When the big fall shows start. What shows and series are offered by TV networks?

Televisions have a variety of shows this season, and entertainment is the “weapon” that all stations rely on, in order to get a rich “harvest” from the masses.

This fall, Pro TV’s bet on “Clanul” FOTO Pro TV

The stars and established shows return to the autumn networks of the main Romanian televisions, but also some new productions “try their luck”. Entertainment is the main component of getting as many audiences as possible to the small screens, and stations will “duel” especially at peak times.

This year, Pro TV also relies on the two “pillars” that underpin the station’s strategy: “quality news and quality entertainment,” Alexandras Cisnavicios, CEO of TV stated.

On Sunday, September 4, the reality show “I’m Famous, Get Me Out Of Here!” begins! Filmed in the jungle of the Dominican Republic. The show by Cabral and Adela Popescu will be broadcast every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 12 celebrities will compete this season: Lydia Poble (singer), Anicia Gavton (comedian), Tania Popa (actress), Roxy (content creator), Mara Benic (journalist) Pia Khalifa (singer and adult content creator), Gianni Keric (football player), Paul Diaconescu (actor), Kristi Mitria (MMA fighter), Alex Bogdan (actor), Rozvan Pozzato (influencer) and Cornell Balde (comedian).

Adela Popescu and Cabral I'm Famous, Get Me Out of Here!  (1) jpg

Contestants must pass real tests of courage and endurance, letting mice, snakes and tarantulas eat the organs of different animals and sleep in the jungle. “I would never engage in such a thing! You would have to be very angry with yourself to punish yourself like this. Of course, we came to prove to themselves that they could overcome their fears,” Cabral said in an interview with Adevărul.

The bet made by Pro TV with “Clan”

On Wednesday, September 7, viewers will cross the border of the village of Las Verbene. Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays (20.30), they will enjoy the humor and absurd situations of the 21st season of this phenomenon. Dragoș Bucur and his new team of architects are ready to improve the lives of stressed families, and their stories will be watched on Turnkey Dreams, also starting September 7 (9:30 p.m.).

On Friday, September 9, “Voice of Romania” returns after a two-year hiatus, with new artists, strong voices, a new jury lineup and a double chair. Theodore Cherillo, Smiley and Irina Rhimes return, but Dennis Rawabi (The Motans) and Theo Rose will be part of the judging panel for the first time. Another novelty is that Theo Rose and Smiley will have a double seat.

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With an amazing cast, as the new generation of actors unite with the experienced, the new series “The Clan” will also premiere in September and air every Thursday night. George Mihic, Carmen Tonas, Theo Rose, Urban Buffalo are among the protagonists of the new Pro TV series. It is based on a Turkish formula called “Icerde” and the theme is simple: the fight between the mafia and the police.

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Humor and entertainment

Season 10 “Chefs With Knives”, an emotionally-filled memorial season, begins September 4 at Antena 1. Viewers will discover all the surprises prepared for this special season starting with the marathon premiere in four consecutive editions: Sunday, September 4, from 20.00, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 5 And September 6 and 7 from 20:30. After that, the cooking show will be broadcast three times a week on Antena 1, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm.


The current season is more intense and full of pride. “In every Knife Chefs date, I’ve been so pissed off this season. There was a moment when Scarlătescu and I didn’t talk at all for three days. The highlight was that not even Bontea spoke to Scarlătescu during the three days. Somehow, it annoyed us. Both are equal. Florin Domitrescu testified that this will appear in Season 10, which is much more intense.”

The transformation show “I know you from somewhere!” Puberty. The eighteenth season of Antena 1 begins on September 10 and brings to the stage a new series of artists, challenges and major transformations.

Shift and Connect-R, Feli, Nicolai Tand, Jo and Liviu Teodorescu, Emilian and WRS, Rona Hartner, Johny Romano, Eliza, Cosmin Natanticu, Sore and Emma, ​​Emi and Cuza are eight star pairs competing.

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Cabral Photo Pro TV

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iUmor will be available to watch starting September 9, premiering in a double “part”: Friday and Sunday. And this season, a surprise guest will join Delia, Mihai Bendeac and Cheloo in their search for the funniest contestant. Hosts Serban Copoţ and Dan Badea say it was the best season yet.

The reality show “The Bride”, presented by Simona Gerghey, began on August 29, but promises several releases with passions, intrigues and intense experiences, this fall. The show can be watched from Monday to Friday, from 14.00 and from 17.00.

General culture under control

At Kanald D, Teo and Dan Negru “stole” the start and launched their shows in the last days of summer. And so, Teo is back, from August 27, with a weekend morning show, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 10.00. After the success of the first season of the quiz program “Word Game”, Dan Negreu returned yesterday with new editions, in which the knowledge of the contestants in the Romanian language was tested.

Dan Negro you're watching jpg

The presenter radically changed his career when he came to the D channel, bet on smart formats, so that, from September 3, he starts a new show: “Tu urmezi!” A game show that combines general culture and entertainment. The stakes are great, and a huge amount can be won for 3 correct answers.

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