TURSIB changes ticket prices starting from September 1, 2022 | Event

TURSIB will change fares from September 1, 2022

Representatives of the company announced during the meeting of the City Council on 25.08.2022, the approval of Resolution No. 329, approving the amendment of Tursib ticket prices starting from September 1, 2022.

Accordingly, the prices charged by the local public transport company Turcip, starting from 1 September 2022 are as follows:

Travel document name

Approved rate (including lei value added tax)

a ticket

Ticket is valid for 60 minutes


One-way ticket Sibiu-Paltinis


Return ticket Sibiu-Paltinis


Bicycle ticket Sibiu-Paltinis



daily permission


7 calendar days subscription

2. 3

Nominal subscription 30 calendar days


Non-nominal subscription 30 calendar days


Sibiu-Paltinis nominal 30-day subscription

two hundred

Sibiu-Paltinis nominal 30-day subscription


All subscriptions valid for half a month have been removed from the tariff offer.

The two main changes besides the tariffs are:

  • The ticket valid for one trip will be replaced by the ticket valid for 60 minutes, which means that the user of the local public transport in Sibiu will be able to travel with the new ticket of 3 lei on any number of buses he needs, within 60 minutes starting from the first validation of the ticket On the bus.

  • The validity of subscriptions will not be restricted to the interval 1-30, 31st of the month. All Tursib subscriptions will be valid for 30 calendar days, starting on any day of the month.

Due to changes in the new tariffs, September subscriptions can be charged from 1 September at all Tursib points of sale. In order to support travelers, we will be maintaining the program with the public at all points of sale on Saturday and Sunday, respectively from 3 to 4 September. Opening hours for the two days will be from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at all five Torsib points of sale:

  • Sedimentation Agency – Street. Munich, no. 1

  • CALEA DUMBRAVII AGENCY – Str. Kalia Dembravai, No. 135

  • Teresian Agency – Longa Street

  • Agency Vasily Aron – Str. Traffic light in front of the plaza

  • CASA ARMATEI AGENCY – Bdul Victoriei, in front of the old town hall

“We will come back in the coming days with details on how to purchase and use each of the travel addresses from Tursib, whether they are tickets or subscriptions. We will also update the Tursib website, where you will be able to find all the information you want,” said Tarsib representatives in a press release.

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