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Alpac National Rural Tourism Fair, the largest event of its kind in Romania: Interview with Tiberio Todia, Mayor of the municipality

Here, Mr. Mayor Tiberiu Todea, we are under the gray face of an August day, as the mountain seems to restrain its green grounds, letting the scent of autumn take steps towards the heart of the day, but also towards one of the country’s longest lasting manifestations of rural tourism.

– That’s how it is. We are facing the 17th edition of the National Rural Tourism Fair, where the Apuseni Mountains acknowledge their existence, through the influx of folk craftsmen, mountain tourism agencies, and operators, making 3-4 September a celebration of skill, to diligence, contemporary transmission of the reality of the beauty of ancestral customs and traditions, This made these lands an arc of victory for human existence.

– It is true that the word “tradition” is full of nourishing and shiny roots, and the springs bear the mirrors of the depths and the message of blood. So, what does the seventeenth edition of this slice of individual and collective effort mean, what does it bring to a mountainous landscape, which in Alpaca and nymph bears the high vibrations of historical, cultural and educational heritage, dreams and hopes?

Elite - perfect taste

– The exhibition, as is known, today is no longer just a gathering, a meeting under the auspices of the presentation of some products, but the essence of interests at multiple levels of tourism, travel agencies, a deep exchange of experiences as a signature of creativity, a continuation of what the ancients always left as an argument for reason, force of arms and faith. In this sector of life, we are also in the current edition of the Rural Tourism Show, the 17th edition of 2022.

What do we want now? To see that events are, through everything they do, a window open to the world, to the collective reception of the issue, in light of its multiple contemporary aspects, especially the valorization of creative tourism, the fulfillment of demand and supply, the conclusion of new contracts between travel and tourism agencies, tour operators and guest house owners, and the multiplication of methods and means of co-operation, accommodations and many more, wherein the inhabitants of the municipality, young and old, are trained to remain bearers of custom, dignity and wisdom.

– And all these words constitute an invitation, participation in a creative, artistic, accidental work, cooperation and fraternity among hundreds of effectively trained participants in a multi-presence: from the many achievements in the departments of popular creativity, creativity, preserving and perpetuating some crafts in various areas of life, and giving hope and improve life in these lands.

– 17 editions so far have doubled the emotional and moral presence, increased the number of guesthouses, to more than 700 accommodations per night, strengthened the bonds between the creators, the villagers present at the events, the epilogue, and organized the exchange of experiences with large successful groups carrying new joint efforts to give mountains Apuseni and not just a new ray of hope, not letting the gap visible on multiple levels in everyday life multiply.

– And then, Mr. Mayor, mark the strong points of this version of the exhibition, so that the world may know the future meeting with the great Alpac, son of Apocene, the daily seed of pretense.

– Yes, here, in perfect order of our meeting, I begin with the invitations to: the “Exhibition of Religious Painting”, in the organization and participation of the Toader brothers, sons of the village, Ilie, Nicolae, Ionel and The Guests, Church painters of the country, which will make an overwhelming impression; The “Traditional Gastronomy Competition from the Aposeni Mountains”, which recreates the pulse of tradition, authenticity and good taste where family and kitchen elements meet, and you can see what fascinates each participant; folklore performances on Saturday and Sunday – “Alpaca, a Christian tradition”, with the participation of folkloric artists, rap music from the folklore areas of the country; The second folkloric show “Alpak – the seed of eternal love”, the center of the municipality, which begins at 2:00 in the afternoon and continues until late at night; – “Emotional pauses” at the Ethnographic Museum in the Book Fair. The weight of the meetings: on the catwalks – the charm of dedication, creativity, the color of the mountain, which remains the source of the unforgettable “Rural Tourism Fair” with more than 1000 exhibits, but also visits to ethnographic exhibitions, to the multiple accommodations I mentioned at the beginning.

Two days full of signs of tangible and brown reality. I have noticed that you are beginning to provide some significant moments from the demonstrations in which the active support of the Alba County Council, through its chairperson, Ion Dumitrile, can be seen. It whetted our appetites at first by reminding us of a “gastronomic contest” in the midst of this competition, in which, indeed, all the riches of the mountain lands give their hands, just as in this fair tradition creativity and ingenuity are always embraced in order to show the country that history is in the Alpac He continues his constructive greatness.

Congratulations from now on, Mister Mayor!

– Thanks! I wish we can enjoy a new success together, we sincerely thank the daily newspaper “Unirea” for its communicative support, but also the people of the village who will gather under the same sun from Albăce, and all present, the people of Albăce, who believes in us, he always helps us and looks for us – a sign of perpetuation A long-lived look, loaded with special brilliance tips: Human Solidarity, Breath of Light.

– Let it be!

Recorded by Ion MĂRGINEANU

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