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After David Popovici, Romanian swimming has an amazed new athlete at the Junior World Championships in Swimming. Bianca Costilla had a great run in the women’s 50m freestyle final to win the gold medal. It is, in a way, a “status of success”. The 16-year-old athlete has a website where she talks about the effort she puts in every day. He did this so that when he won important titles, he didn’t think ‘I came out of nowhere’. That moment has come!

Bianca Costia is registered with CS Steaua. “If I had a magic wand…”

Romania won two gold medals in one day at the Junior World Championships in Swimming. David Popovici won his favorite event, and Bianca Costia won the 50m freestyle.

Bianca qualified for the final for the fifth time, and journalists did not immediately give her much importance. The crucial race was exciting, with the Romanian player finishing off a fine finish that secured her victory. She finished the race in 25.23 seconds and beat Italians Sarah Curtis and Matilda Biagiotti.

Bianca Costilla is 16 years old and registered with Steaua. She is so passionate about sports that she said in an interview that she would like the day to be longer in order to train as much and intensely as possible. “If I had a magic wand, I would make the day longer.”

Bianca Kostia, the athlete who “came out of nowhere”

Bianca Costia started swimming at the age of seven in Galati. Her dream is to become an Olympic champion. Somehow he “announced” his successes. He created a website where he introduces himself and shows how hard he works. She’s taken this step for the days when you win major competitions, hoping that fans won’t just find out about her back then.

When a young Romanian athlete achieves a remarkable and unexpected performance at the international level, journalists tend to say that he ‘exploded’ and ‘came out of nowhere’.

But the truth is that we don’t explode and we don’t come out of nowhere.

The truth is that we work every day, from morning to evening, to make you proud of us and to give you, even for a few minutes – while singing the Roman anthem and the flag over the square – that state of pure joy that only sport and pure, generous patriotism can provide.

My name is Bianca Kostia, I am 16 years old and I dream of becoming an Olympic champion for Romania. It’s a huge goal – but it’s not out of reach, because it would only be the last step of the path I started in 2012, when I was only 7 years old.

That’s when I started swimming at Viva Sport Club Galați, under coach Mihaela Hodina. In six years, I’ve won over 100 prizes – 1st, 2nd and 3rd – in national and club competitions for my countrymen, and the story of Bianca Costilla begins.

Excited when she was honored by Ion Țiriac and Camelia Potec

The 16-year-old athlete also revealed one of the moments that gave her courage. It happened in 2014, when she was awarded by Ion iriac and Camelia Potec. Then came the participations and successes in international competitions.

When, in 2014 – in the “Search for Future Champions” competition organized by Camelia Boutik – I reached first place in the 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke, then first place again in the 50m backstroke in 2015, I was so proud of it.The fact that the medals were given to me by Ion Sierak and Camelia Botek, two major figures in the Romanian Olympiad.

Since 2018, I have had the opportunity to compete in the club that has given Romania great champions – including Olympic and world champion: Steaua Bucharest. Since then, under the guidance of coaches Beatrice and Eduard Caslaro, I have participated in the most important competitions for my two age groups: the European Youth Olympic Festival, European Juniors and World Juniors 2019.

In 2021, I took another step on the path I started on at the age of seven: in addition to participating in the European Junior Championships, I also managed to debut at the European Senior Championships. It may seem early to my 16-year-old – but if you want to get to Olympic gold, you need to speed up a bit…

Then, in the summer of 2021, I managed to conquer another important milestone: I was selected to represent Romania at the Tokyo Olympics. However, since I started working with my coach at Steaua, the constant goal has been the Olympic Games in Paris, from 2024,” said the athlete.

It is clear from these lines that Bianca has great confidence in her and that she “announced” her future successes in this way.

“I invite you to accompany me on the way to the dream that has accompanied me since childhood. I will tell you here, constantly, about my work and my achievements. In this way, when it is my turn to bring glory to Romania at the Olympics and the World Championships, you will know that I did not ‘come like I’m out of nowhere’ and you will understand that I did not” I explode” overnight – but that Bianca Costia also wrote that I worked every day, along with the entire community that stood by me.

In addition to David Popovici and Bianca Kostia, Romania won another medal at the competition in Peru. Vlad Stanko finished third in the 1500m freestyle final.

Bianca Kostia also won the silver at this world championships with the 4x100m freestyle relay. The team also includes David Popovici, Patrick Sebastian Dino and Rebecca Diaconescu.

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