Public discussion about the location of some monuments in Constanta. The Directorate of Culture proposes to place the statue of Charles I at the entrance to the historic district of the city (photo gallery)

Constanta City Council is organizing a public debate today regarding the placement of new monuments in Constanta.

The meeting was attended by specialists and representatives of several Constanta institutions in the fields of culture, arts and history – Constanta City Council, Constanta Provincial Council, Prefectural Foundation – Constanta Province, Constanta Museum of National History and Archeology, Constanta University “Ovidius”, “INRoman” District Library, Constanta Museum For Arts, Directorate of Culture of the Province of Constanta.

The film revolves around Doreen Popescu – Advisor to the Mayor of Constanta on cultural issues, Edward Ferenc of Constanta Provincial Council, Mihai Isakov – of the Guild of Romanian Architects and Anka Dobri – of the Constanta Provincial Library.

Daniel Citrigo will talk about the personality of King Charles I, about Emperor Constantine the Great – from the Museum of History and Angelo Micevici will talk about Sergey Sella.


At the beginning of the event, the Director of the Provincial Library of Roman Constanta, Professor Angelo Micevici, introduced the purpose of the discussion, after which each proposal would be discussed.

Felicia Ovanesian is also present. Răzvan Calota and Gheorghe Mandil are from City Hall / Urban Planning, and Dan Leu is
Chief Architect.

University Lecturer Dr. Daniel Citrigo, Vice Dean of the School of History at Ovidius Constanta University introduces the figure of King Charles I and talks about the royal city of Constanta since the reign of the King.

Delia Cornea of ​​MINAC evokes the character of Constantine the Great, and the Director of the District Library of Roman Constanța, Professor Angelo Michivesi, will evoke the character of writer Cella Serghi.

Update: 2:30 PM

The mayor of Constanta, Felicia Ovanesian, left the discussion.

Update: 2:35 PM

Dan Liu, chief architect, took the floor and explained the selected sites.

On behalf of the Directorate of Culture, architect Laura Teodosiu says that the statue of King Charles I should be located in the city’s historic district, in the place of Lupoaica where the former Carroll Street, now Tomis, actually began.

The proposed original site is in Casino Park, near the promenade on the cliff, on the west side of the access stairs from the intersection of Regina Elisabeta Street and Termele Romane Street, along with the statue of Queen Elizabeth.

Update: 2:45 PM

Doreen Popescu, Mayor Virgil ižek’s advisor on cultural issues, says the placement of the statues and monuments is constrained by the Constanta municipality’s cultural strategy.

Anca Dobre – From the Constana Provincial Library claims that the statue of Cella Serghi should be placed near a cultural institution, the Provincial Library.

The originally proposed location is on the casino’s waterfront promenade, near the northwest wing of the casino building.

Update: 2:50 PM

Christian Crucion, president of the Constanta branch of the Association of Veterans and Disabled Veterans “Great Martyr Dmitry – Fountain of Peace”, also takes part in the discussion.

It refers to the fact that the statue of King Ferdinand should not be placed in the place of the monument as Maben wants to build a monument dedicated to Dobrogia.

Also, Lavinia Domitrako, the historian, proposes futuristic statues of Mihael Koglinicino, Gregor Salchino, Dobrogian writer or Ion Galia, two heroes – Horia Agarishi and Horia Masellario, as well as a monument to Dobrogia’s return to the country.

Update: 15.00.0000

Ovidiu Dunăreanu, the writer stated that “for 30 years we have had all kinds of unfulfilled discussions”.

“Local administrations should do it! Shame on all administrations in 140 years for leaving this area without the statue of Charles I who gave identity and Europeanness to Dobrogia. It deserves a statue in the city center not on the waterfront. Remove the so-called Statue of Liberty and make a statue of Carol I” – This was stated by Ovidiu Dunăreanu.

Refers to the statue in Constanța City Hall Park.

“Let it move, do not destroy” – says Dunăreanu.

Another proposal by Ovidiu Dunăreanu is Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu who wrote and lived for a decade in Constanta.

Update: 05.05.2020

Architect Radu Cornescu, Vice President of AOR Dobrogea insists on reconfiguring the garden into the House of Culture and redeveloping a bust of Queen Maria near the college that bears her name.

The bust is currently located somewhere to the right of the Museum of Art because the park was not on the schedule at the time the bust was unveiled.

Another suggestion for a futuristic statue is the statue of Vasile Canarache.

Another suggestion made during the discussion is to Virgil Andronescu, Mayor of Constanta

Update: 15.20.25

Another suggestion is that the sites be all over the city, not just in the peninsula area.

Colonel Remus McCuvey of the Sect of Heroes took the floor and came up with a proposal for statues of the army, such as Admiral Horia Masellario, Costin Ionaco who liberated Constanta and Dobrogea from German forces, and General Jorge Angelis with whom he commanded the Occupation Corps of Dobrogea by order of Carol 1 or Colonel Marine Ionesco Dobrogiano.

original news:

According to Constanța City Hall, the proposed figures stood out through important contributions to the history and development of city life. The sites considered are located in the historic district of the city. Among the criteria that determined their choice were feasibility, importance and presence near buildings that can significantly contribute to obtaining a valuable image.

The proposals are as follows:


The proposals are as follows:

  1. Emperor Constantine the Great

Constantine’s reign saw an interesting development of imperial power. The era of Emperor Constantine is the official Renaissance of Christianity. The proposed site is on Termele Romane Street near the Roman Mosaic Building.

  1. King Carol I near the statue of Queen Elizabeth

The city development project is associated with his name, and the most important buildings owned by Constanta are from his era: Carol I Hotel (today, Naval Command), Casino, Charles I Royal Mosque, Orthodox Cathedral, Royal Palace, Queen Suite. The proposed site is in Casino Park, near the promenade on the cliff, on the west side of the access stairs from the intersection of Regina Elisabetta Street and Roman Termel Street, along with the statue of Queen Elisabetta.

  1. King Ferdinand near the royal palace

King Ferdinand I, or “country counter”, was the first king of all Romanians, sovereign under whose reign the Great Union was achieved in 1918, the most important act in the history of the Roman people. The proposed site is located within green spaces with a triangular perimeter, defined by Ave Tomis, Ave Traian and Ave Vasile Alecsandri.

  1. Remus Obriano

He remained in history as the first governor of the province of Constanta, known for the fact that he supported the interests of Dobrugia even after the end of his term, as a member of Parliament. The proposed site is on Traian Street, close to an access alley to the Constanta Provincial Council headquarters.

  1. Cella Serghi, as close as possible to the sea

A representative writer of both interwar and post-war literature, but also of women’s writing, Sila Sergey provided Dobrogian space in Roman cultural memory, especially that of her native Constana and Mangalia. The proposed location is on the casino cliff promenade, near the northwest wing of the casino building.

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