“There is no place in Europe like Romania! It is impossible to stay like this”

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Intense dialogue from podcast sports teacher With Orlando Nicwar, director of the company that owns the TV rights to the first division and has implemented VAR in Romania, it contained, among other things, a very important topic for Romanian football. The eAD president said why he thinks sports broadcasters will create a pay-per-view package in the coming years.

video. Pay-per-view League 1? “The sports package can be a few euros”

Is there a plan for League 1 to become pay-per-view?
– At the moment no. It’s a conversation to have with televisions. Each TV sets up a business plan, which includes or does not include this part of League 1. At the moment, the Romanian cable customer receives all competitions completely free of charge, in a cable subscription.

– Not really free, but without additional fees. This is true does not happen in any other country.
– It’s not happening anywhere in Europe at the moment. Football is an expensive product, all rights are expensive, from the Champions League to the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, everything that means sports. Prices go up, while the Romanian user receives all this content that is included in the cable subscription. It’s a situation that may not last long, but here it depends on each company’s strategy. They have to decide whether at some point they will ask for 1€ or an extra 2€ to access certain competitions. And here I find it hard to believe that League 1 will be put into a separate package.

– But?
– It is very possible that it is a package in which he enters League 1, enters the English Premier League, enters the Champions League, etc. Sports package, it could be 2 euros, 3 euros, 5 euros, I have no idea. That means three waters, two cups of coffee, or two packs of cigarettes.

– When do you think this could happen?
– It is difficult for me to give an answer, because it does not depend on us.

– But you still appreciate that it will happen in the future.
It is impossible not to. See, the rights to the 2024-2027 Champions League were sold in the US for $250 million a year. They increased from 100 million, as they were last time, to 250 million. Big tech players are entering this market and trying to buy as many sports rights as possible because they Sports is the last bastion of classic TV to attract audiences. Sports, as well, generate crowds.

– And then?
– And then there is competition between the field of technology, Amazon is the most aggressive from this point of view, and TVs that want to keep these rights in their own backyard. All of this means an increase in the cost of television rights to sports. And then, if you have 15% inflation in Romania, keeping prices at the same level, in conditions where all sports rights will increase, means no business. There is no way that will work.

– Then you have to look for another source to cover the costs, right? Currently, cable drivers are using sports TV rights as a marketing method, but in the near future, perhaps in a few years, they will make subscribers pay separately for sports.
– If we have been talking for several years, then yes, in the near future I think it will happen.

Let’s talk a little bit about the stake behind the TV rights. The release circulated that Zoltán Teszári, a contributor to RCS & RDS, is also behind the operations of Look, Prima, etc. The goal is a disguised monopoly in sports rights, which will later turn into a paycheck-a spectacle you can’t escape. You won’t be able to watch sports just about anywhere, unless you pay. You’re in the middle, involved in all the stories, let’s be clear.
– There is in no way any relationship between us, eAD, and Mr. Teszári. My partner, Adrian Tomșa, has a relationship, they know each other, and they talk, obviously, just like I talk to Orange and Vodafone representatives. But we liberated the sports rights market! When we entered the market, we allowed Vodafone and UPC subscribers, for example, to access all sports competitions. Therefore, through us, all sports competitions are available to any subscriber. If someone wanted to create a monopoly, he would definitely not liberalize the sports rights market in quotations. There is no such intent, plus it wouldn’t be legal either. Today, the player cannot buy League 1 on their own, because the Competition Board does not allow this.

– Precisely for this reason, open monopoly is not used.
– Well, if today League 1 is available anywhere, then the Premier League is available almost anywhere, and the first division is available almost everywhere. The Champions League is available anywhere…

– Available anywhere, in areas controlled by the same person, so that all platforms later become pay-per-view.
– It cannot be controlled by the same man. Cătălin, let’s understand! Work is work, it leaves traces. Shareholder relations leave traces, you can check the history of the company face to face… How could these things happen? Does Zoltán Teszári come and give the money for the bag? I have a money manager who doesn’t allow me to pay even 3000 lei in cash. He says: “No, everything must be paid through the bank!”. Things like this don’t happen, it’s impossible.

We took the rights in 2017, waived, from Arpad Paszkany. He invested and supported the first league and lost money. From this point of view, football in Romania should be grateful to him. Because he supported football in Romania in one form or another, with his personal money, for several years, until the moment we took over the new rights
Orlando Nikoara, Director of eAD

video. Orlando Nikoar, guest on Profu’ de sport (full podcast)

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