“I think it will be completed this year, otherwise we are losing money. We want that space to produce energy for the new theater”

The director of the “Radu Stanca” National Theater in Sibiu (TNRS), Konstantin Chirac, believes that the auction for the Culture Factory will take place by the end of this year: “Otherwise we will lose money from PNRR, money from POR and Norwegian and Swiss funds.” He also says that that space must be rehabilitated, including from an energy efficiency point of view: “(…) to be able to have energy, without buying it. Let’s come to the solution so that everything we produce there, as energy, can serve the theater The new conference center.

Konstantin Chiriac spoke about the need to purchase the Culture Factory during the September premiere conference on TNRS Phases.

“After so many years in business, we hope with all our hearts that the Culture Factory will be brought home as soon as possible, that City Hall will buy it, and that it will remain a place of beauty, joy and the triumph of creativity. They are spaces created together – e Fauste lulu And so on. Nowhere in the world is there such an incident. Hopefully in 2024 we can reopen the Culture Factory with performances by Mr. Purcărete, Mr. Zholdak, Andrei and Andreea Grosu, from the big names up in the alley, so that that space becomes a place where the younger generation can get on the bandwagon of projects and meetings. There are 56 names on the alley. Think of the amount of wealth, what a colossal treasure,” Chiriac declared.

He pointed out that at the present time the desire to purchase has been approved by the local council. “But until the decision of the legal structure administering this insolvency, and until the completion of the auction, CL must now agree to the amount provided by the independent appraiser. The city council must find the sources of funding in such a way that this purchase can be made.”

The TNRS Director believes that the bidding procedures will take place by the end of this year, taking into account projects and sources of funding for future projects. At the same time, he also emphasizes that one of the big projects, apart from cultural events, is related to energy efficiency. “I think it will be by the end of the year, because we are losing PNRR money, we are losing European money, money from ROP, from Norwegian and Swiss funds. We want to rehabilitate all that space, in several projects, in a way that we can get energy, without buying it. Let’s We come to the solution so that everything we produce there, as energy, can serve the new theater and convention center. Whatever we think of, we think of for the future and for this community.”

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Sibiu City Council proposes to buy it for the city. €4.3 million is the amount provided by the current representatives of Construcții SA to sell the building of 6,776 square meters and the surrounding land of 2.7 hectares. The final price will be determined, however, after an approved evaluation. In August 2022, the General Manager of Construcții SA, Adrian Homan, who showed that he had acquired the majority of the company’s shares, said that he had not been formally notified by Sibiu City Hall about the intent to acquire. “We do not have an address from the local administration. We also read about the approved decision. Adrian Homann said that these goods will not be sold directly but at auction.” At the same time, he also said that he will be pressured to sell goods at below market price.

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