Britney Spears’ youngest son explains for the first time why he’s not talking to his mom. The pop star responded immediately

Britney Spears’ youngest son, Jayden, spoke publicly about his mother for the first time in an interview with documentary filmmaker Daphne Barrack for ITV. Jayden has revealed the truth about his older brother Preston’s relationship with Britney, admitting that he doesn’t hate her but that it will likely take “a lot of time and effort” to improve their relationship.

“I 100% believe the situation can be resolved. It will take a long time and require a lot of effort. I just want them to be mentally okay. When she gets better, I really want to see her again.” Jayden said, according to the Daily Mail, Joss Jared notes.

In a direct message to Britney, Jayden said: “I love you so much, I want only the best for you. Maybe one day we can talk again.”

Jayden then explained why he and his brother, Sean Preston, 16, did not go to their mother’s wedding to Sam Asgari.

“This wasn’t the time to go. I’m not saying I’m not happy for her. I’m really happy for them, but she didn’t let the whole family go, and then if only Preston and I were going, I don’t see how this whole situation would end with good relations for everyone.” “.

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The teenager also talked about his relationship with his brother and their grandparents.

Jaden on their relationship with their grandparents: They’re not bad people

“Preston and I are very close. He always takes care of me and I take care of him. We make sure we both are mentally healthy”He said.

The kid kept revealing that to Jimmy “He really cares about his family” and “He doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets in the media. I love him with all my heart. He was just trying to be her dad.”

He said about his grandmother: “He cares about me. They’re not bad people! They know what we’re going through right now. They want our future to be the way we want it to be. They just want to watch us. Memow and Uncle Bryan are part of our lives. They taught me how to deal with all things.”

Jaden: I feel guilty, I preferred my mom to Preston

While Jayden is described as an “extrovert” in the Daily Mail article, he made it clear that his brother “doesn’t like cameras”.

“He told my mum not to post the pictures and he did it anyway. So it didn’t go well.” Jayden said.

He also shared that Britney seemed to prefer him to Preston.

“I think my mum tried to give us attention and show us equal love, but I don’t think she showed enough of Preston and I feel really bad for that. We’ve been through so much stress in the past that this is our safe place now to process all the emotional trauma, to heal. I feel so guilty that I am there for him”Jayden said, adding that “My mom treated me better.”

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Jayden on their mother’s social media appearance: She must understand what’s stopping her from loving her family

As for how his mother chose to appear on social media, Jayden admitted:

“Social media helps her…so if that’s what she wants to do, I won’t hate her for it. At the same time, you have to understand what is stopping her from loving her family”. “They almost have to post something on Instagram to get some attention. She’s been doing this for years and there’s a good chance this habit will never stop, but I hope it will.”

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Britney Spears reacts after a revelation made by her son

Britney later responded to all these discoveries made by her son:

“I tried to be the best person I could be… when I was practically being held at home by the nurses – I hope someday my children would understand the reasons behind my water game, reveal myself as a woman, then I was under the blankets and watched under guardianship!!!”

“Finally in my forties without my family shackles…I give my son Jayden all the love in the world every day for the rest of my life!!!! My love for my children knows no bounds and it saddens me so much to hear him cry because I didn’t live up to his expectations as a mother…and I hope we meet someday Face to face and talk about it frankly!!!

“Perhaps you dear child can explain to me why our family is doing this to someone!!!! You have helped your father who has been unemployed for 15 years.”

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“I think it’s easier for you guys not to have someone check on you every day to make sure you’re doing your homework!!!! I’m sure your dad’s standards for smoking weed every day benefit you at 15 and 16. I totally understand your need to live with your dad because he was I have to play the perfect 15 years for absolutely nothing. I’m so glad I was able to do 4 rounds, be on the X Factor jury and more… I did it for you. And Preston… I’m so aware of your talent. ..I know you are a teacher in my life and my dear child, I am a teacher for you too!!!”.

“It is horrible to see your dad being a hypocrite who says the media is horrible and at the same time makes you talk about personal matters in the media!!! If you can stop for a moment, remember where you came from!!! I hope you remember… you are my child and you always will be Always !!!! “

“Since Preston didn’t speak, send him my love!!! I love nothing more than to see you face to face. Keep up the good work on the piano…You and your brother are great and I’m so proud to be like me. As for my sanity…my baby Dear understands that you need to learn to pick a book and read it before you talk about my mind!!!Tell your father to at least try to mow the lawn…But if you could just stand by and tell yourself in your clever mind that what your grandparents did to me was good and they were good people …and then yeah, I failed as a mother,” Britney concluded.

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