CALEIDO DAYS: Unusual concerts performed by Taraful from Vărbilău, Johny Romano and Niko G. x Kali. Theatre, music, photography, dance, Gypsy culture and gastronomy, between 25 years

Ferentari, Bucharest’s district with a history dating back more than a century and a half, which still represents a marginalized community, hosts between August 25 and 28, at Ferentari Square, an event that aims to be a cultural meeting point for the residents of the area and other neighborhoods of Bucharest. Kaleido days It celebrates cultural diversity, especially gypsy culture, and brings in names like Tarafal from Vărbilăurecognized instrumentalists of country music, Johnny Romanothe phenomenal artist who combines violin and rap in what he calls himself gypsy trotor Nico C. Q Calia feminist duo Canter that deals with anti-racism and social issues.

“The best kid in the world”View artist biography Alina Zurbanactress, playwright, screenwriter, first theater director and film director from Rome in Romania, will be seen at Zilele Caleido, followed by a screening of the short film directed by the same author, “Forgiveness Ticket”the first film about gypsy slavery from a gypsy perspective (special mention in TIFF, Best Feature Director at Female Voices Rock – USA).

“naughty kids”one successful women’s show, which is still playing 12 years after its first performance, with Katia BascarioRoman film critics included him in the list of the best actors of 2021, presented by The New York Timesis also present in the program.

Director and coach Matti Lukaschi Grünberg will orchestrate a short, interactive and comedic improvisation, in the spirit of jazz and violin, whose cast includes Delia Ricio, Sever Barzan, Stefan Holuba, Stefan Iancu.

The brand’s products aren’t missing from the Kaleido Days program either Firentari Studiosan educational center where young people from Ferentari learn scenography, music composition, acting, choreography, dramaturgy, directing and photography. School Stories It is one of them, a program that talks about discrimination, tolerance, needs and aspirations.

The public will be able to participate free of charge in a series of workshops held by artists, professionals or representatives of Roma culture:

  • Aldesa Georgiana Linkana Roma feminist activist, with experience in grassroots advocacy and community organizing with groups of Roma women, Roma women and young Roma women, will support Romanian language workshop and one of civic activity.
  • Volunteer guide at Ferentari Studios, Severus AndreActor, Improvizer, Playwright and Sound Designer, Founder of the viral group Facem and member of the Backstage Boys improvisational band, Author of Prison Improvisation Workshops, will coordinate Musical Improvisation Workshop.

  • Razvan Rotaru Combining acting with action, full-time play combines theatrical performances (“Super OK”, “Masa Puterilor Noastre”), contemporary dance (“Moving Fields”, “Basma Curătă”) and interactive performances (“Crimea la Dinner”, “Pe Bune”) and circus performances (“Alice in Wonderland”). He leads Mike’s School of Dance in Buzau, and during Kaleido’s days he will coordinate Contemporary Dance Workshop.
  • Christina Irian He holds a PhD in UNARTE, History and Theory of Art. He studied visual anthropology in Bucharest, SNSPA and Perugia, at degli Studi UniPg, but also studied comparative local development at Universita’ degli Studi di Trento. In the days of Kaleido will coordinate a photo studioThis helps children to learn about space better with the naked eye and through the viewfinder.
  • to me drawing workshopParticipants will experiment with different types of colors, textures, shapes and techniques with the artist Elena Andrey A graduate of the University of the Arts in Bucharest, Professor Soren Ilfovino class, and a master’s student in Visual Arts at the same university.

  • Valentine Ngoypre-university teacher and doctorate in history, author of the work on the topic “The deportation of Roma from Montenegro to Transnistria in the period 1942-1944”, talks about Gypsy history and culture From Romania and Europe in a dedicated workshop.
  • Khaled’s carearchitect, member of the Romanian Association of Architects, holds a master’s degree in architecture and urban planning, from “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, as well as a founding member of Mesteshukar ButiQ, Dedicated craft workshop for copper jewelry and ceramic modeling.
  • an actress Irina Artinia graduate of the Acting Department at UNATC, where she is also pursuing a master’s degree in Film Acting, offers young participants theater workshop. Irina periodically holds workshops with children from different backgrounds as part of community theater projects.

  • discussion about The history of the Firentari neighborhood It will be started by the historian and researcher Andrei Rozvan Vuenya, author of two books on the history of Bucharest, “The Bucharest Housing Ideal: Family with Home and Garden”. Parcels of the Community Association of Cheap Housing – Bucharest (1908-1948)” and “Housing for Workers and Officials: House Construction and Evacuation of Vatra Luminoasa (1930-1949)”.

  • Lyntin Alexeia connoisseur and collector of mushrooms and wild plants from the Duftanay Valley, will support A tasting event. Leontin was discovered by Chef Alexandru Dumitru when he was cooking at Atra Doftana, and is currently a supplier and collaborates with many restaurants in Bucharest and in the country.

Caleido Days is an event organized by the Amfiteatru Foundation, which will take place between 25 and 28 August, at Biawa Ferentari in Bucharest, and admission is free.
This event is addressed to all Bucharest residents who are interested in knowing the true reality and diversity of Roma culture, as well as adults and children of the Ferrintari community, the purpose of which is to increase social cohesion in Ferrentari.

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