A story from old Bucharest

Sunday 18 September 2022Starting at 7:00 pm, the Odeon Theater will host for the first time the show “TODAY’S STORY OF BUCHAREST”, a musical evocation of a metropolis where cultural life moves between theaters, concert halls, summer gardens, cinemas and select restaurants. The show is organized by the ProCultArt Association along with the Odeon Theater and is part of a series of events Bucharest days”initiated by Capital City Hall, through the Directorate of Culture, Education and Tourism of Bucharest Municipality and ARCUB.

The cultural project launched by actress Mirona Ionescu and violinist Valentin Alpetiano aims to protect the intangible heritage of Romanian light music, represented by the creations of composers of the interwar period.

From the tango, foxtrot and hammocks heard mainly in vaudeville and revista in old Bucharest, to classical music and concert music in cafés, the show offers a foray into the fascinating life of the stories of a world almost lost and buried under layers of oblivion and music that reconstructs in an incomparable way.

At the same time, the event is a prelude to the launch of the digital library of Romanian light music, which was achieved by digitizing the collections of sheet music belonging to this musical genre – the interwar period, being the first stage that was sought and presented to the general public. A year that the two artists have been preparing for two years ago.

“This project represents for me a path to perfection, a state of spirituality, in perfect harmony with my purpose on this earth.” – Mirona Ionescu, actress

“I realize that I don’t sing perfectly and I don’t even want to… I just try to make people dream through my music; to dream big and beautiful because when we dream everything is possible!” – Valentin Alpitiano, violinist

On the occasion of the show, in the lobby of the Odeon Theater, as part of this cultural project, an exhibition of the results will be organized, which will include works in the Romanian Light Music Digital Library, Appeal in favor of thrift. It is this music that created the sound curtain in Bucharest in complete cultural effervescence.

“Story from Bucharest today” It is a unique concept, appreciated by both professionals and the general public, a display of elegance, refinement, professionalism, talent and good taste, an opportunity to once again reveal the artistic creed of the heroes of this project: “Together we can save through art, the beautiful part of the world.”

Mirona Ionescu And Valentin Albeșteanu, accompanied by Taraful de Oraș (Valentin Cucu – Piano, Nicolae Petrea – Double Bass, Marian Dincă – Accordion) and BonTon Orchestra (Tiberiu Dragoș Oprea conductor) will recreate an entire vocal world of centuries of happy songs, thus providing beyond story times from Bucharest today.

The special guest is tenor Alin Stoica, laureate of the international “Luciano Pavarotti” and collaborator with the Bucharest National Opera and the Romanian National Opera Timișoara. The orchestra was signed by Ioan Dobrinscu, and the scenography for the show was designed by acclaimed film and theater photographer Maria Mio, who has won the UNITER Prize for her entire career.

Spectators will listen to songs by Ion Vasilescu (“Habar nai tu”, “I put basil in my hair”), Nikolai Kirculescu (“This is how love begins”, “Violet for girls”, “Basket” ), Ionel Wernick (“The Lie”) , Eli Roman (“No longer crying, my love”), Gerasi Dendrino, but also other famous scores signed by Gregorash Dineko, George Boulanger, Fritz Kreisler. Practically, the past of Romanian light music was under the signature of these great composers, and their creativity contributed significantly Complete definition of this musical genre.

And who does not smile when fortune is called by the song of the basket, who dares not to let himself be defeated listens to a declaration of love Habar n ai tu … How they will not give their souls to discover the bear I put basil in my hair … And who is not Stars coming down from the sky for little Estrelita? “…

The program “Stories from Old Bucharest” premiered in 2017 and was presented in important concert halls: the Roman Theater (Cancer Survivors Concert 2022), the Radio Hall – Studio “Mihai Gora” of the Romanian Broadcasting Society, the Philharmonic “Ion Dumitrescu” “Râmnicu Vâlcea”, “Marin Sorescu” Theater Craiova, “Tony Bulandra” Theater Târgoviște (within the National Festival of Creativity and Interpretation “Golden Chrysanthemum”), Palace Bragadiru – Bucharest, Palace of Cantacuzino – Bușteni, as well as at cultural events such as evenings Pontus Exin – Constanța, INDIE IPIFF Festival – Sala Union, etc..

Tickets can be purchased:

• On the Internet, at www.teatrul-odeon.ro

At the ticket office at the Odeon Theater (Timetable: Monday to Sunday, from 11.30 to 19.00, with a break between 14.30 – 15.00)

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