What happens after the death of Queen Elizabeth. Operation “London Bridge Has Fallen” has been launched. Charles became king

Queen Elizabeth II has held the throne since 1952. It is the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain, and during all this time, she has installed dozens of British Prime Ministers, participated in more than 20 Summer Olympics and met many Sovereign Pontiffs. The Queen is a cornerstone of the Commonwealth of Nations, she is a patron of hundreds of charities and has played a key role in the United Kingdom’s alliance with many countries.

Her death carries enormous weight, not only for the UK, but for the entire world.

As soon as Operation London Bridge begins, its Private Secretary, The Honorable Edward Young, will immediately send a letter to the Acting Prime Minister. Today, Liz Truss

This message should read: “London Bridge has fallen.”

The Prime Minister is the one who will launch Operation London Bridge.

In a few minutes, 15 governments outside the UK, where the Queen is head of state, will be informed via private and secure networks. This will be followed up in 36 other countries of the Commonwealth and for leaders around the world.

A notice will appear on the gate at Buckingham Palace with the news.

At the same time, a news flash is sent out to alert the media around the world.

Every press is prepared for the news of the Queen’s death. Every radio station has a network of lights indicating a national disaster of this kind.

All BBC broadcasts will stop and switch to a dedicated news feed. News presenters will switch to the black suits and clothing available at all times in the new studio, and BBC News’ traditional red brand will switch to black.

Newspapers, TV channels and radio stations prepared whole days of reporting.

On the same day the Queen’s death, the Queen’s eldest son, Charles, will immediately become king, and it seems that business in the UK stock exchange and shops will likely close on that day, out of respect for the Queen. .

The day after the Queen’s death, live, Charles will give his first official speech as King, and the Government will take an oath at Deligence to fire a 41 salute in Hyde Park, London.

Then King Charles, if that was the name he chose, would go on a tour of the United Kingdom, visiting government leaders in the capitals of each country, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, before returning to London.

During this period, television channels will broadcast several documentaries that have already been made in honor of the Queen, and the BBC will refrain from broadcasting comedy programmes, as a sign of respect, until after the funeral.

Four days after the Queen’s death, the coffin will be carried in a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Here it will be presented for the next four days.

After that, King Charles and his family and dignitaries will pay their respects.

Then the doors will likely open to hundreds of thousands of people lining up outside. The funeral is expected to take place 10-12 days after the Queen’s death, but one thing is certain: the day of the funeral will be a public holiday for all of the UK.

The exchange will close for the second time in less than two weeks, and many companies will do the same at exactly 11:00. The bells of Big Ben will ring, the country will be silent, and the coffin will be brought to Westminster Abbey, where 2,000 guests will bow their heads in prayer.

After mass, the coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle and then finally to St George’s Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth II is likely to be buried alongside her father, King George II.

Perhaps a year after the funeral, there will be an official coronation for King Charles in another ceremony.

Altogether, taking into account the multiplicity of expenses for festivities, funerals and coronations, it is estimated that the death of the Queen will cost the British economy billions of pounds.

In addition, hundreds of changes will occur across the UK in the coming months.

The new British currency will be printed with the image of the King, and those with the Queen’s face will be phased out. The same will happen with stamps, passports, and police and military uniforms.

The national anthem is changed to “God Save the King”.

The whole world, not just the Commonwealth, will interact with the new king, who can change the British royal family forever. For example, in Australia there is increasing support for the country to become a republic, and the death of the Queen may withhold this support. This could lead other countries to follow suit, which would almost certainly weaken the British monarchy.

With the launch of Operation London Bridge, there will likely be the largest funeral humanity has ever seen. It may be the end of an era.

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