In search of documentaries, Farad started with a cultural estate.

want. a poem. A documentary about the incredible potential of CWhat a life everyone ignores in America, and you deified, without knowing, in South Africa, Sixto Rodriguez and his incredible story. A documentary, if you haven’t watched it yet, will definitely define the way you’ll watch documentaries from now on, and if you’ve watched it, it will keep you on the edge of your seat over and over again, just to get you to watch for the thousandth time the hair behind every picture, every part, every line, that will make you freeze and thaw dozens of times during the 86-minute show.

With Sixto Rodriguez and the Sugar Man (Academy Award for Best Documentary) began FARAD, version 9, a festival that was overlooked by officials: the local mayor, who was a regular at official editorials, was absent, as was Demetris Kirkenos, the technician. The director of the Alfard Festival, but also the mukhtar who was behind the festival for 9 years, Mihai Sherilov, the last two present at the two other festivals he has also organized now.

Curator and programmer Dimitris Kirkinos is co-organizing a documentary film festival in Thessaloniki, while Mihai Sherilov is in Constanta, where TIFF is taking place these days. If officials decide they can be represented by Dana Andrica, director of the Arad Municipal Cultural Center, Farad’s financial supporter, the festival team will, one by one, arrive in Arad.

However, Corina Şuteu, the heart of the festival, did not miss the opening, which gave weight to this year’s edition as well, explaining first of all the chosen theme – the documentary From Investigation and the title”I am searchingComplex and othersAnd the You will find”. “Why did we dwell on this subject? Because it seemed to us, in a certain way, that the pandemic and all the world events of the past few years forced us to reflect and introspect. Therefore, after all, “Seek and you will find”, It’s about Look outside and you will find, look inside and you will find. Corina Ototo noted that investigation and freedom are two key words that have been revealed to us in recent years.”

Former Minister of Culture, Corina Shoto pointed out And the ten films that can be seen in Arad during the festival (the eleventh can only be seen in Timisoara, and Farrad expands with two screenings here as well), insisting on two investigative films -”mole” and “for a handful of french fries”, but and one A film about alienation, which was recommended by cinema lovers, and of course stopping at the anniversary presentation (ten years after its release) chosen for the opening of the festival “Searching for the Sugar Man.” pAl Farrad Festival venue to haveVery pleased by the audience in the Arta Cinema hall, very numerous and diverse, especially in the circumstances in which it was mentioned No special invitations were sent, as the audience consisted of moviegoers of all ages, from young to old.

Oana Radu and Dana Bunescu were also present at the opening of fARAD9.

Farad movies

What else can documentaries fans see during the festival days, a festival Brynthe master Bring all the colors back to my dreams?

On Thursday, September 8, from 7 pm, at Cinema Arta, “Facing the Sun” will be shown for the first time in Romania.

Al-Fard continues on Friday, September 9, with the documentary “Channel 54”, which will be shown starting at six in the evening, and an hour later the documentary “Hole No. 2” will begin, followed by a discussion with director Eugenin Javonik. . The documentary marathon begins in earnest on Saturday, September 10th. Starting at five in the evening, the movie “Three Minutes – Extension” will start, followed by the screening of the movie “Nelly and Nadine” at 6:30 pm. Both films will be screened nationally, and the second will be followed by a discussion with director Magnus Gretten. Starting at 9 pm, also on Saturday, the documentary “For a Handful of French Fries” will be shown. The evening ends at Joy’s Literary Cafe in Avram Iancu Square, where the closing ceremony of the festival will take place.

But after the party, Farad will also continue on Sunday, as the documentary Direct on video will be shown at 3 p.m. at the national premiere. From the seventeenth, there will be an international premiere – the screening of the documentary “My Tree”, directed by Jason Sherman. The last screening of the 2022 edition of the Farad Festival is scheduled for Sunday at 7:30 pm: after that, movie-goers will be able to watch the documentary “Kartata”.

Timisoara extension

As I mentioned before, this year Farad came up with an extension to Timisoara for the festival. In partnership with the French Cultural Institute from the city of Bega, Frad also entered Timisoara with the films “Neighbours”, directed by Ruth Zilberman – at the national premiere, respectively “A Handful of French Fries” (premiere Wednesday, September 7, second Friday, September 9). from 20:30).


Another related Farad event is Salonul Insula 42 – In Focus: The Investigative Documentary. The salon will be held online, on the farad and Insula 42 Facebook pages, on Saturdays, from 12 noon.

Access to all performances is free, subject to available seats, all Arad shows take place at Cinema Arta, on Vasile Alecsandri Street, No. 2.

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