The National Treasury, enriched with a manuscript “On Failure to Childbirth”, belongs to Emil Cioran

The historical auction house was able to bring to Romania another manuscript of exceptional value of Emil Cioran – “On Failure in Childbirth”. In February of this year, the most important manuscript from the period of maturity of the Roman philosopher – “Confessions and Excommunications” – also arrived in the country and was secured by being entered into the national heritage.

On September 21, starting at 19:00, the Historic Auction House – specializing in bibliophilia, historical photography and ancient documents – will organize an auction entitled “On Failure to Birth”, a real challenge for institutions, collectors and professionals.

Materials of undeniable historical and documentary interest will be proposed, and Think Provides exclusive information.

Historic owner Cesar Floria does not hide his emotions in front of a new exceptional cultural event, saying: From the sum total of the effort expended for such an event, we appreciate that it is useful and complementary to the approach used by the manuscript notebook of Emile Cioran’s work, De l’inconvéient d’être né. (Editor – “About not giving birth”) Arrive in Bucharest, implicit in the national cultural treasure! “

The last time, I broughtConfessions and Excommunications »It is a manuscript taken by the Ministry of Culture for the National Library. Hopefully the same will happen with this manuscript – «About the lack of childbirth ». But there are other manuscripts of definite value that will be offered at this auction”, says Cesare Floria.

The historical auction house was able to bring to Romania another manuscript of exceptional value belonging to Emil Cioran – “On Failure in Childbirth”

“About the inconvenience of childbirth” is 100% treasure piece

The manuscript of the work “On the Inconvenience of Childbirth” is the highlight of the auction, which will be held on September 21.

Under the watchful eye of enthusiasts and collectors, no less than eighty pages feature Emil Cioran’s notes, ideas, additions, and even deletions. But as part of this auction, another rare copy was proposed – the first edition of “Change in the Face of Romania”, with 3D dedications to the great philosopher.

The resistance plaque for this auction is a manuscript of eighty holographic pages, notes, ideas, additions, omissions, additions to Ciorani sentences and proverbs. We discuss substantial and exceptional research materialjustifying the pride of any public or private group.

The manuscript was brought from Paris and suggested by us to arrange, We hope that by the date of the auction, the commission will meet and finalize the arrangement, as we have requested, in Tezaur. 100% treasure piece.

Some rare copies – including the first copy of the “changing face of Romania” – will also be auctioned off in the “About Failed Childbirth” auction with 3D dedications by Emil Cioran.but also some expressive images of the philosopher”, as he defines it exclusively for ThinkCésar Floria, owner of the historic auction house.

The first edition of “Change in the Face of Romania” – with 3D dedications to Emil Cioran

The first picture of Mircea Eliade and a letter to Prince Nikolai

Within the framework of the auction event itself, an impressive box of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, books and photographs relating to another major cultural monument in Romania and abroad, Mircea Eliade, will be presented under the title “Mircea Eliade, between Bucharest and Calcutta” historian of religions, writer and philosopher.

Moreover, the historical auction house also got an exceptional photograph, perhaps the first portrait of Mircea Eliade. It is a picture taken at the baptism of the writer.

The very special collection was also supplemented by a letter from Mercia Iliad to Prince Nikolai dated 1953.

We will present 8-9 manuscript pages of “A Wedding in Heaven”.. But the first Roman and foreign editions will be presented with the author’s dedication, Mention must be made of the original images, among which is the image of the baptism, which appears in the arms of the mother – certainly, in the context of those times – the first image of the future writer and researcher.

Mircea Eliade, in his mother’s arms

There is no shortage of landmarks and stages dated between 1923 and 1986 for a fruitful path – Bucharest, Calcutta, Paris, Lisbon, Chicago – Testimonials of a unique life and thought experience. There are messages from or to family, schoolmates, friends, and cultural figures from the country or abroad, among them Ionel Gianno, Serban Cioculescu, Pietro Komarnescu, Heige Actrian, Myron Grendia, Swami Sivananda, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Rudolph Otto, Jacques Lassen or Giuseppe Tucci.

The letter addressed to Prince Nikolai, dated 1953, reveals the upheavals she faced during those years of Roman exile, as well as the involvement of Mircea Eliade, along with other Romanians with moral and spiritual convictions that they did not abdicate..

Mircea Eliade’s letter to Prince Nikolai – 1953

Another important document presented in this auction is The last letter, sent in January 1986, a few months before his death, to Mircea Handuka (Editor – Romanian literary historian, work editor Mircea Eliade)Mircea Eliade gives details of his poor health and the fire that destroyed his office and library.reveals Cesar Floria.

Mircea Eliade’s letter to Mircea Handuka

We can’t get past the ‘Mercia Eliade’ section without mentioning it either 1950’s French version of the opera “La Nuit Bengali” (Maitre). This copy is sure to interest collectors keenly, as it is discovered even in the library of the exiled Charles II. The volume also holds his book panel. Read it in Estoril. This was also the habit of Charles II, he always wrote where he read the book and the date on which he began to read‘,” says Cesar Floria, owner of the historic auction house.

Mircea Eliade – “Maitre” signed by King Charles II

Love letters Blaga sent to Elena Danielo

Among the manuscripts belonging to Lucien Plaga that will be offered at this auction, we must point out a substantial novelistic essay, written in the mid-1950s, entitled Encounters with Goethe, a fundamental author in the formation and concerns and interests of the Roman poet. philosopher.

We have two manuscripts in Plaga, one – «Encounters with Goethe» – of about 30-40 pages, but also some love letters, and correspondence between Blaga and his last lover, Elena Danielo..

At Constantin Noica we have some signed bookstwo of them were sent to Mircea Handuka, which is also very interesting,” adds Cesar Floria.

Lucien Plaga – “Meetings with Goethe”

Ștefan Augustin Doinaș, the famous love story that bears the seal of death

The historical auction house also offers a large collection of documents belonging to Stephen Augustin Doenay, poet, translator and important man of culture.

Including several poems in manuscripts, the famous death-seal love story, which he and his fragile partner experienced, survives to this day, revealing itself through two “precious and touching letters.”

“In tefan Augustin Doinaș we have a notebook of his youth, containing approximately 70-80 poems in manuscript, and we have correspondence between him and his wife Catherine. Tevan Augustin Doenay fell ill and died in hospital. And his wife stayed with him until she died, then she went home and poisoned herself. And he chose such an extreme gesture for the two of them to be buried together.

A letter from Ștefan Augustin Doinaș to her – “my love” – ​​and a letter from his wife to him.. We will also present a watch worn by Ștefan Augustin Doinaș, but also His study card, his teacher was Lucien Blaga, and he signs the study card. also, In this auction, we will also offer a baccalaureate diploma to tefan Augustin Doinaș, as well as a letter recounting the funeral of Constantin Noica“,” Cezar Florea, owner of the historic auction house, identifies exclusively for Think.

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