The cop who spied on his ex-wife convicted of computer crimes. “My mind is sicker than Seok’s.”

A Vaslui policeman has been finally sentenced for three computer crimes, after spying on his ex-wife to see if she had a boyfriend. While intercepting, the policeman was caught taking bribes from a petty dealer.

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The Yash Appeals Court acquitted Niko Mokano, a police officer from IPJ Vaslui, of two counts of racketeering. However, the policeman will go to prison, after the judges find him guilty of unlawful interception of computer data transmission, unlawful operations with computer hardware or software, unauthorized transmission of computer data, and impose a prison sentence of 3 years and 10 months. With effective implementation. The decision is final and issued on August 30.

Initially, the Vaslui court sentenced him to five years in prison, for the aforementioned computer crimes and extortion. The agent was charged after he tried to take revenge on his ex-wife, who he still lives with and whom he suspected of cheating on him.

In the fall of 2019, Nicu Mocanu came to the attention of DIICOT prosecutors, after a computer spied on his ex-wife, with whom he lived and had a cohabiting relationship, although they were divorced. Tensions between the two began to emerge against the backdrop of the policeman’s excessive jealousy and escalated when he discovered, while on child-rearing leave, that his partner was having an affair with another man.

Over the years, the woman complained to the policeman several times of physical and verbal violence, but later retracted her complaint, and made peace.

He hacked his ex-wife’s account

On November 6, 2019, police officer Nicu Mocanu was arrested and charged by DIICOT Prosecution with unlawful access to a computer system, unlawful interception of computer data transmission, unauthorized transfer of computer data, unlawful operations with computers or software, extortion and bribery. Libertatea.

The man was intercepted on the basis of arrest warrants issued by the Vaslui court, and the man was caught threatening his ex-wife, using violent language, but he also told a friend that he hacked the woman’s accounts and found out details about her private life and at work. And so he began threatening her that he would sue her and the company she works for, accusing her of evasion and other criminal acts.

Moreover, the policeman asked the director of the company the place of work of the ex-wife to expel her and her alleged lover. In a message containing a screen print of a private conversation between a company manager and employees, the policeman warned her that “only 1% of what I have about your company.”

In the first sessions, the ex-wife of police officer Mukano stated that she never allowed him to access his accounts and never gave him passwords. However, the guy saved all the discussions she had with her colleagues through online applications.

“I have a sick brain”

A few days before his arrest, Mocanu was intercepted while telling a friend how he had accessed his wife’s accounts, even though he doesn’t have a good computer knowledge.

“Police Mokano-E! It’s! They still expect they don’t know what I know. But I’ve known for two months. The problem is my brain is sick. How can I tell you? Ill! I mean, I’m from here… when I told you I hacked this person’s accounts and what To that … well … well, when I find something in my head … well, I installed applications on my computer and on my phone that told me passwords and everything you wanted! I who in my life … I was a friend: – Yes, but when interest appears…”

Mokano policeman:-Well, I broke two computers in high school! The teacher put it by the stove. He said you are the voice of the class! You class idiot! Oh boy! So I swear I’m not kidding!

Friend: – (nl- laughs)

Mokano policeman:- Yes, and in three days…

the friend: – When interest and need arise…

Mokano policeman:- She doesn’t even know it at the moment… I changed all the passwords, but I have the password from Yahoo. that it! In this Yahoo database, I can do all the others and… eh! It’s different: the “violation of privacy” does not appear as long as you discover information about a crime. Didn’t you get the point?”

There’s a water pistol next to me.

Police officer Mukano told his friend, who confirmed the conversation in court, that he would take revenge on his wife, claiming that he had enough knowledge to liquidate a person without leaving a trace. He brags that he’s watched thousands of hours of documentaries since he was a student, and he is “Olympic” In forensic medicine, Libertatea writes.

At one point, during the debate, Nicu Mocanu compares himself to former policeman Christian Cioacă, convicted of murdering attorney Elodia Ghinescu, claiming to be more insightful than him. In the objection related to the case that was settled by Vaslui Court, Police Officer Mukano spoke of several ways in which a person could be eliminated.

The policeman alleged that his wife insulted him by having an extramarital affair, while he was looking after the child at home.

Policeman Mokano:- It’s back and forth, brother! Bah! Well, Ciocă was released more than half (half of the 15-year sentence, editor). This man has not been convicted of murder. He was found guilty of “violating the privacy of correspondence” and one count of fatal strikes.

Repeatedly! Farewell! Over and over again in computer science! You have my word of honor! Broken…

the friend: – I understand!

Mokano policeman:- So he was not convicted. Because without a corpse, you cannot condemn a man for something he is not. All over. 15 years. So I gave him the cap. no. 15 years together. Gave the cap to one and the other. And in the “LCM” and that. (…) My mind is sicker than Cioacă. I was told I looked like him.

Friend: – (nl- laughs)

Mokano policeman:- No… then. no no no! So my mind is sicker than mine. no! It’s a water pistol next to me! no! So if I put my ability into practice, it’s dangerous! (…) Friend: – (nl- indistinct) You know, here’s the problem. Hey man! no! The problem is that I’ve watched thousands of hours of documentaries. Forensic and why you want it. Well, since the ninth grade, I’ve been watching until four in the morning. Well, how can I tell you? You’re an Olympian, brother, where you want to be. So you don’t talk to a bastard! You’re talking to a sick man! How can I tell you! Literally!”

A policeman accused of incitement in favor of the criminal

During the investigation, the ex-wife of a policeman submitted a note to the DIICOT Public Prosecution Office, informing them that she was withdrawing her initial statement. Later, it turned out that the note was written at the request of another policeman, a colleague of Niko Mukano, who blamed the woman because of her he ended up being arrested. The policeman who ordered the warrant was also accused of inciting the criminal’s preference.

Later, during the trial, the ex-wife of a policeman continued to take a vacillating position, claiming that she was afraid of the court. According to the data contained in the file, the young woman reconciled with her ex-husband and would have liked not to hold him responsible.

Although he asserted his right to remain silent, the Mokano police officer never denied the veracity of the intercepted transcripts, in which he explained how he illegally accessed his partner’s accounts. He tried in court, through questions to witnesses, to induce the idea that his ex-wife had given him access to her accounts “in the context of a more difficult but continuing cohabitation relationship”.

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“Although installing a computer program, applying a keylogger ‘…’ on a public computer might be legitimate in this context, obtaining and using the infected person’s password to access the infected person’s social accounts and transferring data from these accounts of the stick belong to respondent only has not been in any way justified or discussed by the respondent nor by any of the persons heard in this respect.”is the conclusion of the judges of the Vaslui court.

“Listen, leave the Roman state … a spade, right?”

While investigating him for spying on his ex-wife, prosecutors discovered that police officer Mukano had received a small bribe from a rural merchant, who discovered irregularities in the documents. He was offered 200 lei in order not to apply the fine. Moreover, during discussions with the ex-wife, they accuse each other of wrongdoing.

As the policeman threatens to report to the state authorities, the woman tells him: “Listen, leave the Romanian state… a spade, right? When one comes, the other comes from Todiresti, Dumeşti (the areas where Nicu Mocanu no. works) to save you more money.”

Convicted of two other criminal cases

Nicu Mocanu picked his first criminal case in 2014, when a road crew caught him driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. He refused to take his biological samples, so he was charged with refusing or evading the taking of biological samples.

In 2015, he entered into an agreement with the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Iasi District Court, and ordered to postpone the application of the sentence for one year, for a two-year supervision period. Being a suspended sentence, he continued to work in the police.

A year later, in 2015, he was embroiled in a major scandal in a club in the Iai district. Police officer Niko Mukano and five of his friends were indicted and referred to court in 2018 on charges of disturbing peace and public order, respectively, with beatings and other acts of violence.

During the trial, the aggressors were able to persuade the victims to withdraw their complaints of beating crimes, and only the crime of disturbing security and public order was left in their charges, which does not involve reconciliation of the two parties.

Mukanu was given an 8-month suspended sentence, and was given a two-year prison sentence. And after the second conviction, he remained in the system, and was not deprived of holding a public office.

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