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Baccalaureate results fall 2022: The highest GPA in the second cycle of the 2022 baccalaureate exam in Alba is 9.02, obtained by a graduate of the Roman Catholic Theological Seminary “Grove Gustav Caroli’s Journals” in Alba Iulia.

There are five more secondary schools over 8 – graduates of the National College “Horea, Cloșca and Crișan” Alba Iulia, the National College “Avram Iancu” Câmpeni and the Technological High School Aiud.

Relatively, last year was 8.91 (graduate of the Technological College “Alexandru Domșa” of Alba Iulia, technical specialty – designer (CAD)), and in 2020 8.15 (Graduate of the Faculty of Economics “Dionice Bob Marcian” Alba Iulia, majoring in Commerce).

The Ministry of Education published the first of them on Wednesday Baccalaureate results 2022Second period.

According to IȘJ Alba, The success rate in the baccalaureate exam 2022 at the governorate level in the second session is 29.45%, less than in 2021 (31.71%). For the current upgrade, the success rate is 30.19%.

In Baccalaureate 2022, Cycle Two, there were 558 registered candidates, 455 present, 103 absent, and 19 disqualified for fraud or attempted fraud (they will not be able to register for the next two cycles).

Only 134 candidates managed to pass the baccalaureate in the second cycle 2022:

  • One filter with an average between 9 and 9.99
  • 5 candidates with an average of 8 and 8.99
  • 25 candidates with an average between 7 and 7.99
  • 103 candidates with an average between 6 and 6.99

For the 2022 promotion, the results were as follows:

  • One filter with an average between 9 and 9.99
  • 4 candidates with an average between 8 and 8.99
  • 19 candidates with an average between 7 and 7.99
  • 72 candidates with an average between 6 and 6.99

Last year, the success rate for the current upgrade was 34.64%, and for those from previous upgrades, 26.32%.

In 2020, Alba County had an exam pass rate of 33.27% (36.59% in 2019, 31.7% in 2018, 30.24% in 2017, 35.27% in 2016 and 35, 81% in 2015) and in the country 31.5% (30.8) % in 2019). 170 appeals were filed (197 in 2019). The highest rate was 8.15 before the appeal (9.03 in 2019).

Complaints can be submitted in both physical and electronic form, today, between 12:00 and 18:00. If drafting and submitting appeals electronically, candidates shall complete, sign and submit/send including a standard declaration stating that they are aware that the mark awarded as a result of the appeal decision may, as the case may be, adjust the initial mark up or down. For minor candidates, the form declaration is also signed by their parents/legal representatives.

The final results will be announced after the appeals are decided (1-2 September) on Saturday, 3 September.

Top Secondary Schools According to BAC 2022 Pass Rate – Second Cycle, Before Resumption

Educational unit / pass rate

  • National College “Horea Cloșca and Crișan” Alba Iulia – 75% – 4 candidates present, 3 successful
  • “Titu Maiorescu” National College Aiud – 66.67% – 9 candidates present, 6 successful
  • Alba Iulia Post-Secondary Business School – 66.67% – 3 candidates present, 2 successful
  • National College “Ephram Ianko” Campini – 63,64% – 11 filters found, 2 removed, 7 upgraded
  • “Dionisie Pop Marțian” Faculty of Economics Alba Iulia – 62.5% – 8 candidates present, 5 . passed
  • Arieseni Technological Secondary School for Tourism and Food – 50% – Present 2 candidates, 1 promoted and 1 promoted
  • Roman Catholic Theological Seminary “Grove Maglath Gustav Caroli” Alba Iulia – 45.45% – 11 candidates attended and 5 accepted
  • Technological high school “tefan Manciulea” Plage – 40.74% 27 candidates present and 11 successful
  • Technical College “Apollom” Alba Yulia – 40% – 45 candidates present, 18 accepted
  • High School “Dr. Lazar Chirilă” Baia de Aries 35.71% – 14 candidates present, 5 candidates passed, 3 . eliminated
  • “Lucien Plaga” Sebeș National College – 33.33% – 6 Candidates Present, 2 Successful
  • Alba Yulia Sports Program high school – 33.33% – 21 candidates present, 7 successful
  • Technological high school “Timotei Cipariu” Blaj – 33.33% – 3 candidates present, 1 successful
  • “Inochentie Micu Clain” National College Blaj – 28.57% – Present 7 candidates, 2 passed
  • Agrotechnological High School “Alexandro Borza” Ciumbrud – 28.57% – Present 7 candidates, 2 accepted
  • “Dorin Pavel” Alba Yulia Technological Secondary School – 28.57% – Present 7 candidates, 2 passed
  • Câmpeni Silvic Technological High School – 28.57% – 21 candidates attended, 6 passed, 6 candidates were disqualified
  • Theoretical high school “David Brodan” Cougar – 27.27% – 11 candidates present, 3 of them passed
  • Sebeș Technology High School – 26.53% – Present 49 candidates and 13 accepted
  • Teișu Theoretical High School – 26.32% – 19 candidates present, 5 passed
  • High school with the sports program “Florin Fleșeriu” Sebeș – 25% – 8 candidates present, 5 successful
  • Orthodox Theological Seminary “St. Simeon Stefan” Alba Yulia – 25% – 4 candidates present, 1 accepted
  • High School “Horea, Cloșca and Crișan” Abrud – 22.22% – 18 candidates attended, 4 were accepted, 3 candidates were excluded
  • Aiud Technology Secondary School – 20.45% – Present 44 candidates and 9 accepted
  • “Regina Maria” Alba Yulia Arts High School – 20% – 5 candidates present, 1 candidate accepted, 1 candidate excluded
  • Petro Mayor Theoretical Secondary School Okna Muric – 17.65% – 17 candidates present and 3 accepted
  • “Alexandru Domșa” Technological Secondary School Alba Yulia – 17.39% – 23 candidates present, 4 accepted, 1 candidate excluded
  • Technical College “ID Lăzărescu” Cugir – 13.33% – 15 candidates present, 2 accepted, 1 candidate excluded
  • High School “Cornelio Medria” Zlatna – 13.33% – 15 candidates present and 2 accepted
  • National College Aid “Bethlin Gabor” – 0%
  • Jedfi Secondary School of Technology – 0%
  • Ocna Mureș High School of Technology – 0%
  • Technological high school “Tara Motilor” Alpak – 0%
  • Greek Catholic Theological Secondary School “Saint Basil the Great” Plage – 0%

Attendance in written exams. Excluded Candidates – Alba District Baccalaureate 2022 – Second Cycle

On Tuesday, August 16, for the Romanian exam, there were 339 candidates registered, 284 present (249 on the real profile and 35 on the human profile), 52 were absent and seven were disqualified from the exam. Among the disqualified candidates, six were in the examination center at “Horea, Cloșca și Crișan” Abrud Secondary School, and one was in the center at the “Dionisie Pop Marțian” Alba Iulia Economic College.

On Wednesday, August 17, 225 candidates (out of 288 registered) were present for the mandatory profile test, 58 candidates were absent and six candidates were disqualified for attempted fraud. They were from the examination center “Horea, Cloșca and Crișan” Abrud High School.

On Thursday, in the third written test – chosen according to profile and specialty – there were 360 ​​candidates registered, 288 attended, and six were disqualified from the exam for attempted fraud. Most candidates have taken the test in biology, anatomy, geography or logic.

Cases of candidates who were excluded from the examination of their choice were registered at the examination center “Horea, Cloșca și Crișan” Abrud High School (4), respectively Faculty of Economics “Dionisie Pop Marțian” Alba Iulia (2).

Calculation of the baccalaureate rate

For each candidate who has achieved a mark of at least 5 (five) in all written tests of the examination, the overall baccalaureate average is calculated as the arithmetic mean, with two decimal places, without rounding, from the scores obtained in the respective tests.

The overall baccalaureate rate is not counted for candidates who have failed one or more tests, who have not appeared on all tests, or who have been disqualified from an examination.

The passing rate in the baccalaureate exam is not less than 6 in the written exams.

In order to be declared passed, a high school graduate must cumulatively fulfill the following conditions:

  • Recognition/equivalence/support of all language and digital skills assessment tests;
  • Pass all written exams and obtain a score of 5 (at least) in each of them;
  • Obtaining a GPA of 6 (at least) in the written tests.

How to check papers

Appeals committees, through assessing teachers, re-evaluate papers received and give marks for contested papers, according to the assessment scales for written tests.

After the evaluation process is over and the papers are opened, the head of the appeal committee analyzes the marks awarded after the re-evaluation compared to the marks awarded at the beginning. In the event of a difference in scores of more than 1.50 points plus or minus between the scores of the initial evaluation and those of the appeal, the chairman of the appeal committee decides to re-evaluate the papers in question by a third committee formed. From other experienced teachers, other than those who initially evaluated the works in the Appeal Center.

Re-evaluation will take place after a new business confidentiality, in strict adherence to the rating scale and all evaluation procedures. The degree awarded by the Third Committee is the degree to be awarded by the Appeal Committee.

The candidate can ask the district/municipal committee of Bucharest to see his/her work only after the publication of the final results after the appeal. This application cannot result in a modification of the grades awarded for the paper(s), according to the mentioned methodology.

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