Open day at “Gospodaria lui Timpuleț” (photo / video)

If you’ve been missing out on the taste of free-range wheat, corn-fed chicken and tender and tasty meat, fresh eggs from grass-fed chickens, and country-raised chickens, you’ll definitely be looking for it. Are you looking for Timpule house from the village of Alparea. On Claudia and Tim’s farm, 400 laying hens, of the most prized breed, 800 meat birds, turkeys and ducks pampered with grass and natural grains.

The open day is for anyone interested in seeing how birds are raised and tasting the goodies that are prepared in-house, so Saturday 3 SeptemberClaudia and Tim are eagerly waiting to see how their farm is going.

He is from Belgium, and she is from Argeș, they met in Pitesti and moved to a village in Bihor, only a few kilometers from Oradea, where, for nearly four years, they had set up a chicken farm. Life in the country created a new perspective for the two young men, which was to build a business that would later bring them much satisfaction.

Claudia and Tim Verheijn built one of the most famous poultry farms in the area, which they called Gospodaria lui Timpuleț. The idea for the business came from the two’s desire to live healthy and put on the table natural dishes that have a taste of the past.

How was the Timpule family born?

Entrepreneurs knew from the start what they wanted. To live and eat healthy food, as close to nature as possible, with products from their own homes, without additives and chemicals, which they can produce themselves. At first they bought a few chickens, and then, when they saw that there was an interest in the market for such products, they realized that they could develop a business out of them, building a farm in the backyard of the house in which they lived. .

“I found this village in Bihor and now my wife does not want us to leave here. We think it is the most beautiful place to live in Romania. Here we found a house that we really liked, it is 7 kilometers from Oradea, it is 6400 square meters. We bought all the property and at first we did not We knew what to do with so much ground, but after a lot of searching I found a breed of chicken, called Australorb, the best breed of laying hen.

I read and inquired about this breed, then bought five chickens for which I paid about 700 lei. It was winter, and I didn’t have a chicken coop, and I set out to build one coop. That’s how it all began,” says Tim Verhagen.

From here until creating a Facebook page dedicated to the bird sector, there is only one step left. Tim and Claudia began to promote their products on the Internet, at the same time they also created a website, and this is how customers interested in their products began to appear. Although at first they were strangers to all that meant raising and cutting birds, over time, with perseverance and a lot of documentation, raising chickens became a routine for them.

Raising chickens naturally, without hormones and chemicals

In recent years, interest in what we put on our plate has become greater for most Romanians. Despite the abundance of supermarkets with tempting offers in terms of chicken meat, consumers are looking for healthy alternatives and are interested in buying natural meat as much as possible, without hormones and antibiotics.

“Our birds have eaten concentrate in the first three weeks of their life. Because otherwise there is no way to raise chickens, if you do not give them pellets in the first days of life, half of the production will die. There are all kinds of diseases that affect chickens in the first days of their life. Not as bad as people think.

There are no hormones in the initiator concentrates. The kernels are like a bean, and the chicks eat them and swallow them whole, basically, they get all the vitamins from one bean and they all grow equally and healthy. Concentrates do not contain any antibiotics, fishmeal, or bones. Country chickens grow between 60 and 120 days. If you have a chicken whose weight exceeds 2.5 kg, this means that it is more than 100 days old. This is their nature. The store-bought chicken is slaughtered in 31 days and weighs between 1.5 and 2 kilograms,” says Tim, who says the chicken-fed corn is bought from surrounding villagers.

Healthy eggs from happy chickens

Eggs are one of the most highly regarded products from Tim and Claudia’s garden. And not just any kind of eggs, but good, tasty and healthy eggs. Such eggs are not easily obtained. These come from laying hens fed a farm-raised feed mix containing corn, wheat, sunflower meal and alfalfa, all grown in the surrounding fields. Chickens live and roam freely on the farm and in the surrounding meadows, are cared for and loved, and the result is tender, tasty meat that reaches buyers’ tables.

Fresh products delivered directly to your door

Claudia and Tim say that the best advertising is the one he receives from the customers who buy from them. The two young men have already created a network of buyers who come back every time because they love the products and trust the quality they provide. Their customers are generally people between 30-40 years old, with good physical condition, demanding, interested in a healthy diet and quality products. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Oradea and the surrounding areas, and every Thursday and Saturday, products from Gospodaria lui Timpuleț reach customers in Cluj-Napoca.

“We believe that a healthy diet has long-term benefits for the body and we know how important it is to eat fresh, high quality produce. That’s why we aim to bring to market meat from naturally raised birds and in good conditions as much as possible, and fresh eggs with authentic taste. We have chicken backs, breasts and wings. Legs and ends of chicken breasts, whole chicken, turkey thighs, drumsticks and wings, turkey breasts, whole turkey and homemade eggs. From the fall we will have turkey, turkey and duck sausages. “The meat is prepared and dried on the day of delivery, so that it is fresh when delivered to our clients.

You can find more details about products from Gospodaria lui Timpuleț, as well as prices, methods of purchase and delivery on the website

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