Sebeya woman Anka Sherb, the heroine who performs her role when she “enters the water”

She worked as a diving instructor at Sibiu Sports School Club for four years. He practiced this sport from a young age, which brought him countless titles and medals in various national and international competitions. An invigorating and relaxed presence, with plenty of optimism and a smile on the wearer. She is Anka Syb from Sibyan.

At a time when every Roman sees their child as David Popovici or Simona Halep, Anca Șerb really knows the way to such a performance!

“The pool became my playground”

You are one of the athletes who have made Sibiu proud through years of successful activity. Where did this story begin?


It started when I was young. And when I say a little, I mean about four and a half years ago, when I joined my first real preparatory swimming course. The lady who organized the course was a diving instructor. After completing the course, talk to the parents: “Do you want to let Anca keep jumping?” “yes!” Liked it, it’s been hung up. I had no children among the neighbours, and being alone with my parents was fun for me. And from around the age of 13, the results started to explode. Since then I’ve been getting better and better results in every national championship, getting medals in every competition. First in young children, then in adults.

I was a calm guy when I started this sport with perseverance. How difficult is it to manage your time, childhood priorities in which, of course, the temptation to play is much greater than the assumption of a certain discipline?

I really liked what I was doing from the start. My parents used to tell me, “You go to school, do your homework, and then you can go to training.” Since there was no one to play with, I spent most of my time either alone in the yard or in training. What was there to choose? I used to meet many kids while jumping in the water, so the pool became my playground.

How can motivate the child to practice this sport?

We are talking about performance sports. If the athlete sees that he is appreciated during training, and achieves good results, both in training and in competitions, then I say that motivation arises on its own. Now, it also depends on the child. Because it’s not just training that motivates you. Sometimes the training is very difficult. When you have a fitness training, you are not excited to go. But seeing the good results, you’re excited. It helps a lot and a little encouragement from the coach, first of all, and of course the family. The coach should have an open but professional relationship with the parents. To explain to them that it is necessary to establish a routine for the athlete in order to obtain results. As with school – you go to school, you come home, you do your homework – the same is the case with sports. At least I give performance athletes work to do at home. They can work on certain exercises, where I know they have some shortcomings and do not harm themselves, and at home, to develop those qualities that I know they need better. The parent, at the same time, must cooperate with the athlete (his son / daughter) and the coach. Through communication, the most effective method, the parent directs the athlete’s organization.

Practically speaking, I want to give my child a diving performance. where do I start?

First of all, I mean the school sports club, we make the choice. Since last year, I’ve focused more on online selection, which I’ve really succeeded in doing. Of course, with groups of mothers or groups doing sports activities in Sibiu or other activities that can be done in Sibiu. We still do the selection in kindergartens and schools, first class max. We choose children up to 8 years old. We also accept older children, eg 9-10 years old, but they have some kinetic collectibles that will help us with our sport. Usually this happens if this child comes from gymnastics.

How do you make a choice? …

The child comes to the gym, we try to pay attention to some physical indicators (height, weight, etc.), and then, if the child is small (5-6 years), we can work on his mobility and development, because mobility is one of the qualities we need so much in diving . We do some practical tests of our sport in the gym. Now, if I see that an athlete has some deficiencies in certain areas, I usually don’t give it up right away. I’ll keep it for another year, watching how it does in those specific tests. This is pretty much where it starts. Beginners, aged 5-6 years, can stagnate in the same group somewhere after 2-3 years, after which the selection is made for the advanced group. They stay here for another 2-3 years, after which the selection is made for the performance group.

Do we bill any offers for Sibiu School Sports Club?

We’re talking about our diving department at School Sports Group. We have 4 athletes, two of whom are Junior B, 15, that we competed with this year in the National Championships in the spring and came back with six medals, two of which were also seniors. And with Junior C, where we have 3 athletes, one of them managed to win second place in the national championships. and Junior D, who participated in a competition at the national level for the first time, and who came in second place. These are some very good results compared to the terms.

Speaking of circumstances, how are we with Sibiu Sports Base?

There is a project with Olympia Basin, the beginning of which we are anxiously awaiting, so that we can carry out our activity under specific conditions. In the second semester of the previous academic year, we cooperated with the Aria Center and Baia Populară, as swimming pools, which helped us a lot and the difference appeared in work during training, in children’s purchases and, mainly, in athletes’ results. That is why, in this sports year, we want to resume cooperation with the two institutions.

From Wuhan to Sibiu

List some of the qualities a performance athlete should have.

First and foremost, discipline. The child returns home with a certain discipline, but we try to help him more. In fact, performance sport is all about discipline. You have to have a very strict schedule, and a very strict routine. Another advantage is mobility. In performance sport, you have to be active. Especially in diving, which is an artistic sport. It’s like gymnastics, ballet, I would say. You need skill, strength, endurance, speed, all these motor qualities.

How did you get out of training, coach?

I think an epidemic has occurred. That was the moment I finished my performance sports. After I finished my first year as an athlete at Sibiu School Sport Club, I moved to Steaua Bucharest, where I spent my final years in sports, and then, in 2019, still an athlete, I returned to Sibiu, on a job at CSȘ Sibiu. I mean, since I was an athlete, I’m training now. Which looks so cool to me! So I took the step towards training and came up with new powers, and the knowledge accumulated from the performance I gave.

Is there a title you are particularly fond of?

In addition to countless junior and senior national champion titles, I can include, as a young man, the second place in the Balkan Championship. I finished third in an international tournament held in Waldkreiborg, and the last competition, where I felt very comfortable and even did my personal best, was in Wuhan, where I participated with those from Steaua.

Finally, we also found out how the epidemic reached Sibiu!

It was fixed before the pandemic! She qualified for the finals and finished seventh in the World Military Championship. It was one of the best results I got.

It’s the beginning of school. Do children come into the water jumping?

Yes, I’ve started getting phone calls to sign up. We are in the preliminary selection stage. I kept in touch with the performance group during the summer as well, because I couldn’t leave them much on vacation, because you need continuity, especially in the physical performance activity. I was in a position about three weeks ago, co-funded by the county council, as part of a project. For me, the whole month of September means a pick for beginners.

“Why should I be sad, instead of looking for solutions to do well at what I do?”

I see a big “problem” with exercise in general. Do you allow children to eat chocolate?

It’s not wrong to eat chocolate or something sweet. But if you’re craving more, try replacing that dessert with a fruit. With the little ones, we still don’t focus much on feeding. It is a good thing to have a proper diet which should come from the family first and foremost. I know it’s hard, especially at school, to eat three meals at set times a day, but the morning meal is important, especially for athletes who train in the morning. And yes, drink plenty of water and eat fruit. Start by replacing excess sweets with fruits.

I can’t help but notice the ease, the ever-present exuberance with which you speak of your passion, about those children you train. Do you also feel the sadness that tries from time to time?

The greatest sadness will be the mathematical norm. But why should I be sad, instead of looking for solutions to do well at what I do? I am sad for nothing, because it does not help me at all. On the contrary, I pass on my condition to my children and nothing good comes of it.

Aren’t you tired of doing what you’re doing?

No, I’m still young. I still have time. I’m in the beginning. This is only his fourth year in training. And I have ideas.

Do you have memories, cherished moments, especially, from working with children? How can you make them your friends?

There are frequent moments of happiness. I rejoice with them when they perform well in a new element, a new leap, and, of course, the most beautiful feeling is the feeling of victory, ranking in the first places in the competition. As a result of the effective, trust-based communication I developed with the performance gang during training lessons, we understand each other’s needs: I understand them when they are having a less than pleasant day, and they understand me. Being the generation with the phone in my hand, I created a profile on Instagram where we make the results of athletes, work and fun during workouts and camps visible (diving_sibiu).

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