The world champion in bodybuilding, bikini fitness class, is running for mayor of a city in Romania

Olivia Stan is 34 years old, she graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest and also attended courses at the Gambling Academy in England. The young woman began playing sports at the age of seventeen after the death of her mother. He worked for years abroad to pay for his studies, and now he has returned to his home country, in Rădăuţi, to win the mayor position.

Olivia Stan is a young iron-willed, complex being, who hasn’t missed any of the opportunities life has thrown her way. He was born and raised in Rădăuţi Municipality, Suceava County, in a family of workers.

Her mother was a pediatric nurse and, at one point, a Romanian language teacher. Olivia’s father was a gymnastics coach and she inherited from him a great passion for sports activities.

The young woman was only 17 years old when her mother passed away. Her friends helped her get through the pain she was feeling then. Because her friends were into kickboxing, Olivia started kickboxing.

In 2009, Rădăuţian was the victim of a terrible traffic accident.

He could have lost his life. He needed 8 surgeries to recover and a long recovery period in the gym. After the accident, he was no longer able to enter the boxing ring, and following the advice of a friend, he began bodybuilding.

Olivia, as a boxing training: personal archive

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Before getting serious about bodybuilding and even participating in professional competitions, Olivia pursued two parallel majors at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest. It is about theology and the arts, fresco restoration department.

“All candidates must have theological understandings of human understanding. The Bible is a book that teaches you to empathize with people. The leader must be human, have knowledge of reality among humans, and the Bible teaches you this,” says the candidate.

Olivia Restoring Billboard Portrait: Personal Archive

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In order to continue her studies, because she wanted to get another master’s degree, in 2007 the athlete went to work in England, where she worked as a cleaner for a year. Even abroad, he did not manage to quench his desire to learn and try new things. So he enrolled in Gabeling Academy courses.

Olivia admitted during the interview that when she made this choice she thought she would learn how to handle gambling cards. But it wasn’t that simple. For three months he practiced 8 hours of math/day. During the sessions he learned how to manage his emotions and deal with stressful situations. After completing the class, she was taken to the biggest casino in London, to the busiest table to test her skills. She passed the exam, became engaged in the sale of papers with the appropriate documents and was immediately hired. .

For a long time he worked only at night and at some point fell ill due to fatigue. So he decided to give up and returned to the gym, where, on the one hand, he resumed his training, and on the other hand, he became a coach for other people.

FOTO: Olivia’s personal archive

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Among her clients were members of the Lula family, one of the richest families in India. It is related to the family that owns Eros International Bollywood Movi Production, in which the famous Salman Khan also worked.

While working as a fitness coach, Olivia won many medals in professional competitions. At one time he competed in the United States. He says it was a personal ambition to win the competition in America. He trained tremendously, even putting his little sufferings to the test.

He returned to England with his forehead high, a new medal around his neck, but with only 70 pounds in his account. She had to give up the rented apartment because she no longer had the money to rent.

While she was packing her things, the young woman claims that Mrs. Lola called her, making her an offer she could not refuse. He suggested that he be part of her crew on a world trip to promote some films.

Photo: Olivia Stan

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“I called Mrs. Lola, told her I had accepted, and on the third day I was already in Dubai. The couple were traveling with five employees: two chefs, a housekeeper, a yoga and fitness instructor. It lasted for a year during which I arrived in Los Angeles, Dubai, Cannes and Mumbai. I was inspired by Lola’s family, who I financially supported many orphanages in India, to help. That’s how I came up with the idea to come home and run for mayor of Rădăuţi. To help develop the city,” said Olivia.

As a candidate for Rădăuţi City Council, the young woman wants to attract foreign investors and as many European funds as possible. “If I am going to win the election, I want to know the mentality of the local councilors in the future, so that I can know what level to start from.

Then I will examine the local budget to determine the first steps we need to take. We have to see how much time we have left to access European money. I would like to attract investors to waste recycling plants as in the Netherlands and Sweden. “I want to see how we can solve the garbage problem,” the young woman said.

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