Questionnaire for the future of the abandoned band The Independent

An architecture and urban planning firm from Sibiu invites the citizens of Sibiu to give their opinions on the future of the abandoned industrial halls of the Independence complex. She promised that the findings “will support the future of this place.”

says the architecture firm, which developed a five-question questionnaire. These are related to the renovation of the Independence Industrial Complex in Sibiu and are intended to create an overall picture of the Sibiu people’s vision of this place. Recently, several workshops have been organized in this direction.

The survey is specifically aimed at residents and those who work in the city of Sibiu and will remain active until September 18, 2022. The results will be compared with the results of the 2019 survey conducted by architect Oana Pavăl for her doctoral research, Architecture as company A states.

Thus, the first question that the citizens of Sibiu are invited to answer is “What activities would you like to be able to do in your spare time, in the central region of Sibiu?”. Survey participants must choose three of the 14 options offered: symphonic concert, contemporary dance, exhibitions, museums, theatre, cinema, music festival, club, walking/outdoors, shopping, spa, basketball, ice rink or swimming. In fact, if the preferred answer is not found in this list, there is a possibility to add another activity.

independent survey

The following questions are: “What kind of atmosphere do you prefer?” , “Which of the following types of spaces do you like best?” , “How would you like to move around the Independence Complex?” , “What types of spaces?/Facilities would you like to offer to The Independent?”.

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We remind you that in mid-July, Transilvania Investments, one of the largest investment funds in Romania, which also operates the Independita industrial site, announced that it had begun the process of reintegration into the economic and social circle of the 8-hectare land. The former industrial platform of the city center. The ultimate goal of the whole process is to find out what the local community wants to see in this key area of ​​the city and to identify the currently underutilized space.

“The potential of this space is very high, and our responsibility as the main shareholder is to ensure that the final destination is in line with what the people of Sibiu want. The Independence site is an important part of Sibiu’s history. Together we can give it a defining position for the future,” said Radu Roca, President of Transylvania Investments. economic, cultural and social city.

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More than half of the halls of the former Independent factory were classified as historical monuments at the beginning of 2014.

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