The story of a child from Blobo preparing for the World Archery Championships

Ciprian Baican is 17 years old, born in Plobo municipality in Prahova and practices archery. Because he was bullied by some colleagues, he decided to play a sport that would help him beat the moment.

He was registered with the Șărăi Bârsei Archers Club and won second place in the Bodnik Bowhunter Challenge in the ureanu mountains – a European competition.

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Although his mother earns the minimum wage in the economy, she supports him as much as she can to support Cibrian’s dream. He set his sights on reaching the World Archery Championships in England.

Cyprien, introduce yourself in a few words.

“My name is Paikan Cyprian, I am 17 years old and I am from Plobo, Prahova… I am a dreamy, ambitious and very strong boy. Archery, the sport I do, is what teaches you to achieve your goals in life!”

When did you discover your passion for shooting sports?

“In the eighth grade, I had a problem with physical and mental aggression from my classmates, they tried to make me feel bad because I did not have a very good financial situation.

Often the conflicts reached the point of aggression, and no competent authority did anything. I had to pick a sport that would help me get out of that loop I was in. So I discovered archery that helped me conquer and relax.”

Are you registered in the club? What club is it for? Tell about it.

“I belong to the Archers Club of răi Bârsei. It is located in the city of Brasov. For us traditional shooters, it is more complicated at the moment because we do not belong to the Romanian Archery Federation. We are looking forward to finalizing the creation of the Romanian Historical Archery Federation.”

What are the most important results you achieved in archery?

“The most significant result I achieved was the Bodnik Hunter Challenge in the Șureanu Mountains – a European wide competition with varied tests, complex tests and bumpy road. I took second place after being defeated by an Israeli archer.”

What motivates you on your way to performance?

“First of all, the desire to prove that you can get to the top even if you start from the bottom, and secondly, the fact that I do everything with passion.”

Who has been with you this whole time since you’ve been shooting at a professional level?

“During this time, my family and some of my friends have helped me. In this way I would like to thank my mother who is struggling for a minimal wage economy for helping me get into the competitions.

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I would also like to thank Vice European Champion Cyprien Avram, fellow club and friend, who builds me up every day and with whom I go to the World Championships in England. Last but not least to my two friends who helped me financially to participate in some competitions.”

What is your biggest dream and what are you doing today to achieve it?

“My biggest dream is to become a world champion in order to have a base, and then to open a shooting club or academy. I want to live from my passion. Currently, in Romania, if you are a shooting champion, you will not get anything.”

What does failure mean to you?

“For me failure does not exist, there is no way back, only forward, because you cannot reach your goals without sacrifices, you cannot live without reaching the top.”

What other feelings do you have that the audience should know?

“Writing is my most important passion after archery. I write music tracks, poems that help me get rid of my pain.”

What do your parents think of your performance?

“My parents are the ones I have to fully thank. Without them I wouldn’t have gotten here. They support me in everything I do and have complete faith in me!”

In the end, he leaves a message for readers of the Observatorul Prahovean newspaper.

“Fight for your goals. There are no heroes without sacrifices. You play sports because they discipline you. Before I lived a chaotic and unhealthy life. I feel much better now. Another tip is: Don’t make the same mistake I did: Don’t play by anyone!”

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