What do the spies of Nicolae Ceausescu say? Will Romania disappear from the world map?

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union, died at the age of 91, the last director of the “Democratization of Eastern Europe!”

The indictment of “the file of the December 1989 revolution” is forced thinking!

What role did the Soviet Union play in the “democratization” of Romania!

Was the December 1989 revolution a coup? Why should President Nicolae Ceausescu be killed?

Who needed 60,000 dead?

Was Nicolae Ceausescu right when he drew attention to “acts of a terrorist nature, organized and launched in Timisoara, closely connected with the reactionary imperialist, unionist, chauvinistic circles and with the espionage services of various foreign countries!”? Who are the Unitarians? What chauvinistic forces did Nicolae Ceausescu draw attention to?

Where are the terrorists?

American historian Larry Watts, interested in the history of the communist regime, but also in the events preceding the inauguration of “democracy” in Romania, based on recently reclassified documents from the STASI Archive, the Secret Service of the German Democratic Republic, has been able to decipher and present the interests at the global level, as well as The fact that the orchestra demolished by Nicolae Ceausescu as President of Romania was led by the KGB, the secret service of the Soviet Union on that date!

Also surprising is the fact that the presence of spy services in Romania, during the events of December 1989, was also confirmed by Peter Roman, Prime Minister of the Romanian government in the 1990s: “I asked the Soviets to withdraw their special forces. It was about 25,000 – 30,000 men. They withdrew as a result of a change in Gorbachev’s strategy And to say that the Soviet Union is no longer a gendarme in this region!”

How is it possible that the KGB was in Romania, and maybe even in Victoria Palace, from December 1989 to October 1990 and carried out “covered” activities with the “legendary” of some tourists who adored the beauties of our country, who later proved to belong to the KGB, the damned KGB?

Cheap collusion?

Who was interested in destabilizing Romania and seizing power?

Who knew the maps with gold deposits in the Apocene Mountains and especially rare metals, such as titanium, vanadium, tungsten, etc., used in the aerospace industry, in the custody of the exploration and drilling company “Geofizica” from Bucharest?

Who are the traitors?

Was the task taken over by the KGB and revealed by the STASI archives, but also by well-known historians such as Alex Stoenescu and Larry Watts and journalist Grigore Cartianu, a trade-off in a power game with other foreign intelligence services?

How do we explain the mining raids of January and February 1990, the ethnic clashes in Târgu Morey in March 1990 and the mining raid of June 1990, when, according to a former head of the SIE, “Romania was completely infiltrated” by the spy services?

Given that Romania in 1990 did not lack interest, how do we explain the axiom that there are friendly countries, but not friendly information services?

Spy services do not go on vacation!

Whether they work through information officers protected by diplomatic immunity, or carry out recruitment activities, according to “open sources”, under the guise of journalistic documentation activities, “humanitarian missions, NGOs or multinational corporations, etc.,” the conspiring agents They do not leave the missions they have received!”

The interest of espionage services in “network dissemination”, in the sense of gathering people with the power to make political and administrative decisions or access information classified as a state secret or SSID, a state secret of particular importance, never ceases, a role in particular in defending the national interests of a state Returning to counter-espionage, respectively anti-espionage devices!

Is it true that there was nothing accidental?

The American historian claims that “the Russians wanted Romania to remain in their sphere of influence”, which opens a new hypothesis regarding the activity of the KGB in Romania, that is, the establishment of “democracy” was carried out in Soviet coordination, immediately after Nikolai Ceauتشيescu. Killed, killed!

But what role did Hungary play and how much did the United States want to save Nicolae Ceausescu?

Indeed, beyond the depth of analyzes initiated by specialized intelligence analysis devices or manipulating readers through content, who is bothering Romania? Who was so interested in Romania that it was necessary to urgently remove Nicolae Ceausescu from power, although, according to a declassified document from the CIA archive, “change was unlikely until he left the scene”?

Were the common interests established at the Malta meeting, from 2 to 3 December 1989, between US President George W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, so strong that the execution of Nikolai Ceauتشيescu was seen as a sign of universality?

What role did Hungary, which was careful in showing its anti-Romanian stance before 1989, but is particularly active from 1990 to the present day, play in joint actions for the “good of mankind”?

Could it be a coincidence that Hungary’s ability to exercise “pressure” activities, primarily disinformation activities of world leaders and US officials, through the CIA chief from that date and some US officials and members of Congress married to a Hungarian woman?

Given that natural resources were and still are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and that the intelligence services were pursuing the theft of information and technology related to the production of synthetic diamonds as well, was Romania a “village without dogs”?

State Security within the Ministry of State Security was appreciated in the practical analyzes of some foreign agencies, as “the third intelligence service in the world”, and it is important after the CIA and Mossad, the Israeli spy agency!

However, what was the presence of the espionage services in Romania before 1989 and after 1990, in the “circles of power”, if they did not succeed in recruiting at the highest levels?

Was President Nicolae Ceausescu very knowledgeable or had misinformation about what was being prepared for Romania?

Operation “Crows” has been known since 1980 by Soviet intelligence services, which are permanently supervised by State Security! It is surprising, however, that although Nicolae Ceausescu was aware of the activities carried out against Romania by former generals in the reserves, but also by the most senior figures of the Romanian state, he never ordered their arrest and conviction for “national treason”!

Were the Kremlin’s intelligence services more powerful than the Kremlin’s decision-making function?

How can one explain the fact that immediately after the murder of Nicolae Ceausescu, the “Crows” group made its presence felt, its members were appointed to the highest positions, and the reserve generals were reactivated overnight? What role did Reserve General Nikolai Militaro, who reactivated and appointed Minister of Defense, play in the assassination of Colonel George Troca and the seven SLA fighters? Who wants to know more about the head of the colonel stuck, unjustly and painfully by the “rebels”, in the axis of the fighting machine? But who mocked the bodies of the seven fighters, husbands and fathers, who remembers?

How many public stars have they seen on the shoulders of some who were not there to shout “Forget the terrorists” and touch their cigarettes?

Who wants to remember that Colonel George Troca came from UM 110 counterintelligence officers who were actively documenting the “Corby” group?

Coincidence? fate?

Don’t watch spies on TV!

Remember the legends of the spy world of double or triple agent, about visible and invisible friends!

Although spy stories outline a world in which anyone can be a spy, reality proves that not everyone becomes a spy, especially since the practice of existence shows that a spy can always be recruited by other spy services!

How much does a spy cost?

What happened to Romania’s spies, unjustly called Nicolae Ceausescu’s spies, on foreign missions?

In modern history we meet countless intelligence officers who betrayed Romania, left the tasks assigned to them and joined the camp of the enemies! The case of Eun Mihai Basiba remains “symbolic”, his escape brought a real earthquake to the activity of the operations of the Center for Foreign Information (CIE), the current Foreign Information Service!! Who wanted to rehabilitate him and Mircea Rossano?

What does the change of political leadership in Bucharest mean for the spies at the station in December 1989?

How many destinies and families have been destroyed?

How many active ghosts have arrived in the country?

Is it true that the US intelligence service, especially the FBI, was interested in the names of agents conspiring in America?

Who issued the list of spies and collaborators on the mission?

How many Romanian spies in the whole world? How many of them make it home?

In the United States, Romania, according to the available data, had 16 officers with technical espionage missions, but after the change of the political system, none of them returned to the country! “Although they were in the status of deserters and guilty of national treason, they were not found guilty, as they are already American citizens!”

Why did they get citizenship and the protection of the American state?

Treason does not fall under the statute of limitations in the Penal Code!

However, when were the Roman spies arrested?

Betrayal can no longer be contradicted! Who has an interest in “reconsidering” treason as a patriotic act and traitors as patriots who fought against Nicolae Ceausescu?

What does section mean for the country?

Several conspiring officers were killed in the mission! gratitude? amnesia?

If Romania’s true heroes are forgotten, who needs traitors?

Roman Emperor Julius Caesar “I love treachery and hate traitors”!

Today who loves traitors?

After December 1989, was Romania an occupied country?

How was it possible that “nearly 70% of the service’s archives have been taken over by players since 1989, both external and internal”?

Are double or triple agents still with us? I don’t want to think, but let’s not forget that foreign spy services do not work in plain sight! If undercover officers become a fashion, spying ignites the minds of some who offer their services to remain in history, even if they betray their country!

Romania needs intelligence services as well as spies for foreign missions! Romania must preserve its independence and sovereignty, especially since the “star” of athletics fell on the stage for a few moments!

The rise of former President Mikhail Gorbachev pays the search for the truth!

Are we traitors?

Romania where?

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