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The case of FC Hermannstadt opened “Pandora’s Box” in Sibiu. He has finally drawn attention to an area very important for the health of children, youth and the entire population of Sibiu: sports! An area so neglected by local authorities for the past 20 years that our heroes are simply gone!

Sibiu Olympics and World Champions at the 1999 Awards Ceremony for the Province’s Best Athletes

And because the editorial “We’re defining local administration bullshit” elicited so many reactions in the public space, it’s a sign of a chord being touched.

On the one hand, The Sibiu are afraid that we are destroying the aura of the “goddess” in Sibiu city council, an aura that cannot be achieved anyway, since in recent years the local administration has become silent and deaf to the wishes of the citizens, obsessed with madman-obsessed projects, immune to the abused Sibiu / dissatisfied.

on the other side, Sports enthusiasts, who have less and less satiation, and take pride in fewer and fewer athletes. As a result, I try to do an analysis, perhaps with some “cracks”, and decide whether I’m right or not.

on me At the end of the 90s, at the top of the best athletes of the province, the Sibiu municipality was represented: Gymnast Claudia Bryzkan (Multiple national, world and European champion, then Olympic champion), Judoka Claudio Bastia (global and european platform), ATHLETE DANIELA CARLAN (Vice European Champion), Skier Mihaela Vera (Multiple national champion and participant in 3 editions of the Winter Olympics), Marius Chico (World Champion in Model), Elmer Torday (National Champion in Basketball with CSU Sibiu), Rugby player Rado Fujiji (Romanian international, participant in the World Cup, an element of the traditional CSM Kirschbaum Sibiu team), Spearman Claudia Eisley (World Junior Champion, representative of Romania at the European and World Championships in Athletics, 2nd place in the Fukuoka Summer Universiade), Elena Hella – Multiple Champion patriotic in throw weightRomanian representative in international competitions, Konstantin Bibelia, multiple national and international champions in culture, Marius Lucito and Jorge Goror, boxing champions.

I remember gymnastics, athletics, judo, skiing, rugby, modeling, bodybuilding, boxing, diving, modeling… Olympic, world and European champions. With the best coaches!

Let’s see what we have today, 20 years later. At the last party of the best athletes from the county, in the winter, people from Medio dominated the top. At the end of the year, “Mediashow Takes It All!” was topped by the newspapers. In both Olympic and non-Olympic trials, the podiums were opened by the people of Mediaș: Iulia Mărginean (Athletics, Mediaș Sports Club, coach Professor Vasili Hermann) and respectively Marcel Mania (bodybuilding, CS Power Gym Mediaș).

And the It was the best performance of the best female athlete in the province … the title of Balkan Junior Vice Champion. In the Sibiu sports world, champions from 20 years ago are now coaches. And suffer in silence!

We are used to taking Sibiu City Council communications at face value, in which they express their interest in citizens, and in sports, with more attractive investments. Let’s see what today’s Sibiu City Hall has to offer for those who want to play sports in the city we all love. What does it offer to future champions?

Athletics: the simplest and most accessible sports. The only running track, at the level of the forties, from the mud, at the municipal level, was reconsidered by the current administration, then It was also destroyed by the current administration because it changed its mind about modernizing the stadium. The city in 2022 has not even one running track with tartan, which is so necessary today in sports, but also for recreation. For example, such tracks have been set up in many cities in the country, including Mediaș, a stone’s throw from Sibiu. Coincidentally or not, two of the province’s top athletes, Alexandra Hoodia and Yulia Morgenian, are active there today and were awarded at the County’s Top Athletes Gala – 2021 Edition. These routes are available to Tg citizens. Mureș, for example, through the park towards the zoo.

SKI: The municipality has consistently ignored the resort of Păltiniș, Which allowed him to collapse for reasons that elude us. Even today, it does not have a revitalization plan, to recover its value, at least at the level of the 1990s. And the skaters disappeared from the stature of Mihaela Vera, who received training and training in Peltini.

jumping into the water: Of course, this is not the function of Town Hall, the only complex of this type is CSM Sibiu, a club affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. But why does Sibiu not have a swimming pool in the city? For example, the city of Cisnădie financed one building, worth about 2 million euros, and Mediaș City Hall is just one building in Vitrometan, through the National Investment Company, especially for students, with five rooms, worth about 1.5 million euros. There is no need to look towards Cluj, Braشوفov, Oradea …

speed skating: Sibiu still lives today from the memories and the passion of multi-hero Christina Andrey. Training in Sibiu takes place exclusively on asphalt, on roller skates, in the absence of an ice rink like the one closed in Sibiu in the early 2000s. Of course, it was not up to Sibiu City Council, which he did not manage. But he didn’t even set out to build one.

Football: With a long tradition in Romanian rugby, Sibiu has disappeared from national and international competitions. Only the passion of a few former players makes the sport last in Sibiu, by training children and juniors. Today, teams from Gura Humorului, Năvodari and Suceava play in the National League, as well as traditional teams from Bucharest, Baia Mare, Galati and Cluj-Napoca. Of course, there is no attribution related to Sibiu City Hall to the rugby stadium, CSM Club, which belongs to the Ministry of Sports. Away from the world of local sports, the Sibiu administration has no emotion even when talking about Baby Bobok, Seceleanu, or Fugigi. And the future of this traditional sport, so beloved in Sibiu, seems to be indifferent to the future.

Basketball: With peace of mind that every year they allocate a certain amount of money to CSU Sibiu Club, the local administration feels that they have done their duty and, moreover, share the basketball successes of the city. Maybe it’s not enough, maybe they should build fields/boards on every street corner, encourage competitions between schools, like in Mediaș for example, and find partners with whom To participate in a development plan for this beloved sport in Sibiu, so that, in the near future, the city’s team will also rely on players born and raised in the city. At the moment, yesterday’s champions, who are today’s coaches, hold their training sessions through Sub Arini and Line up in the few paintings of the last century in the city.

Boxing: Frankly, I am ashamed to mention this branch in Sibiu, given that athletes have experienced unimaginable training conditions in the past decades. The hall under the commune grass, always with crevices, was flooded every time it rained, and the courses took place with the ponds next to it. Of course, Sibiu City Hall was not under any pressure all this time, because the club did not belong to him. And anyway, no one from the local administration seems to have any hesitation when you say something about the Negria brothers, George Neyi, Centura Peltine, etc… Under these circumstances, promising athletes, such as Vasile Suciu, had to leave the city in order to advance. “If I had a magic wand, I would like to invest and conditions in Sibiu for children who want to practice boxing”In 2014, the boxer from Tălmaciu announced that he had to go to the province of Alba to get a place in the Olympic Games.

Jumping/Swimming: With outstanding performance at the national level, Today the former champions train at the Aria Center, where a 4-lane recreational pool has been set up. Private swimming pool open to the general public. The teachers teach the children to swim among the ladies and gentlemen who come to relax, and the diving instructors teach the young children to ideally enter the waters less than two metres. If you want to see what humility, despair and great compromise look like, look into the eyes of heroes turned coaches. It’s a shocking picture for any former or current performance athlete, who knows what it means to work, but also the terms of training.

Modeling: a system that almost disappeared from Sibiu city life after the 1990sThe Children’s Palace building has always been a problem, as it is eventually returned to the old owners. Sad and humiliating, the municipality without regret helped the efforts of parents and students to move into one of the buildings of the “Henry Coanda” High School of Technology. People posted desperate messages on social media, raised money, put on work clothes, and painted walls. The local administration abandoned her, and the civil society applauded her.

Compared to the 1990s, Sibiu has not won anything. Let’s not ignore the great achievement of the past years: he built the largest skate park in the country! Instead, it has many mathematical rules. I lost two football fields – Mecanica and oimii, the ice rink in Sub Arini Park, the only (very modest) athletics base, the Olimpia pool, and the rugby field is now in ruins. Of course, they weren’t under local administration, but we didn’t plan to build anything either. We’ve had enough of the festivals in the historic center. The Obor and Voința stadiums remained at the level of the 1990s. Sibiu is missing, as I said earlier, even a paltry running track. Not necessarily for performance sports, but simple for entertainment. What can we say that in the whole city you can not find a badminton court, as in Copșa Mică, for example, there is a squash court (the healthiest sport in the world), as we find it in Şelimbăr. Sibiu does not have a handball or volleyball team, whether male or female, Sibiu youth have to move to other cities to perform.

In other cities, we find community clubs, supported by citizens, that perform at both the national and international levels. In Cisnădie, for example, the city’s handball team became known in CONTINENT, after several participations in the European League. In Mediaș, Iulia Mărginean, the most valuable athlete in the county, has the support of the municipality. CSM Bucharest has hired the world’s most valuable handball player as he fights for supremacy on the continent. Let’s stop complaining that we can’t do that!

The story has been repeated over and over again in the past two decades in Sibiu, where clubs and athletes cannot be supported with community funds, which made us live the moment today.. The moment our heroes disappear and children sit in our homes on smartphones and video games!

We have trainers, we have genetic quality materials – Hagee’s words mean that something has gone wrong in recent years. Perhaps the lack of physical bases is the main reason. It is important that you stop pretending that it is a good thing, that you continue to serve City Hall data showing that it “saved ‘FC Hermannstadt from destruction’ precisely because we were constantly engaged in support of the sport…”. At least that’s what it looked like last week, from putting candy on the cage.

I ask people from the world of Siberian sports, who have performed and who want to perform: How did we get here? Who buried the Siberian sport? Because, is not it, the disease can be cured only after a correct diagnosis!

(Opening by Dan Grivo)

Photo: World-class athletes and coaches in the 1990s and early 2000s

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