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Ambitious movie project! Soon, in the cinemas of the country, it will be possible to watch a new film produced in the Republic of Moldova. “Carbon” comedy film “has a bitter taste”, which will have its national premiere on October 4 at the National Palace “Nikolai Sulak”.

Until then, the Carbon film authors released the production trailer.

The feature film, directed by Ion Burrow, depicts Moldova in 1992, during the armed conflict over the Dniester River, and describes the story of a young tractor driver who goes through many difficulties in his arduous attempt to fulfill his dreams.

Director Ion Burrow says the film’s theme is inspired by his father’s stories.

“Given the fact that my father took part in the fighting on the left side of the Dniester, this topic has attracted my attention since I was a teenager. At first we were planning to make a drama, but I had several discussions with my father and he told me a lot of funny and absurd moments, which were new to me During the development phase of the project, I and Marianna Starsuk, the script author, were in the areas where the battles took place. We talked to the villagers and they also told us tragic stories, stories not told in history textbooks or on TV. Hence the idea to do something completely different from I originally suggested it – a comedy with a bitter taste,” says Aeon Burrow.

One of the main characters of the movie CARBON is Dima, played by Dumitru Roman. For residents of the Zebra Show, this is their first appearance on the big screens.

“I didn’t think twice when I was offered the role of Dima, although I knew it would be a completely new and different experience than what I had done before. Dima is a simple boy, ‘our’, has a good soul, and all he wants is to have a family And a fairly decent life. But things are going differently than he expected. He bumps into people’s indifference, the stupidity of some people, but this whole experience in the end gives him an important life lesson,” says Dumitru Roman.

The cast also includes Igor Karas Romanov, Adriana Pizzo, Konstantin Harriet, and Ion Koiro, as well as Romanian actor Ion Fanto, who is originally from Chernivtsi. Filming lasted 36 days between August and October 2020.

“For me, shooting was like a dream that I vaguely remember. For 36 days I slept two hours a night. I have no idea how I fought back. I had an excellent team behind me and I respect them a lot and that made me responsible for always being punctually punctual and doing my best. I think it was an experience A value that I will remember for the rest of my life. I know for sure that the whole team worked from the heart and did their best to produce a good product. All we have to do is wait for the audience in the cinema halls and see what reactions and reactions they will get”, says the director of the film, Ion Buru.

Previously, Eon Buro directed and produced his first short film “Plus Minus Unu” (One More One Less), which won him several international awards, including Best Debut Short Film at the Huesca Film Festival in Spain. CARBON is the first feature film of his career, a co-production in which professionals from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Spain have worked.

“Carbon is probably the most ambitious film project in Moldova, being developed and presented in 8 international profile forums. Our continuous efforts over 4 years have brought the idea of ​​Moldova to the fore, with the project being mentioned in popular publications, such as Variety, Cineuropa and ScreenDaily and The Hollywood Reporter, Film New Europe, etc. But under the strict conditions of national cinema, we would not have succeeded without a united team, without the contribution of the state and external partners. From this point of view, we bear great responsibility for the expected outcome. Dreamers, but we aim to create precedent with a “plus” mark in terms of public recognition and international critics, but also from a sustainability standpoint,” says Sergio Komatrenko Jr., co-founder of the YOUBESC production house and member of the European Film Academy.

The world premiere of CARBON will take place on September 21, in Spain, during the San Sebastian Film Festival, a forum ranked among the top 10 events in the global film industry.

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