25 years since the death of Princess Diana: nine …

25 years ago, Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. The tragic fate of the Princess of Wales continues to wow audiences, fueled by numerous documentaries and fiction.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident under the Alma Bridge in Paris while being followed by the paparazzi. If at that time the event caused tremendous emotion in Great Britain and around the world, then the life and tragic fate of the Princess of Wales still amazed the public.

Thus, the life of Mrs. Die is the subject of many documentaries, but also the subject of fairy tales that narrate the life and relationship with Prince Charles.

“the princess”

From the shy girl to the bright young man who overshadowed Prince Charles, this Ed Perkins documentary follows the journey of Princess Diana, using only archival footage and no voiceover. We see Charles and Diana’s relationship deteriorate in front of the media, with the Prince acting like a bachelor, one reporter notes, as when he goes to a polo match right after Prince Harry is born. The “Princess” also emphasizes the complex relationship that Diana had with the press. We see her, surrounded, followed by the paparazzi, in every moment of her life.

Director Ed Perkins analyzes “the documentary turns the camera at us, asking us difficult questions about our relationship with royalty, with celebrities and, inevitably, with complicity in this tragic story.”

Diana: In Her Words

This documentary was released in 2017 directed by David Tillman and Tom Jennings, and was narrated in part by the Princess of Wales herself, as well as the title. There are unpublished audio recordings of Princess Diana, secretly recorded in 1991 for her autobiography, written by Andrew Morton. She talks about her “not very happy” childhood and her complicated marriage to Prince Charles. An emotional foray into the privacy of the Princess of Wales.

Diana: In Her Own Words is available on Disney+.

“Lady Dee, An investigation into a tragic fate

This two-part RMC documentary deals with the legend of Diana, but also takes a look at the circumstances of her death, surrounded by many theories. Comprised of many interviews with professionals, this highly educational documentary explores the life of the Princess, from her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles to their separation in 1992.

“Lady Di, enquête sur un destin tragique” is available on RMC BFM Play.

“Diana – The Woman Inside”

In this documentary released in 2017, director Sonia Anderson portrays Diana, not as an unhappy princess, but focusing on the positive impact she had on the royal family, through the many testimonies of people who knew the princess: Ken Wharf, her bodyguard several times . years, but also her personal trainer, ballet teacher or even some of her friends.

“Diana Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy”

This HBO documentary released in 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death was narrated by the two sons of Princess Princes William and Harry, at a time when they were still talking to each other. Together, the two brothers flip a family photo album and evoke their mother’s youth and commitment through the original archives. An even more emotional close because the two brothers are now far away and both live on one side of the Atlantic.

“Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” is available on vimeo.

Diana: The Musician

Dating back to 2021, this movie is intended for the most passionate fans of the Princess of Wales, or fans of musicals. Diana’s life here on Broadway revolves happily more or less and always without inspirational words. Curiosity of.

Diana: The Musical is available on Netflix.


It is the latest feature film about Princess Diana. Kristen Stewart portrays Lady Di as as fragile as possible. Spencer tells the story of the Princess of Wales’ last birthday. With this film, director Pablo Larren decided not to make a biographical film about Diana, but rather “a tale taken from a tragedy.” With “Spencer,” Diana’s maiden name, Pablo Larren wanted “to delve deeper into the process behind Diana’s choices, which oscillate between skepticism and grit and end up choosing freedom,” “the decision that defined her legacy.”

“Spencer” is available on Amazon Prime.

“the Queen”

If Diana’s death remains a shock to the royal family, it is not only because of the tragic circumstances of her disappearance. But also because of the Queen’s clumsy management of the event. That’s what Stephen Frears said in his 2006 movie The Queen, starring Helen Mirren as Sovereign. The film narrates this painful episode. Peter Morgan, the author of the future series “The Crown”, is the one who signs the script.

“the crown”

Diana appears in the series “The Crown” in the fourth season. Emma Corinne plays the princess, reproducing the slightly grotesque walk, head tilted slightly to one side in her first royal appearance. From the inside, the series explores Diana’s unhappy marriage with Charles and the relationship that develops with Camilla.

“The Crown” is available on Netflix.

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