General Culture Quiz: The Lives of Queens and Princesses

Image source: Library of Congress

Do you think you are an expert in general culture? Find out how much you know with the help of these 27 questions, categorized by several areas of interest.

1 From which imperial family is the royal family of Romania descended from?

a. Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

B. Holstein – Gottorp – Romanov

against the Habsburgs

2 – What year did Governor Carol I and Princess Elisabetta de veda?

In 1881



3 What literary pseudonym does Queen Elizabeth have?

Mrs. Mary Ann

B – Carmen Silva

against Anna Bell

4 What is the name of the first princess of Romania?

a. Elizabeth

B. Mary


5 In what year did Princess Maria become queen?

In 1913



6 How many children did King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria have?




7 Who appointed Princess Maria Honorary Commander of the 4th Rossori Regiment?

A – King Charles I

B – Crown Prince Ferdinand

C. Queen Elizabeth

8 Which Roman princess became the Queen of Greece?

A – Princess Maria “Mignon”

B – Princess Eliana

C – Princess Elizabeth “Lisabetta”

9 Where was Maria the Great Queen of Romania crowned?

a. Sinaya

B. Alba Yulia

against Bucharest

10 In what royal family was Queen Mother Elena born?

A – for Great Britain

B – Greece


11 When did King Charles II and Queen Elena divorce?

In 1936



12 Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1956?

Mr. George C. Marshall

B. Martin Luther King, Jr.

c. not granted

13 Who drew “Circular Night”?

a. Rembrandt van Rijn

B – Pablo Picasso

J. Paul Cezanne

14 Who wrote the novel The Stranger?

A – Albert Camus

B. Franz Kafka

against Marcel Proust

15 Which novel brought John Steinbeck a Pulitzer Prize?

A – “The fruits of anger”

b – “About mice and men”

C – “East of Eden”

16 In what year was Stanford University founded?

In 1885


C .1780

17 How many gold medals did Romania win at the 2008 Summer Olympics?




18 What is the name of the Greek philosopher who is considered the father of the philosophical current known as Neoplatonism?

A – Socrates

B. Plotinus

against Plato

19 How many years did Aristotle live?


B .49

C .62

20 What is the name of Alexander the Great’s mare?

a. incite

b bolivar


21 Who directed Youth Without Youth (2007), based on the fantastic short story of the same name by Mircea Eliade?

a. Roman Polanski

B – Steven Spielberg

against Francis Ford Coppola

22 Where was Tom Caragio born?

A- Greece

B. Romania

against Bulgaria

23 Who founded the National Theater in Cluj-Napoca?

A – Aeon Shahijian

b) Zahariyeh Barsan

Against Victor Eun Boba

24 What does ‘missing’ territoriality mean?


B. Homemade noodles


25 When was King Mihai forced to abdicate?

a. December 30, 1947

B. September 15, 1946

C. October 25, 1947

26 In what year was the first match in the history of the Romanian national football team held in Belgrade?

in 1930



27 Who is the architect who built the Cotrosini Palace?

a. Peter Antonescu

B. Florea Stănculescu

against Paul Gutierrez

correct answers

1. a. Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

2. C.1869

3. (b) Carmen Silva

4. B.Maryam

5. C.1914

6. b 6

7. A – King Charles I

8 C – Princess Elisabetta “Lisabetta”

9. b. Alba Yulia

10. B from Greece

11. C.1928

12. He was not given c

13. A. Rembrandt van Rijn

14. A- Albert Camus

15. A – The fruits of anger

16. A. 1885

17- A.4

18. b. Plotinus

19. C.62

20. v. Bucephalus

21. vs. Francis Ford Coppola

22. (a) Greece

23. B. Parsan vase

24. B. Homemade Noodles

25. A 30 December 1947

26. B.1922

27. Against Paul Gutierrez

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