Romanian film days in Chisinau. Production, awarded at Cannes, Venice and San Sebastian

Thus, for four days, in the new films section, the most consistent of the program, the Chisinau audience will be able to watch seven films from last year. The film revolves around the latest Romanian productions that were selected in the most important festivals and presented for the first time in the Republic of Moldova at ZFR.

This year, most of the new films at ZFR Chisinau’s selection have been made by a new generation of filmmakers, both male and female, who come with very different and challenging themes and styles.

Metronome (2022), which received the Directing Prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival, will conclude this year’s edition of ZFR. The show will take place in the presence of director Alexandru Belek. The film tells the story of two high school students who fall in love and write letters in the Metronome of Free Europe, while Srirak and Năstase play the Davis Cup final against America in 1972. When the boy receives the approval to leave the country permanently, with his family, the two young men know That they should break up, but they did not expect the last days together to become crucial for their entire lives.

Cry No (2021), director Alina Gregor’s debut, focuses on a young woman who struggles to pursue her higher education and escape the violence of men in her fractured family. Last year, the film won first prize, Golden Shell, at the San Sebastian Film Festival and will be shown in Chisinau in the presence of producer Gabriela Suciu and cinematographer Adrian Pădureţu.

From San Sebastian, where it was included in the new directors’ competition section, comes “Morocco” (2021), the second feature film directed by Emmanuel Parvo. The film, which was also selected this year in the international competition at TIFF, follows the fate of two lovers who end up in life-and-death situations, as a result of mistrust.

Emmanuel Parvo will be one of the special guests of the edition and will be in Chisinau for the screening of “Morocco” and the film “Miracol” (2021), where he plays one of the main roles. Directed by Bogdan George Aptri and shown last year in the Orizonti competition of the Venice Film Festival, the psychological thriller “Miracle” is divided into two chapters. At the center is the story of a young nun who temporarily leaves a monastery to solve a pressing problem. However, the way back has an unexpected fate, and a police inspector’s investigation uncovers clues that lead to a possible miracle.

Also from the Venice Film Festival, where it was included in the Giornate degli Autori section and where it won the award for Best Debut, comes “Imaculat” (2021), produced by Monica Stan and George Chipper-Lilymark. The film stars an 18-year-old girl who ends up in a heroin rehab clinic and where her innocence rescues her from the advances of the men inside. A young woman is admired and protected by all, and enjoys being cared for, until she knows that any special treatment has a price. Director Monica Stan will speak to the audience from Chisinau at the end of the show.

Expected to have its world premiere at the Thessaloniki Festival in 2021 and this year included in the international competition at TIFF, “Balaur” (2021) is the debut of Octave Chilaru, the director who will also be present at ZFR. The film centers on a religious teacher and the wife of a priest, who begins a love affair with a 16-year-old student, a fact that risks turning her life upside down.

Director Stefan Constantinescu’s first fictional debut, “The Mother of Cain” (2022), the protagonist is a man who, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, returns to Romania from work in Sweden with suspicions of his wife’s infidelity. The film had its world premiere at this year’s Gothenburg Film Festival.

The program will also include a movie made for children. Thus, the young audience will be able to watch “Străjerii Deltei” (2021), an adventure film produced by Liviu Mărghidan. Many children spend their summer vacation in a camp in the Danube Delta, where they learn how to survive in the wild. One day, while cleaning the Delta’s water from plastic bottles, they came across two fishermen who fish illegally with an electric device, so now the children have an important task.

All screenings will take place in the New Movies and Children’s Movies sections of the Cineplex Loteanu Cinema, used by ZFR for the first time. The other traditional divisions, Focus, Retro, Student Short Films and Masterclass, will be announced soon, along with the full programme.

Just like last year, during the month of October ZFR will go to five other cities in the Republic of Moldova – Bălţi, Soroca, Nisporeni, Călărași and Cahul, where some films of Chisinau’s selection will be shown. The date and program of each of the five cities will be announced at the end of the edition in the capital.

ZFR Chisinau is an event organized by the association of independent filmmakers ALTERNATIVE CINEMA from the Republic of Moldova and the production company ROVA FILM from Romania. The project is implemented with the support of the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, the National Center of Cinematography of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Emenescu” in Chisinau. Romanian Filmmakers Guild.

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