Why Hermannstadt emotional blackmail doesn’t work

In his first campaign for mayor, Mayor Astrid Fodor spoke about the creation of the Sibiu Municipal Sports Club, which will bring together the best athletes in a unit that will enhance their performance and health awareness through sport in the community. . Well, you didn’t really mean it that way, but that was the gist of it. And it wouldn’t be bad at all.

But nothing happened.

The administration’s only links to sports are the very messy and expensive construction of the municipal stadium, the arrangement of some stadiums where some sports grounds made space (in poorly performing places, but they have been discontinued) and the financing of the “pretext” for the performance of sports and especially football teams: the former Hermannstadt and the current Hermannstadt. I say the previous and current club because the idea of ​​creating the team and the first years of its management was the property of the official Theodore Perot, who was then removed by the businessmen who still run the club.

Hermannstadt’s previous performance was, at the level of performance in Leagues 4, 3 and 2, with funds from the mayor’s office. The current Hermannstadt, with new shareholder claims and some accounting errors blamed over time by the club’s former president, could not continue with public funding. So it ended here.

For several weeks now, we have been witnessing a real public emotional blackmail of club leaders against the leaders of the county council and Sibiu city council.

We’ve all heard former club president Danny Koeman criticize the ladies for not helping the team. I’ve heard players point out the same thing. But we did not hear the voice of supporters to put pressure on the local administration on this issue. why?

Because the current management of the club did not know how to prepare for this blackmail in advance. We’ve all seen the photos from the last game, the one at the National Arena against FCSB, with the three Sibiu fans in the fan space from Transylvania. That’s all it takes. It seems very clear to me that the team, despite its good looks as a team and as a game, is not attractive. It has no history, and the whining for the past 2.3 years looks frustrating as a picture. No one wants to get attached to some loser, some bankrupt, sooner or later.

In addition, there was not the slightest intention of making a brand. At least locally. There was no intention of promoting players who were born across the region either. Well, we don’t have numbers from League One and Two, but I haven’t seen any enthusiasm in talking about kids and small groups, at least. I haven’t seen players interact that much with the community.

Until now, Hermannstadt was a private company that suddenly wanted, even at the last hundred metres, to demonstrate the values ​​of an enterprise with a strong local social impact. The reality shows, unfortunately, that this is not the case.

Talk now about the importance of having a first-league football team in a city trained not to care about sports at all is over. Especially since we are now talking about a maximum of a few days until bankruptcy, if nothing is done.

We see the race for sponsors from CSU Sibiu and ignore the end of the season: that’s enough. We’re seeing what the Sibiu Cycling Tour looks like year after year, and it’s a competition that, if anything, will be of much more value. We no longer have gymnastics, we no longer have motorsports, we no longer have skiing and rugby, we have almost nothing. We have this situation because we don’t have an audience for sports. We don’t have an audience for sports because they haven’t learned about it. He was not educated, because there was no domestic interest, at least, in the development of school sports.

The only exceptions, puma club, judo, etc., are some people’s inventions and parental dues. And this cannot be called system, planning, projection, strategy, future.

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