Damn the dogs! SPP heads for ministers!

“They hacked their WhatsApp! SRI officers, who were spun by the SPP in the government” called it a “blow” on August 16. When we presented publicly, for the first time in Romania, the first indisputable evidence of the work of the political police carried out, in an orderly manner, by several high-ranking officers of the Protection and Guard Service. Coordinated by Colonel Decaux Felix Costell. None but the current head of the Secret Intelligence Service within the SPP led by General Lucien Bahono since 2005, Information Documentation Division – SDI.

Including the heads of important targets such as the Victoria Palace reporting day and night to Colonel Deco Felix Costel, everything that was moving in the government of Romania. Here, however, it was not only the politicians and dignitaries of the Roman state who had an “operating interest” in the “Gigel Costel Motanel”, as was the conspiratorial name of Colonel Deco … but especially the “fully covered” officers of the other Romanians did The intelligence services, on practical missions as well as the Government of Romania, “provoked” Colonel Decaux in a very special way, more or less from a purely professional point of view.

“Stain” on “Blonda from SRI”!

SRI officer, Christina David, examining the face

So, as revealed in the second “scam” that it published screenshots of the “fully encrypted” conversations on WhatsApp that took place between the heads of the SPP, the fully-covered Romanian intelligence officer, Christina David, was deceived step by step. Including filming him even as he was serving the meal, at a buffet at Victoria Palace! Moreover, although the SPP officers know her identity, the “Blonde from SRI” also underwent a “face-scanning” procedure, by means of a high-performance technique entrusted to government agencies of the USA for completely different purposes than the spinning of other Romanian intelligence officers! So that Officer Christina David’s incessant flirtation would have no way of not attracting, after giving evidence on August 18, the launch of a large-scale internal investigation within the SRI. Especially after the “warning” of counter-information about the conspiratorial vacations of Colonel Deco Felix Costel, Head of the Information Documentation Department of the Protection and Guard Service, and his officer, General Stanko Peter, head of the Prakov Regional Information Directorate of the Romanian Intelligence Service. And none other than the officer “Koldi” who refused to hand over the list of judges “fully included” from the Ministry of Justice after his retirement from the Directorate of Defense of the Constitution! Not to mention that, however, the blonde “Christina David”, whose secretaries Colonel Deco has been obsessed with a real media frenzy, has a child with Gabriel Zhou. Nobody but the General Director of ROMARM, the strategic company of the Romanian state with ongoing contracts worth several billion euros annually!

List of participating officers!

How proud Johannes should be of his assistants…

As expected, at least now, with the evidence before us, there is no counter-espionage structure that has not initiated its own internal investigation, to ascertain the degree of information penetration carried out by the officers of the Protection and Guard themselves. People “fully covered”. Especially since I got into the “treasury” of General Lucien Bahonu, on Dicu Felix Costel – Ganea tefan – Voroneanu Dumitru – Bălașa Daniel Ion, all these “information documents” represent real “time bombs”! Certainly some of those items that General Lucien Bahono would not hesitate to use, especially when he feels that the “gallows” in the withdrawal are too tight. Thus, the counterinformational structure that made our “encrypted” conversations fully available is progressing in identifying all SPP officers involved in political espionage and police activities. Colonel Deco’s “shortlist” on which extensive checks are conducted to prove “involvement” as “certified media sources” or victims of SDI and SSI chiefs are opened with real or conspiratorial names such as “Gigel Costel Motanel, Gabi-snake, MN, Bradar 1, Oli” a mea, .v zozzy, SEMPER FIDELIS, VM, Micutu, GI, FB, IA, Liliana, Claudiu IT, Avram, Noi cei fericiti, C. Oana, Victor, C. Calin, Valentina P., SIB, VAR, CAG , CD, MMP, IF”. And the list goes on with many other names. However, he insisted that until the degree of participation of all those on the “Dicu List” is determined, we have not yet published their true identities. Although in many cases, the state of “siphons” is as clear as possible. But how the leadership of the Protection and Security Service did not demand the release of these prisoners, even though we publicly declared our full readiness to do so – which shows that the SDI and SSI officers know very well that they are absolutely real! – Look, now another structure is to “identify” all those involved in these hallucinatory espionage and political police operations. Therefore, step by step, we will publish new real names and other “dose” of conversations, as soon as they are fully defined.

Gaby Sharp: “Some idiots!”

Bahonu’s bodyguards abuse those they are supposed to protect

Including footage that proves that at every hour of the evening, Colonel Deco Felix Costell and his men enter the “vrie”, waiting for the “Tache’s Strike”, the head of the SDI has also been asked to monitor discussions about “hackers” WhatsApp groups, such as – given On FB and “activate” the AT unit’s posts for comments from SPP detection! Until then, however, today there is only a small sample of how the high-ranking officers of the guard and guard service treated the dignitaries of the Roman state … simply in a humiliating way. Thus, when informed of the convening of an emergency meeting for the issuance of a government decree, the officer “gaby-snake” replies in relation to the ministers:

for stealing his dogs.


What fools.”

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