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Come with us for the opening of the latest mural in Arad, stay for a movie, stay for the discussion or come to the concert! We have several events set up as part of the new citizen project, Color Your City, which is being held at the College of Physical Education and Sport at the University of West Wassily Goldich, in Malol Murului, or in Conestro, like some we call it.

As every year, we set our sights on a space with a history in the local community and a lot of potential, and set out to revitalize it through multidisciplinary interventions and community involvement. We strongly believe that urban art contributes through the public nature of the artistic act to the opening and representation of dialogue in society.

Urban art has been a pillar of ours since the beginning of our activity, through the interventions and urban revitalization projects we started with the first release of Particles in 2015. Since then, we have invited artists who left ephemeral murals and others that still stand today: IRLO and Dan Perjovschi In TEBA, Mr. Cenz, Dale Grimshaw and Radu Pandele on the walls of the ASTRA Factory, Square Cat in Eminescu Park, and Orion at Club Riviera. More so, we set up workshops where the young Arada in turn learned what to eat urban art from well-known artists. The first such workshop was held in the Teba factory, coordinated by Mr. Cenz, the next one in Eminescu Park in the coordination of Wanda Hutira, and the third on the bank of Mureș, near Teba, coordinated by Diana Serghiu.

A new mural, created by Wanda Hutira, will open this fall as part of the Color Your City citizen project. where? On the transverse heel of the block in Strada Praporgescu no. 13-15, near the bank of Mureș.

Wanda Hutira is a prolific artist who is always looking for new challenges and experiences. He caught a taste of murals at a local street art festival in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since, becoming his favorite medium for expressing ideas, concepts, and ideas. In the next three years he signed more than 50 works, relinquishing his position as artistic director of advertising to devote himself entirely to mural art. Prefers to work on projects with social messages, on the topic of environment, injustice in society, and prejudices.

In parallel, young Arad will learn mural painting techniques and create a collective mural in a new workshop, coordinated by Recis. One of the founding members of Sweet Damage Crew, Recis is one of Romania’s most popular street artists. He studied architecture, has been passionate about graffiti and painting since the eighth grade, and since 2010 has been dedicated to mural art. The signed frescoes bring color and life, with this mastery that took Roman street art to the next level.

To celebrate the fact that Constru’ is taking shape, we invite you every evening between September 15-17, starting at 20:00 at the sports base of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of our partners, Vasile Goldiș University of the West!

On Thursday, we look at and open the mural by Wanda Hotera and talk to her about her artistic process and the environmental message she conveys. We also opened the KineDok Documentary Film Series 2022, by watching the Georgian film “Taming the Garden” (2021, Director: Salome Gashi, 91 min).

On Friday, we continue the discussions on this topic, after watching the documentary “Wood” (2020, Director: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst & Ebba Sinzinger, 96 min), with Ovidiu Pîrv (Urban Biversity Park, Arch Milloy Kristia). On this occasion, we begin to place the magnifying glass on the history of our chosen space. It is no coincidence that the block on which we make the eco-themed mural was designed by the same architect, Miloi Cristea.

On Saturday we go further in exploring local history, and Claudio Cristia, who will be joined by Cătălin Lăpuscă and Diana Achim, will lead the discussions to tell us about Constru’s legendary concerts with rockers. The discussion “Remembering Conestro: Arada Rock from the 90s to Today” cannot end without a recitation of the band who made history in Conestro since the 90s – things are to come!

The full program:

September 11-15

Made by: Landa Hotera mural

From the 13th to the 16th of September

Mural art workshop with RECIS

September 15

20:00: The artist talks with Wanda Hotera

21:00 – Screening of the documentary “Taming the Garden” (2021 Director: Salome Gachi, 91 min)

September 16

20:00 – Screening of the documentary “Wood” (2020, Director: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst & Ebba Sinzinger, 96 min.) + discussions with Ovidiu Pîrv (Association of Urban Biodiversity Park Arch. Milo Cristea)

September 17

20:00 – “Remember Constru: Arada rock from the 90s to today” – discussions with Cătălin Lăpuscă, Claudiu Cristea and Diana Achim

21:00 – Live Music: Things to come


A cultural project co-financed by the administration of the National Fund for Culture and Arad City Hall through the Arad Municipal Cultural Center.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the management of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project are used. This responsibility rests entirely with the beneficiary of the financing.

Principal Partner: University of the West Vasile Goldiș Arad

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