More than 970,000 lei, aid to agricultural producers in Vaslui – Vremea noua

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Money … Vaslui Vaslui District Agriculture Directorate has issued payment orders to district vegetable growers who produce in protected areas

Support… The Vaslui District Agriculture Department announces the payment of the minimum aid granted to support vegetable production in protected areas. Thus, DAJ Vaslui issued and submitted to the Treasury Department of Vaslui a number of 66 payment orders totaling 979,605 lei. The amount represents the value in li of the minimum aid granted to the beneficiary for the first production cycle, respectively €3,000/crop.

In accordance with the legal provisions for the approval of the Program for Supporting the Production of Vegetables in Protected Areas for 2022, the minimum assistance to agricultural producers to support the production of vegetables in protected areas is granted, respectively, to tomatoes, which can be grown in the first or second production cycle, but also to sweet peppers and / Or long peppers – capia, green beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, green onion, planted in the second production cycle. Thus, in order to obtain minimal assistance in terms of supporting vegetable production in protected areas for the first cycle of 2022, potential beneficiaries have been adapted to meet a series of eligibility criteria, cumulatively, such as: Use of an area of ​​at least 1,000 m²/production cycle , are grown exclusively with tomatoes in the first cycle, and in the second cycle with one of the crops of tomatoes, peppers or capia, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, spinach, green onions. The growers were also obliged to mark, in a visible place, on the roof, with an indicator board, to record it in the records of the open agricultural register of the municipalities whose vegetable-grown areas are located in the protected area in their administrative-territorial radius. Places in 2022. In addition, possession of a register of records of processors with plant protection products was mandatory or supporting documents in connection with the production performed and the acquisition of vegetables not exceeding the maximum pesticide content. The established eligibility criterion was the minimum yield obtained in protected areas, respectively: 3000 kg / 1000 m² for tomato crop; 2000 kg / 1000 m 2 for the cultivation of pepper and / or long pepper – capia; 4000 kg / 1000 m 2 for growing cucumbers; 1500kg/1000m2 for growing grain pods; 10000 plants / 1000 m2 for growing salad; 1000kg/1000m² for spinach cultivation; 100,000 bulbs / plant / 1,000 square meters of green onion crop. With regard to the eligibility of agricultural producers registered for the first cycle of tomato production, we recall the fact that a number of 66 beneficiaries simultaneously fulfilled the conditions established by the normative act, which, on 01.09.2022, the Vaslui District Agriculture Department issued and submitted a number of payment orders To the Treasury Department of Vaslui 66 orders totaling 979,605 lei. The amount of 14,842.50 lei represents the value in lei of the minimum aid granted to the beneficiary for the first cycle of production, respectively 3,000 euros / crop in the first cycle / 1,000 square meters / beneficiary, at the exchange rate of 4.9475 lei / €, established by the European Central Bank On September 30, 2021. Regarding the registration period for the second production cycle of 2022, 51 agricultural producers from Vaslui district apply for registration in the Individual Registry for access to the Program for Supporting Vegetable Production in Protected Areas, respectively 34 natural persons, 16 PFA/II/IF, And one legal entity (SRL), vegetable crops in protected areas, which they will apply for, will be for: tomatoes – 4 agricultural producers, sweet pepper and capia – 30 agricultural producers, cucumbers – 16 agricultural products, beans – 1 agricultural product. “In this context, we remind you that in order to receive financial support related to the second production cycle of 2022, potential beneficiaries registered in the Individual Registry will be obligated to submit supporting documents to DAJ Vaslui, relating to each form of the registered organization, as well as a copy of the Registry of Records Treatments with plant protection products, which have been completed and approved by the Phytosanitary Office Vaslui, until December 15, 2022 inclusive,” DAJ Vaslui Director sent.

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