valuable handball players on the planet and has a contract for a match.

CSM Bucharest Capital City Hall-funded club annually “cuts” 3.5 million euros with the clarification that “performance costs”. But when we look at the results of the past four seasons, we see that it is well below the level of investments that have been made.

In a city like Bucharest, mired in misery, with areas resembling the Gaza Strip after bombardment, with entire neighborhoods without hot water and heating, we have a women’s handball team snorting with money.

We are talking about CSM Bucharest, where life is beautiful, as in the state! Because money flows regardless of the results generated. Periodically, we only witness staff rotation. How it happened now, when Gabriela Szabo (46 years old) was removed from the presidency of the club, by a decision of the mayor of the capital, Nicosur Dan (52 years). Who sent the control body to the CSM, to see how the money is being spent. At the moment, the mayor can find out the first answer from the press: in the CSM, the money goes to the highest salaries in Romanian handball!

Cristina Nygo (33 years old), signed, in December 2021, a contract extension for 20,000 euros per month. Until then, he earned “only” 18,000 per month, starting in 2017, when he hit CSM. In the rest, the few Romanian women who were lower in CSM got 4,000-5,000 euros per month, in the season that ended recently, while athletes brought in from abroad had monthly contracts of between 11,000 and 12,000 euros.


Norway’s Stein Bridal Oftedal finished second with George in the Champions League

Hungarians teach us lessons we ignore

The budget of the women’s handball team, CSM Bucharest, has been talked about in recent years. The amount is known precisely because it mostly comes from taxpayers’ money. By the way, now, in an interview with “Gazeta Sporturilor”, Christian Russo, representative of the Mayor General in the Administrative Council of the CSM Center in Bucharest, took up this topic again. Rochu said that the budget of the “Tigers” amounted to 3.5 million euros in the season that ended recently, and it will be the same in 2022-2023. Of this amount, 850,000 euros are the value of the sponsorship contracts. That is 24% of the money spent by CSM. As for the rest, 76% of the team’s budget is provided by public funds.

This anomaly – in performance sports, private sponsorship is the main source of income – is even more pronounced when we see how things work in Gyr (Hungary). This team, which is a permanent fixture in the fourth final of the Champions League – where CSM has not been around since 2018 – has an annual budget of 8 million euros. Of this amount, local authorities provide 1.5 million euros. The rest of the money comes from sponsor Audi. In other words, 81% of Team Gyor’s budget comes from sponsorships!

In the case of the Hungarian team, the contribution of the local authorities, in addition to the amount that complements the team’s budget, is limited to the provision of five-star infrastructure. For example, the Audi Arena, where Geyer plays, with a capacity of 5,500 seats, was built by the Town Hall. It cost 16 million euros. However, we are talking about a one-time investment that will benefit the city for many years to come.

Gabriella Szabo

CSM, some trophies are frighteningly expensive!

Therefore, a question arises: in the conditions in which we are mostly talking about public money, what justifies the huge investment in the women’s handball team, CSM Bucharest?

Give the answer, at some point, Gabriella Szabo (photo)before dismissing the club president: “Performance costs! For performance we have to invest! All Romanian sports are subsidized by the Romanian government or the local authorities. Which is not a bad thing.”

In addition to the fact that, in any case, it does not make sense that the bulk of the money comes from the government, since we are talking about professional sports, in the case of CSM, there is another big problem: the performances that Szabo was talking about are completely missing! Because this “public money shredder”, the CSM Bucharest, was created with the promise of winning the Champions League. Which he managed only once, in 2016! Since then, there have been two more third-place finishes (2016-2017, 2017-2018) and then some eliminations in the quarter.

The drama is that even internally, CSM does not produce results commensurate with the investments! The last really successful season was the 2017-2018 season, when they won the League of Flowers Cup and Championship. Since then, in the next four seasons, “Tigers” won exactly four titles! A simple calculation, starting with the team’s annual budget of 3.5 million euros, shows us that 14 million euros were spent on these four prizes. That is 3.5 million euros each. enormous!


Adrian Vasili, the coach who has lost everything with CSM Bucharest internally, this season

Results provided by CSM Bucharest, in the past five years


* Internal layout: Romanian Cup + 2nd place in the Flower League

* Champions League: knocked out in the quarter-finals


* Local plan: Champion in the Flower League

* Champions League: knocked out in the quarter-finals


* Internal plan: – (The Flower League has been canceled due to the pandemic)

* UEFA Champions League: The tournament was stopped in the quarter-finals due to the epidemic


* Indoor table: Romanian Cup + 2nd place in the Flower League + Romanian Super Cup

* Champions League: knocked out in the quarter-finals


* Indoor table: Romanian Cup + Flower League champion

* UEFA Champions League: 3rd place after the Final Four

We want to win everything that can be won domestically and reach the fourth final of the Champions League. The moment you fail at these things, you can call it a lost season. Christina Neagu for BRD, CSM Bucharest Sponsor

Collage article by Gabriela Feria and Nicosur Dan Photo Medifax

Nikosur Dan said something, as an activist, and the last thing he did as a mayor!

Gabriella Feria – photo, left (49), the former mayor of the capital, was the man under whose leadership the CSM began paying ever-increasing amounts of handball players’ salaries, culminating in bringing in Cristina Nego in 2017. At the time, the activist Nikosur Dan (right) This situation was strongly criticized. “I consider it inappropriate for Bucharest City Hall to agree with the government not to cut off the gas supply, because there are no sports grounds where children can play sports for free, because there are not enough state nurseries and kindergartens, but for the same City Hall to pay Salaries of hundreds of thousands of euros for some handball players”, wrote Nicuşor Dan, in a Facebook post from 2016. Later, he developed this idea in an interview with prosport.ro: “The CSM should focus on raising children and young people, saving young people who live In this city is the opportunity to play sports, not to fight for some prize which is, after all, empty pride. We cannot keep, with public money, so many world-class stars. I think the purpose of the municipality should be different.” After becoming mayor of the capital, Nikosur Dan continued to do exactly what was done during the Feria period. That is, “pumping” millions of euros into CSM accounts from public money.

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