Chef from Siberia, best known on YouTube for the food he cooks. “I am proud of my home region and love to promote it”

Dozens of recipe videos, stories and a community of tens of thousands of people. This is what Alex Basarabi of Sibiu was able to build and rally around. The young man is 35 years old and has been a chef for 17 years. Seven years ago, he chose to share his passion and career with foodies and created a YouTube channel promoting the food he cooks, which currently has nearly 60,000 subscribers.

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In addition to being a chef, Alex has chosen to provide people with content with the recipes he prepares. He did not want everything to be kept a secret in the kitchen, and now he devotes his time to his second job, as the young man calls it.

“I am also a content creator, a second job I can say, something newer. In 2015, I decided to open a YouTube channel and post my favorite recipes. I do a lot of research before I post a recipe, because I never like to be caught by surprise and because I want to provide information Healthier for people who follow me. Information is power so the research and documentation part for me is very important. Sports is another passion I make time for, because in this way I can enjoy food without thinking too much about the extra kilos,” says Alex.

“To be a good chef you need perseverance and ambition”

Behind every dish, in addition to the recipe, is a story and an experience. The decision to become a chef was clear to Alex from the start, when he chose to attend cooking school courses. The desire to bring something new to every dish is the basis of the job Sibi has been working on since he was 18 years old.

“When we think of cooking, many of us probably think of those Italian movies where everyone is relaxed and delicious recipes are cooked with a lot of passion and ease. But the reality beats the movie most of the time and things don’t always go smoothly. If you ask me, I can tell you that the job of a chef is It is a job of great endurance and that you need strong mental strength.To be a good chef you need perseverance, ambition, seriousness, perfection, curiosity, physical and mental agility, and even empathy for the people around you, because teamwork in the kitchen is essential. A real kitchen cannot To work without organization, discipline and cooperation. Why did I choose this job? Because I respect food and that’s why I love to innovate, come up with new ideas and give a pleasant experience to the people I cook for.”

How he started posting recipes online

The idea of ​​creating culinary content on YouTube has been clear to Alex since the beginning of 2015. He was back in the country after spending some time in Germany, at which point he realized he needed something new, something that would also challenge his investment of time, love and passion.

“I loved the idea, the fact that I could express my thoughts there and in that way, I was somehow memorizing my recipes, because I had forgotten a lot of them. Besides, I was given a bunch of handwritten recipes because people knew I was a chef, so I loved giving them away. Since That I owned a YouTube channel, I didn’t write a recipe by hand. It was first published in the fall of that year, because I didn’t know what the job of shooting and montage was. For me, there were many details to research and learn, from camera to lens, to editing, To create smooth content that is easy to follow and understand. So I started researching from the beginning of the year and it was clear to me what to do only in the fall,” explains the chef.

How much time does he spend shooting and editing?

The young man explains that behind each video there are several hours of filming and editing. But time does not matter if the end result is one that pleases him and is appreciated by his community.

“I try to make the material as complex as possible, so as not to miss any details and of course it takes time, I can shoot material in an hour or six hours, depending on the complexity of the recipe. One of the newer recipes is a curd pie cooked by my grandmother, where I was behind I just shot the camera and I have questions. I shot the actual recipe in 25 minutes, it’s a very quick recipe and well-balanced taste.”

Since the recipe didn’t stop there, Alex also wanted to show people the process of making cheese, which, he says, requires more time spent in the field. “For the cheese making process, specifically telemeaua and urda, I spent eight hours with some very cool people, trying to capture every step. What I mean is that it’s the end result that matters to me, not the time it takes to get it. To help, nobody helps me create content. , I’ve never liked to rely on someone, or ask for help. Why would I do that when we have so much information online. Most of the time, when you want to do something, do it yourself, don’t rely on anyone, you’ll have more the satisfaction “.

“I find inspiration in almost everything”

For a young chef, inspiration comes from the little things. He is inspired by travels as he tries to discover the gastronomic experiences and customs of the regions he visits. Besides, it’s the spontaneity that makes Alex create new connections to translate into his dishes. Whether he’s preparing veal stew with dumplings, periwinkle soup, or seafood spaghetti, or delighting his followers with a traditional kozonak or pasca recipe, Alex’s clips collect thousands of views.

“I find inspiration in almost everything, and it’s not just me, it’s the case of almost every chef, because we instantly make connections and associations, and I don’t know if it’s quality or a professional flaw. When I travel, I always look for traditional places to eat or the best places to eat Food because these things inspire and pique my curiosity.For years I’ve been traveling just to eat and learn habits, and this relaxes and satisfies me.I choose recipes according to the mood, where I’m in, or the season.I don’t think of anything in particular,everything comes naturally and fast. Oftentimes, whether you see a picture, or something in the market, grocery store, or hypermarket,” says Sebian.

Alex puts the same passion into every dish he prepares, whether simple or complex. When you ask him if he has a favorite dish, the young man cannot choose because each recipe has something special, which often comes from the simplicity of combining the ingredients.

“I’d like to give a definitive answer, but it’s very hard to say, because I love food. It’s about what I was saying before, where I am and my mood. If I’m somewhere near water, I don’t think for a moment what poultry, fish and seafood dishes are Everything I dream about and desire.But if I’m at my grandmother’s house, I want to enjoy soup or a chicken casserole, and I definitely don’t need seafood.I think it’s a matter of perspective.Basically, simplicity is the answer for me.A dish with few ingredients and high quality , without much spice, and without anything too complicated, but well and properly cooked.”

He is proud of the community he created

Recently, Alex spent a whole day in Mărginimea Sibiului to make a video about the story of Sibiu cheese. The young man spent a day with Farbour’s shepherds and photographed the steps by which Sibiu cheese is prepared, from milking the sheep to preparing and packing the final product.

“Old recipes are the best example of something simple, well made and very complex at the same time. I am proud of my native region and love to promote it as much as I can and I know, more than a recipe I want to convey to a story, an emotion. Sibiu cheese has a history of its own and is a symbol of our region, I’ve wanted to film and watch this process for years. The problem was that not everyone wanted to be photographed, but these people had no problem and everything went well, they were kind and respectful”

People’s opinions make Alex want to keep promoting his recipes online. He is proud of the community of people you gather around him, thanks them for their messages and promises new recipes on his YouTube channel.

“I am proud of my community, they are great people who understand what I want to convey on my YouTube channel. Their messages bring me satisfaction and assure that what I do is good, that’s why I continue with this approach. I know they want more recipes from me, my free time is dedicated to this hobby, but Content creation takes time and it’s not always easy to do everything myself. What I will ask, rather than pass it on, is to be patient with me even when I post less often, because this happens with my very busy schedule in the kitchen. But don’t worry, as long as I’m healthy You will hear from me.”

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