ASTRA Bookstore celebrates its 160th anniversary in Cotroceni

The Astra Provincial Library in Sibiu is a nationally prestigious institution, and in 2021, it turned 160 years old. The beautiful era in Bucharest, in the National Museum “Cotrocini”, with the support of Merk Class SRL, will also be marked by the exhibition “ASTRA 160”. The exhibition project opens from September 9-25, 2022, in the privileged space of the Cercez Salon, located in the Cotroceni Palace (Bd. Geniului, No. 1-3, Bucharest).

The exhibition will open on Wednesday, September 14 at 6 pm, when the public will benefit from the presence of representatives of the organizing institutions and guests.
“Romania’s cultural heritage is constantly talked about with confidence. We therefore invite you to visit the ASTRA 160 Gallery, which includes photographs, manuscripts, ancient Roman books, foreign books and antique book tablets found in the private collections of the ASTRA Sibiu Library. It is an invitation to enter,” said Dr. Rozvan C. Pope, Director of the Library. to a library or to connect with the history of the most common form of corporate culture.”
The exhibition is the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the founding of the Transylvanian Society of Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People – ASTRA and its library. The current exhibition project was initiated and prepared by representatives of the Sibiu Astra Provincial Library, an institution whose work is financially supported by the Sibiu Provincial Council, and complements the series of events held over the past year.

Great star characters

According to the organizers, “ASTRA 160” draws the public’s attention, through texts and images, to the contribution of the great Astro personalities who campaigned for the cultural development of the Transylvanian space and the social liberation of Romanians in Transylvania. The exhibition includes original items of heritage value that illustrate important moments in the history of the Astra Society and its library: documents relating to the historical context, manuscripts signed by important figures of Roman culture, books of inestimable value, objects belonging to the great. astrologists. The three volumes of the Roman Encyclopedia, the major publishing works of the Society and the First Roman Encyclopedia, feature prominently in the exhibition. The work was produced and edited in the period 1898 – 1904, under the coordination of the propagandist Corneliu Diaconovici, first secretary of Astra and director of the magazine “Transylvania”, with the voluntary support of members of the Roman Academy and with the participation of many collaborators and representatives of the cultural elite, but also from the economic, medical, military, religious and diplomatic spheres.
Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to admire a series of documents of heritage value in the collections of the Astra Sibiu Provincial Library: ancient Roman book, ancient foreign book, manuscripts, iconographic pieces, cartography, and a former library. “Statutes of the Society” (1861), “Album containing scenes from the ethnographic exhibition organized at the opening of the Museum of the Society” (1905), “Almanac” made in Sibiu in 1793, “Decree on the abolition of serfdom ”, printed in Vienna in 1785 , the manuscript poem “And If…” by Mihai Emenescu or George Barreto’s Dowry Fund are just a few examples that illustrate the fact that the library’s heritage is closely linked to the activity of the Transylvanian Society of Roman Literature and Culture of the Roman People.
The exhibition was supervised by Dr. Bogdan Andreescu, researcher at the Astra Sibiu Provincial Library, and will offer visitors the opportunity to purchase the “ASTRA 160” album, which reflects the history of one of the oldest libraries in Romania. In the following period, the exhibition project will also move to other cultural and educational institutions in the country’s major cities to acquaint the public with the history and heritage of the association’s central library.
The exhibition “ASTRA 160”, which is organized in the National Museum of Cotroceni, is open to the public, according to the rules of access, from September 9 to 25, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 to 17.

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