General culture test: being checked

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Do you think you are an expert in general culture? Find out how much you know with the help of these 27 questions, categorized by several areas of interest.

1 On the chessboard, the move called “en passant” is done using:

A- idiots

B. pawns

C – transformations

2 Who is the author of Babbitt?

a. Truman Capote

B. Scott Fitzgerald

against Sinclair Lewis

3 When was the Roman Postal Created?

In 1862

B .1854


4 The word “cognitive” refers to:

A – Epidemics

b – messages


5 The cause of the death of the famous chess player Bobby Fischer was:

A – suicide

B- Kidney failure

c- cirrhosis of the liver

6 Choreographer Pina Bausch was born in:

a. Solingen, Germany

(b) Graz, Austria

against Buenos Aires, Argentina

7 In what year was the Treaty of Karlovitz signed?

A .1702

B .1699

C .1688

8 The first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize is:

a. Bertha von Suttner

B. Jane Addams

J. Marie Curie

9 In which city in Morocco is there a museum dedicated to the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent?

A – Casablanca

b – discount

against Marrakesh

10 Who Is The World Chess Champion Who Was Part Of The Cast Of The Netflix Mini Series “Queen’s Gambit”?

a. Garry Kasparov

B. Magnus Carlsen

Against Nuderbek Abdul Satrov

11 animals of the monkey monkey breed are:

A – rabbits

b – monkeys

c. squirrels

12 Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, associated with the Dada movement, founded by:

a. Hugo Bol

B. Marcel Wattsman

against Aristide Brant

13 Where was da Vinci’s Mona Lisa shown for the first time?

a. In the Palace of Versailles

B – In the Louvre Museum

C – At the Palace of Fontainebleau

14 What is the current name of the capital of the state of Kazakhstan?

a. Astana

B – Nur Sultan

against Akmolensk

15 Who directed the movie “Looking for ” Bobby Fisher” (1993)?

a. Stephen Zilian

B – Edward Zwick

against Steven Spielberg

16. What is the third largest country in South America?

A – Argentina

B – Colombia

against Peru

17 In what year did Sweden declare its independence from Denmark?


B .1612

C .1709

18 Between what years did the Russian Boris Spassky become the world chess champion?


B 1969 – 1972

C .1972 – 1975

19 “Is it or not an ion” by Herta Müller is a book by:

A – short prose

b – hair

c. articles

20 What is the relationship between Petro Sercel and Mihai Phytazol?

A – father and son

b – nothing

C. Half-siblings

21 Which country is located on the border with Ethiopia from the south?

A- Kenya

B – South Sudan

against Somalia

22 Who is considered the Palestinian national poet?

A- George Abraham

B. Mahmoud Darwish

Against Tariq Lawton

23 Which country hosted the first World Football Championship in 1930?

A- Brazil

B – Great Britain

against Uruguay

24 How many international degrees are in chess?



c. Seven

25 To which member of the Beatles does his autobiographical folder “Uplifted” belong?

a. John Lennon

B. Paul McCartney

against Ringo Starr

26 What is the name of the national currency of Mozambique?

a. Ber

B. metical

c. soil

27 From what language does the term “zugzwang” used in chess come from?


b – Finnish

norwegian c

Correct answers:

1. B pawns

2. vs Sinclair Lewis

3. A .1862

4. c.knowledge

5. B- Kidney failure

6. (a) Solingen, Germany

7. B .1699

8. A. Bertha von Suttner

9. Against Marrakesh

10- Garry Kasparov

11. B- Monkeys

12. (a) Hugo ball

13. C in the Palace of Fontainebleau

14. B- Nur Sultan

15. A. Stephen Zilian

16. Against Peru

17- a. 1521

18. B 1969-1972

19. B. Poetry

20. C. Half-brothers

21- Kenya

22. B. Mahmoud Darwish

23. Against Uruguay

24. A. three

25. Against Ringo Starr

26. B. Metcal

27. A. German

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