Vlad Matisko, Director of the Ploiesti Orchestra: “Yes. With work and dedication, Ploiesti is ready to become the capital of youth “

Vlad Matisko, director of the Paul Konstantinsko Orchestra, presents himself as a man of proven patience, who wants to rally people and work in the shortest possible time, especially if possible. It’s not just what’s written in the job description, it’s with the whole team in even the most awkward of situations.

In the interview, Vlad Matescu announced the possibility of NFT Paul Constantinescu, supports the idea of ​​Ploieti – the capital of youth and urges young people to believe in their potential.

Vlad, even if your name no longer needs any introduction, what is the public worth knowing about you?

“I am flattered by the approach and the presentation, but I don’t think there is anything else to say. I am a man who puts all his soul into what he does. I do everything out of passion, and the good Lord has given me the opportunity to be able to do what I love and earn my living, which is not Absolutely common these days.

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I think I give everything and demand everything equally… my time, my personal resources, my participation, etc. I, of course, have some flaws, like all of us, but one of them, perhaps the most important, is a complete lack of patience. I can’t wait for things to happen from others, especially when I know they can happen faster.

I don’t have much patience. It’s true that I often turn this flaw into a pretty much a trait, turning impatience into a crazy ambition to get things done. In conclusion, what the audience probably doesn’t know is that maybe it’s hard to get close to the soul, but when that happens, we move mountains together! “

What notable events took place this year with the help of the Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic Orchestra of Ploiesti and how did the audience receive it?

“It may sound like a lack of modesty, but I say with confidence that I don’t think I can say that there have been some events that have become so remarkable for the Philharmonic Orchestra. For several years now, the Philharmonic has made, through this extraordinary crew, everything wonderful.

Of course, there are many aspects that are worth improving, but we are distinguished in Romania, if not even in Europe, in many aspects:

  • 5 artistic departments – symphony orchestra (the largest in Romania), folk orchestra, jazz department, quartet, academic choir;
  • recording studio;
  • Live broadcasting platform and pay-per-view system – Virtual Concert Hall;
  • Soon we will also have an outdoor theater of 120 square meters;
  • Physical and online store (now from September).

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Recognition of the highest forums in Romania regarding activities: the Romanian Parliament, the Ministry of Culture and, last but not least, the High Patronage of Her Majesty Margherita, the bequest of the Romanian Crown of the Ploeste Jazz Festival – from September 2022 Member of the European Jazz Network;

Ploiești Jazz Festival – the only festival in Romania that has established a private partnership with the USA through a museum and institution in New Orleans, respectively Chicago, to tell the history of jazz: Jazz Root, from the USA to Romania. “

From a personal point of view, how do you think culture is presented in people’s lives in Beloiti?

“I think there is great potential, great potential including becoming the European cultural capital, and not just the capital of youth. Unfortunately, Romania lacks a clear strategy in this sense, but more importantly it is a reality that is increasingly manifested nowadays by what we are experiencing.” All: The lack of major investments in culture and education.

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I said it and I’ll say it again. These two aspects are the most important in the development of a country that wants to be successful! What is happening today is only the result of the actions of the past 15-20 years. Imagine what will happen in 10-15 years?! “

Is Blueity ready to become the capital of youth?

“Yes! With a lot of work and dedication I think so. There are many young people who want to develop and participate in different works. We work with a lot of volunteers… I see a lot of potential. Moreover, I see a lot of passion. There is a light in end of the tunnel.”

What is not working in the city and deserves more attention from the authorities?

“There are many aspects that are still ineffective in the city, but I don’t think I am in a position to express myself in that regard. At the same time there are some trends that work very well. What I can do is express myself culturally.

There is a lot of support we have, I can’t deny it, but I feel that investing in a concert hall would greatly benefit this famous city!

I think the biggest problem is with each of us. We all have an obligation to participate actively, voluntarily, in making the world we live in better. It’s very easy, very easy to say: “It’s not my job”, “It’s not in the job description”, “I’m not paid for it”. I often help fellow technicians with tools, tools, equipment, scaffolding (as much as I can), and much more, which is not in the job description. I still do it and I’m not ashamed.”

How has the Ploiesti Philharmonic Orchestra managed to attract more young people into culture?

“Through the actions he does. Concerts, shows, projects both from the concert hall or close to it, to schools, in schools. Volunteer programs (Art Hub Volunteer), even their participation in organizing events from the ground up.”

What is your biggest dream as a director of the Philharmonic Orchestra and what are you doing today to achieve it?

“You know how they say, comparing every time…? The Vienna Philharmonic has done it, the Berlin Philharmonic does it, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw does it…
I hope Ploiesti Philharmonic is in the top five at most. At the moment, all three of the above have a history, they have traditions and, of course, very professionalism. It is not impossible!

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Likewise, I could say, and if I am no longer required here, I would probably want the same performance (we all make mistakes, and that performance can sometimes be misunderstood, as self-interest, which is not the case) for where I’m going.

This is because in recent years we have proposals in this regard, from Bucharest (until these days they are under discussion). However, I love my blueberry, and I love my blueberry philharmonic.”

What is the difference between real music and what is popular these days on Youtube?

“Every era had its authors, painters, writers. What happens now is just what I said above: the result. Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky may also have had their common problems in those days, but education and culture were somewhat different until the first decade of the twenty-first century. Other principles There is no message, or perhaps the message is completely devoid of substance.

This music is selling out now, and selling fast. a point. It is interesting that Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Freddie Mercury, The Beatles, Apa and Michael Jackson are still being listened to. I don’t want to criticize anyone, but there is music that was made maybe 3-4 years ago and no one knows anything about it, maybe no one knows anything about the artists anymore. random?!”

What upcoming events is the Ployesty Philharmonic preparing for?

“The symphonic season begins on September 22, followed by the folk orchestra and jazz trio to open the seasons on September 24 and 25. The Ploetti Jazz Festival will follow, and on December 17, the Philharmonic Ball, between October 26 and 30. We hope that, starting next year, a festival will be organized Blueity Jazz during the whole month of October.

So far we have dedicated to jazz a series of activities that took place during the whole month but were independent. We want October to be Jazz Month next year. We even thought of a bigger job. The Sibiu Jazz Festival was held in May. Moved to October to be able to enter into a collaborative partnership.

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As for the ball, it has been proven that we are evolving from one version to another, it is more and more exciting. However, an eventful season awaits us, which will include educational parties and those organized with the students of the Carmen Silva Ploiești College of Art, for whom we offer the opportunity to perform in concerts or parties on the stage of “Ion Baciu”. “the hall.

If there is anything else to add, in addition to the above, what does NFT tickets, NFT Paul Constantinescu, and donations/tickets/sponsorship look like in cryptocurrency? – Virtual Concert Hall, Path to Virtual Reality, Community, Family: Friends of the Ployesty Philharmonic”.

In the end, he leaves a message for readers of the Observatorul Prahovean newspaper.

“I invite all readers of the Prahovean Observatory to the Philharmonic Orchestra. I know we are not going through an easy time, but I assure him that in this way we can overcome everyday problems by making time for art.

The hours spent in the concert hall are great, it brings you a good mood and charges you with energy for a longer period of time.
After a resumption, I invite you all to our concerts, I invite you to listen to high-quality music together, to socialize, to enjoy this normal life, happily, “.

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