If the only reality that can be tolerated in the world is fiction, why ban fiction?

This “left” Nazi, forgive my way of writing, I don’t know how to judge it. But I ask: Can this humanity survive only in extreme situations? As if you put a ball in a bowl and then rotate the bowl and the ball travels either to one wall or to another. I lived with Winito all my childhood. And now I read that a German publishing house is withdrawing K. May’s “Vinnetou” books because they “do not conform to reality”. Well, I thought the book publisher knew the difference between fact and fiction. As a reader who went to school, he knows the difference between fact and fiction. And “Vinnetou” is a fantasy. When I read “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Ferns, I was convinced that this was the reality. I believed in all my existence, and was very upset when my father, who did not have much humor, the character I had inherited, told me that these facts are not true, but are “made-up”. But this is the reality of the child.

In America, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Mark Twain’s novel—a story that also delighted my childhood—was ostracized and removed from schools, “it doesn’t correspond to reality.” I understand, from what I’ve read, that even Shapeskeare wouldn’t exactly be “in tune with reality” in England. Just like “the goats with the three goats” is not.

But is the Gilgamesh epic “consistent with reality”? Is it true that he dominated Uruk for 126 years?

Or did Methuselah live 969 years and begot his first son, who was 187 years old? These things are taught in schools in Romania.

After childhood, I started reading other than adventure books. Is the Iliad “consistent with reality”? Is it “according to reality” that the goddess Thetis carried her son Achilles by the leg and drowned him in a miracle solution and made him invincible? Is it “true” that Odysseus tied himself to the mast to hear the divine song of the whistles, upon his return from Troy, as Homer wrote in the Odyssey? The Greeks called Ulysses “Odysseus”, meaning “ugly”. Was Odysseus so ugly since his beautiful wife Penelope waited for him for ten years knitting one blouse, with suitors at the door hoping she would finish knitting? And she awaits the return of Odysseus with a strong belief: he will return! Is it true that Homer has been blind since he wrote a huge work of poetry?

Is it “true” that Orpheus went to Hell to save Eurydice, his beloved?

Is it “true” that Beatrice led Dante through heaven? (See “The Divine Comedy”) Literary histories say that Dante loved Beatrice, but never touched her hand. Of course love has its ways.

Is it true that Jesus performed miracles? Many of them performed “miracles” at that time. There was one, Simon, a gnostic, who performed the greatest miracles – Simon flew (see Alexandria – “History of Occult Philosophy”). The Apostle Mark writes about him in his Gospel. “There was one in town… Simon,” a liar, says Marco. The apocryphal history cited by Alandrian says that the Apostle Peter in Rome would have confronted Simon’s Christian doctrine versus Gnosticism. But Pietro was stronger and crushed Simon in space. Other historical accounts say that Simon offered to be buried, by promising to rise again, like Jesus, three days later. He doesn’t get it anymore. “Actually”?

I hope that Muhammad will be raised to heaven to bring the Qur’an to the Muslims. He ascended exactly from a place holy to the Jews, where Abraham, the patriarch of the Jews and Muslims, was ready to bring his son Isaac as a “sacrifice” to his god. on the Temple Mount. On the Temple Mount is the Dome of the Rock, an architectural gem: a few hundred meters from the Western Wall. Islamic tradition says that Muhammad could neither read nor write. So, here, this will be proof that the teaching of the Qur’an will be of divine conception. Interpreters of the Qur’an, on the contrary, believe that Muhammad was, as they say at present, “learned”, “scientist”. About the Bible we can read that it was written by about 1000 people in a thousand years. But we can know because the teachings of the Jews were very public. Muslims – I don’t know how many – believe that the Qur’an, the book of books that guide their lives, comes from God and not written by humans. Therefore, it is difficult to search whether the author is Muhammad or whether there are several authors. What is “true” here?

Before destroying children’s books because they “do not correspond to reality,” show that great myths, in which you so firmly believe, are as they are written in books. Not being able to do that is none of the children’s business. How do you erase history and story? That’s awful.

This injustice triumphs in the world? Tell that to children in schools. That blacks were slaves in America? Say this in schools. That gypsies were slaves in Romania”? Why don’t you say this in schools? That there were “peasants attached to bondage,” that is, slaves, even 200 years ago, so why don’t you say this in schools”?

When you study Newton physics in high school, you also say something about his life. Newton is the world’s greatest physicist. Without him, he would not have found Einstein and Hawking. But, as Stephen Hawking (who inherited his Cambridge professor, hundreds of years after his death) says with great understanding, accompanied by irony, in A Brief History of Time, Newton had a big problem. Newton was a loyal man, as he was at the time. But his theory was not sincere. Then, if there is a danger that the universe will collapse at one point, according to the law of gravitation, what happens to the God who created the universe? Newton created a special place for God where the supreme deity was not affected by the gravitational pull. Check if it is “according to reality”.

Say this in schools. Romanian schoolchildren attend religious courses. Where to learn: to take “anafura”, “agiazma”, to make the sign of the cross. But how old was the Virgin Mary when she gave birth to the baby Jesus? Does anyone know? Some Bible interpreters say they know, based on what is written in the Bible about birthdays and Jewish holidays: between 13 and 15 years. I don’t think Michelangelo knew when he carved Pita. Why is the Virgin, who carries the murdered child in her lap, so small – a question for hundreds of years. “Really?”

We know from Einstein that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light – we know the formula from high school. But the expansion rate of the universe is staggering. Physicists say that at the edges of the known universe, the speed will be/will be greater than the speed of light. Well, check if it is “according to reality”.

We are a fantasy to a greater extent than we really are. If you destroy imagination, you destroy the world.

Burning books is not a practice of the German Nazis, it is an ancient practice. The “modern” practice of banning it has the same meaning. I keep the K.May books in my little library at my parents house and won’t burn them unless the ground freezes completely and I have no other solution. Before that, I will read it again.

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