Ariana Chiu, the model who dreams of the Olympics

The young Romanian triathletes had an entire weekend. The European Junior Championships held in Izvorani brought together the best practitioners of this sport on the continent, with very good results.

At number six in the mixed relay, Ariana Chiu is the team’s model. She even presented as a model to a beauty salon and does not rule out a career in this field, but only after participating in the Olympic Games!

Ariana Chiu, the model who dreams of the Olympics

“I received offers from a beauty salon in Cluj. I posed for them. I no longer have emotions in front of the machine” – Ariana Chech, ingredient A Romanian Mixed Triathlon Relay.

She was accompanied to Isorani by her family, but also accompanied by … a puppy, with whom she played between rehearsals.

“Whenever I am in or near Romania, the family always comes with the dog. He is about six months old ”- Ariana Cecic, a member of the Romanian mixed triathlon team.

At the age of seventeen, she participated in a triathlon when she was eight, as her brother practiced the sport. Prior to that, he spent two years swimming.

“My brother ran a triathlon before. I started this passion with him and with him. The event I like the most is the swimming event, because I started the sport with it” – Ariana Chiu, member of the Romanian mixed triathlon team

The second component of the mixed relay, Delia Dodo, was thinking of her house pet: a rabbit, she says, always doing extra training.

“I have a bunny for a few months. He has grown up and is faster, it is very difficult to run after him. But, please, extra exercise does not hurt” – Delia Dodo, member of the mixed triathlon team in Romania.

Delia Dodo has never swam in the Danube

Delia, who was born in Galati, admits that she has never swam in the Danube!

“It’s a pity that I’ve never swam in the Danube, but it’s on my to-do list for the future” – Delia Dodo, Romanian Mixed Triathlon Member.

Like most triathletes, Delia swam before, but, as she admits, she did not shine. Instead, the coach saw her running, admired her qualities, and redirected her to the triathlon.

“I’ve been swimming since I was 4 years old, but I wasn’t exactly the brightest swimmer. I was running really fast and my ex-coach said:> and it went well. In fact, I think running is the event that suits me best” – Delia Dodo, Member Romanian mixed triathlon team.

He was a rival to David Popovici and is now among the top triathletes

A few years ago, Raul Peter, another member of the mixed relay team, fought on a par with David Popovici and Vlad Stanko in swimming competitions, and now dreams of the Olympics in triathlon.

“I performed in swimming and I am the deputy national champion at 1500 meters. I competed with Vlad Stanko in the qualifying. Fame did not change David Popovici. He is a superman ”- Raul Peter, member of the Romanian mixed triathlon team.

The president of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, Vlad Stoica, is confident in the future of the sport, especially since the Romanian Forum has been twinned with Italian Triathlon Federation.

“To be able to qualify athletes for the Olympic Games, to win medals at the European Championships or the World Championships in such a short time, it is very difficult to cover this lack of knowledge we have. That is why we decided to fraternize with the Italians ”- Vlad Stoica, President of the Romanian Triathlon Federation.

“I think Romania has made great strides forward in these years. The common goal is to grow the federations together. I think there will be a Romanian team at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028 ”- Riccardo Giubelli, President of the Italian Triathlon Federation.

There is a good chance that Romanians will attend the 2028 Olympics

The president of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, Vlad Stoica, is very proud of the results achieved by Romanian athletes in the Junior European Cup in Izvorani: 6th place in the male individual, by Karol Popa, 10th place in the female individual, by Delia. Dodo, and sixth place in the medley relay.

“I am very pleased. We have sixth place for boys and tenth place for girls, in the context of a competition where they were the best juniors in Europe. We are going really well in super print and sprints. Instead, in the Olympics, the event is the standard Olympic distance, where we have Something we work with. However, in the Olympic Games we also have the mixed relay event, where the Romanian team ranked 6. The context is very important, because they fought with the best juniors in Europe” – Vlad Stoica, President of the Romanian Triathlon Federation.

Regarding the chances that one or more of today’s juniors will compete in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, Vlad Stoica is optimistic.

“I was going to talk about at least two at the Los Angeles Olympics. But I want them to be at least 4 there ”- Vlad Stoica, president of the Romanian Triathlon Federation.

Contest photo – Romanian Triathlon Federation

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