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The International Magical Summer Festival begins on July 6 and ends on Wednesday August 31 with a concert by the National Youth Orchestra of France, led by Michael Schonwant. The program will include two famous pieces from the repertoire of the world’s great orchestras: Claude Debussy, with an introduction to the noon hour by Faun and Gustav Mahler – Symphony no. 5.

The Magical Summer Festival opened with a concert by the National Youth Orchestra of Romania, represented world-renowned artists and orchestras, and concluded with the National Youth Orchestra of France.

“I have always bet on youth, on the promises and hopes it gives us, and I must confess to you not a great surprise, but a great joy that was confirmed during the magical summer festival: the new generations have such a thirst and love for culture that I firmly believe that, even in the most turbulent contexts , real culture has a chance, and it has a future. From year to year we have a lower life expectancy: this year, for example, we noticed a decrease of about 5-7 years in the average age of the audience we are talking about, which we happily find in a hall concerts,” said Mr. Doreen Ionic, Director of Lanto Communications, organizer of the Vara Magică Festival.

Throughout the months of July and August, the Vara Magică Festival gathered world-famous artists and presented the audience with a series of notable prizes and surprises: the first operetta concert in the Roman Athenaeum with the most famous soloists, the operetta orchestra and the music theater Eun Dachian, a piano performance by Sînziana Mircea and Soprano Laura Tatulescu in a new format and a unique production, the first audition for The Chamber of the George Enescu Philharmonic and many more, every evening at the festival comes with an element of exclusivity. Moreover, and to the delight of the audience, the festival in Athens presented three famous Stradivarius violins, which were masterfully handled by such famous violinists as: Alexandru Tomescu, Rebecca Hartmann and Alexander Sitkowski.

“This summer, we have seen a significant increase in the level of tickets sold, although the offer of summer cultural events has far exceeded the landscape in previous years. Of course, we are comparing this year’s results, not so much with the last two years, as the festival continues during the pandemic period, And it faces the difficulties of operating in a vacant space in 2020 or reducing 50% of occupancy in 2021, but rather with 2019 and the years before the period of restrictions,” said El-Sayed. Doreen Ionic, Director of Lanto Communications, organizer of the Vara Magică Festival.

“We conclude, full of hope, another edition of the Magical Summer Festival, and until the next edition, we will continue the series of artistic events with musical evenings at the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry Palace, as well as the Winter Magical Parties, which are held every year before Christmas in the Roman Atheneum. And so We stay with classical music lovers and keep our promise to make all necessary efforts to offer them concerts and shows of the highest quality,” added Doreen Ionic.

Alexander Tomescu Photo Ionu Stoica

The International Magic Summer Festival is one of the preeminent summer cultural events in Europe and one of the few events of this kind that brings the capital of Romania to the fore during the summer period. The eleventh edition of the Vara Magică Festival featured 9 unique concerts, one every week, from July 6 to August 31, in the Great Hall of the Roman Athenaeum. The complete program of the Vara Magică Festival – Eleventh Edition is available here.

Partners of the Vara Magică Festival, to whom thanks and gratitude are expressed for the continued support of culture: Oscar, Borsec, Luxten, Niro Investment Group, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, ARCUB, Senia Music, Youth Bucharest City Center and Capital Hall, in co-production with: TVR2 and Radio Romania Muzical and media partners: Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Trinitas, Career Magazine and Director of Human Resources Bucuresti Vechi si Noi.

Magic Summer Festival concert tickets are available online at and, as well as at the open Magic Summer Festival ticket office at the Romanian Athenaeum, entrance from Benjamin Franklin no. 1-3, Monday to Friday, 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Details can be found in the attached press release, along with photos to illustrate with Credit: Magical Summer. For questions you have my contact details below.

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