General culture test: While he was making apple poplar and baby wicker

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Do you think you are an expert in general culture? Find out how much you know with the help of these 27 questions, categorized by several areas of interest.

1 Who wrote the fairy tale “A Beautiful Boy of Tears”?

a. ion cringo

B. Mihai Eminsko

against Ioan Slavicy

2 In what year was the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” published by the Brothers Grimm?

A .1812

B .1858


3 What color is Snow White’s hair?

black hair

B – blond

C – reddish

4 Who saves Little Red Riding Hood from the evil wolf?

A – her grandmother’s neighbor

B – her mother

c. fisherman

5 How many sister wives does Cinderella have?


B. four

c. three

6 From what story does “seven in one shot” say?

A – “The Tree with the Golden Apple”

B – “The Brave Tailor”

C – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

7 Who wrote the fairy tale “Eudor Emperor”?

a. ion cringo

B. Petri Esberscu

Against Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea

8 How many daughters of the king are in the fairy tale “Table Salt”?


B. Does not have a

c. three

9 Where was the writer Nikolai Philemon born?

a. Bucharest

B. Yash

c. Cluj-Napoca

10 of the books “Encyclopedia of Kites”?

A – Jello Naoum

B. Anna Blandiana

c. Mircea Sertorescu

11 In what year was Children’s Day mentioned for the first time?

In 1943



12- Who directed the Romanian TV series “Fram” that appeared in 1983?

a. Geo Sizescu

B. Julian Miho

c. Elisabetta Orchard

13 Who plays Mirabella in “Maria, Mirabela” (1981)?

a. Media Marinescu

B. Alexandrina Halich

against Gilda Manolscu

14 How many years did Anda Călugăreanu live?

A .63

B .58

C .45

15 How many Oscars has Walter Disney won?


B .22

C. 14

16 In what year was the first Disneyland theme park opened?

in 1949

B .1968


17 Who drew the painting “Night Cafe”?

a. Vincent Van Gogh

B – Edgar Degas

against Edouard Manet

18 In what artistic style was the Palace of Culture in Iaşi built?

a. new roman

B. neo-gothic

c. neobaroque

19 What job did Eon de Berndi do?


B – pilot

C. Architect

20 Who wrote the historical short story “Domna Chiajneh”?

a. Alexandro Odupescu

B – Constantine Negrozi

Against Vasile Alexandri

21 In what year did UNICEF win the Nobel Peace Prize?

in 1955


against 1989

22 In which province is Castle Clay of Valea Sânzienelor located?

a. Hunedwara

B. Brasov

against Sibiu

23 In what month was Pablo Picasso born?

a. October

B. June

c January

From what century is the first written mention of a puppet show in the territory of Romania dated?

a. seventeen

B. eighteen

c. nineteenth

25 What is the name of the Roman puppeteer whose name appears in archival documents?

a. Jordach Golsko

B. Gregory Petrush

vs Domitrash Bildmann

26 What is Drăgaica?

A – rituals of agricultural origin

B. Children’s Celebration

c. wedding dance

27 What is Sânzienele in Roman Mythology?

A – Good fairies

B – Evil fairies

C. Magical Flowers

correct answers

1. b. Mihai Eminsko

2. a. 1812

3. a. dark-complexioned

4. C Hunter

5. a. two

6. B – “The Brave Tailor”

7. b. Petri Esberscu

8. C Three

9. A. Bucharest

10. VS Mircea Certurescu

11. B.1925

12- Elisabetta Bustan

13. A. Media Marinescu

14. C .45

15. B 22

16. C.1955

17. A Vincent Van Gogh

18. b. neo-gothic

19. Architect

20. A. Alexandro Odupescu

21. B.1965

22. Against Sibiu

23. A. October

24. C Nineteen

25. B Gregory Petrash

26. A- Rituals of agricultural origin

27. A- Good fairies

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