From the gym straight to climbing and Urban Jungle

142 young athletes participated in the largest aerobic gymnastics camp, gathering Training with fun.

The first show in aerobic gymnastics in Romania! For a week, Bucharest was the place where the best coaches met 142 young athletes, in the first specialist camp.

“It was a very beautiful week, full of joy and achievements from my point of view. We had too many athletes, and we did not expect much from the 15 clubs in the country” – Christiana Spino, coach of the national junior aerobics team.

From the gym, straight to climbing and Urban Jungle

The World and European Championships in Aerobic Gymnastics, Bulgarian Antonio Papazov, came especially to bear Choreography lessons for athletes.

“I felt great here. I love children, love every coach, for me it was a great opportunity to be here ”- Antonio Papazov, world and European champion in aerobic gymnastics.

The children are happy with the activities they participated in

Athletes aged 8-16 combine training with fun. Spend two days of great adventures in Therme and one of the coolest places for kids in Bucharest. From rock climbing to trampoline jumping and the Urban Jungle, the kids didn’t miss a thing!

“I really liked it, I gave it my all, but I love the trampoline the most” – Nadia Maria Zelesnia, aerobic gymnast.

Nadia is 8 years old and has been doing aerobics since she was 4 years old.

“I liked it very much, I started with artistic gymnastics but more as a training, then switched to aerobics” – Nadia Maria Zelesnia, aerobic gymnast.

Sophia enthusiastically recounts her experience at the aerobics camp.

“I really liked it, I learned to spin and had a lot of fun, especially when I was in the pool and here on this court” – Sofia Dumitru, aerobic gymnast.

When asked by the school, the 8-year-old is honest. “I do not want to start, it was much better in the camp. Between education and sports, I would like to put sports first, but both are required ”- Sofia Dumitru, aerobic gymnast.

Radu is in fourth grade and has been aerobic gymnastics for 3½ years. There were competitions where he took first place on the podium.

“I won first place so many times, when I was there on the podium, I felt like a champion” – Rado Berishino, aerobic gymnast.

Camp coordinated by Alina Drugan

Junior Training Camps III, II and I and the National Gymnastics Coaches Training Course took place between August 16 and 22.

142 athletes from 14 clubs in the country participated in the event, CSM Arad, CS Universitatea Arad, CS Urania Arad, ACS Aerostar Madălina Barbu, Bucharest, CS UNEFS Bucharest, ACS Viva Sport Bucharest, CSȘ 1 Constanța, CS farul Constanța, As it ” That’s what I love about Constanta, ACS Honey Bears Club Craiova, LPS Cetate Deva, SCM Dunărea Giurgiu 2020, CSG Gimnis Iași and 26 coaches.Worked on 8 age groups, from junior gymnasts up to age 8 to athletes in their final year From the beginner’s training, the camp was coordinated by Alina Drăgan, Chairman of the Technical Committee of Aerobic Gymnastics of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.Members of the national teams, Sandra Denko, Sarmeza Niculescu, Larissa Soyo, Claudia Ristia and David Gavrilovici were with the coaches and young gymnasts. Theory and practice by specialists in the field: Antonio Papazov, Bogdan Banta, Christiana Spino, Cristina Dolgiroyo, Larissa Christach, Medellina Ciofi, Mariana Mizzi and Mircea Bernzi.

Athletes and coaches also participated in nutrition, ANAD and communication courses to which experts in this field were invited, such as Angel Răducanu, coach, coach, consultant and Nicoleta Tubic, Nutritionist – Dietitian, specializing in sports nutrition. For two days, the children had fun at Therme and at Hype be Kiddo, which concluded cooperation with the Romanian Federation of Gymnastics.

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