The story of the tallest building in the communist era in Timisoara. 51 years of Continental Hotel

The tallest building in Timisoara, with a length of 90 meters, is the Orthodox Cathedral of Biawa Victoriei. The Hotel Continental was once the tallest building in Timisoara, standing at 59 meters and 15 floors. The hotel was opened in 1971 and was a real pride for the communists.

At the end of the 1960s, the Romanian Communist Party requested the construction of a series of commercial spaces, hotels, cultural centers, stadiums and sports halls in major cities. It allowed design institutes to create more sophisticated and aesthetically valuable plans. Money was found for them. It was the period when the Bega Store, Continental and Timişoara Hotel, Youth House, Modex Fashion House, Olimpia Hall and others were built in Timisoara.

Architect Gheorghe Gârleanu was responsible for designing the building.

“Before Continental, I was working on the design of a hotel in Lugoj. Hotels were part of a theme that the Ministry of Tourism gave to other sites. I was free to build an imposing building. However, it was supposed to be a hotel with 300 rooms. In addition to the accommodation and reception rooms We did a restaurant, a brasserie, two terraces, a pool and a day bar. We fought to build the night bar too. There is a conference room. There was also a barber shop. I wanted it to be a real complex. The kitchen is located in the middle, to be able to serve the entire complex. It was a new solution. Everything worked perfectly. At that time, ready-made materials were used. It was a visually interesting work. It was the tallest building in Timisoara. At first, for a few years, you could walk on the balcony to see the city from above. Leo one, two, no I remember exactly, they were paid. I made the balcony walkable. But the idea of ​​visiting was abandoned,” declared Ghirliano, awarded by the Architects’ Association to the Hotel Continental.

This is how an article appeared in Sânteia in August 1971:

“The newest and tallest building in the municipality of Timiشوارoara – Hotel Continental, but recently in use, consists of 14 floors, and houses a large complex of accommodation and restaurants. Designed with a modern architectural concept, Timișoara Continental happily combines beauty and usefulness, offering guests multiple possibilities to have a good time. From the photovoltaic door in the entrance and the reception hall, clad in marble, wood and aluminium, and furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas, to the last room on the fourteenth floor, located at a height of 50 meters, which contains a hall, a bathroom with a bathtub, walls covered with plastic materials, carpets on The floor and all the appropriate furniture – the Continental Hotel is an expression of good taste.

Apart from the space reserved exclusively for accommodation, the Continental Hotel also has a real food complex: a restaurant, a terrace, a reception hall, a day bar and a night bar, as well as a hairdresser, cosmetics, barber shops, etc.

In order for the guests staying here, from the country and abroad, even if only for a few hours, to feel as satisfied as possible, the staff shows the utmost care towards the wishes of each tourist. Hotel staff are graduates of trade schools and specialized courses (in the country and abroad), speak one or two languages ​​of international circulation. Here are some arguments justifying the invitation from the Timi County Tourism Office – to which the hotel belongs – to all tourists passing through Timisoara to stop at Continental as well,” wrote Cesar Ioana, Scântea correspondent from Timisoara.

Continental will hold the record long after the revolution, but in recent decades, but especially in recent years, high-rises began to multiply.

The tallest residential building in Timisoara will be Fructus Plaza, which was built in 2011, 65 meters high, but the record was recently broken by ISHO’s Riverside Towers, which are 65 meters high and 20 stories high.

And the tallest office building today is UBC 0 of Iulius Town, with more than 70 meters (it was supposed to be 155 meters, with 27 floors, but due to the crisis, the owners decided to stop halfway through the project).



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