TMC EcoAgriculture – A company that specializes in herbicides and drone-applied treatments. Advantages for farmers

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Herbicides and treatments applied to agricultural crops with the help of the latest drones. TMC EcoAgriculture supports farmers in Romania with a lesser known and relatively new service to farming here, but very useful and accessible: spraying with drones.

TMC EcoAgiculture is a company that services farmers with herbicides and other treatments on farmland, orchards or vineyards using state-of-the-art drones. Thanks to the functions that such equipment has, they can “diagnose” problems with diseases or pests in crops, and then carry out the necessary agricultural work: from simple spraying to fertilizing with nitrogen or using other granular products.

Marius Tato is responsible for TMC EcoAgiculture

Explained by Marius Tato, Director of TMC EcoAgiculture Agrointelligence-AGROINTEL.ROhow can farmers contact the company’s services but also what are the advantages of using drones for seasonal treatments with positive results in production per hectare.

“We apply the latest technology by providing services to the farmers. More precisely, the field spraying branch i.e. includes herbicides, insect treatments for pests and other foliar treatments, so everything that includes spraying in the field or spreading granules, all that a traditional machine does but at a lower cost in the case of Drone, the main differences compared to conventional herbicides, ”explained the director of TMC EcoAgiculture.

Best performance drone model for agriculture

TMC EcoAgriculture has in its portfolio the best performing drone model for agriculture. It’s about the model DJI Agras T30A revolutionary tool that actively supports reducing fertilizer consumption and increasing productivity. With a speed of 10 hectares per hour, uniformly assisted spraying and a 360-degree radar system, the DJI Agras T30 takes the idea of ​​efficiency in spraying plants and fruit trees to the next level.

Based on accurate data and numbers, the DJI Agras T30 drone independently plans and tracks the best path for each type of operation. The hydrometer provides the grower with real-time information about the amount remaining and the estimated time until refilling, allowing the drone operator to achieve the perfect balance between payload and battery life.

“The drone is the latest version of its generation, it sprays out of the air much more efficiently than a machine that weeds by conventional methods on the ground. First of all, not much water is consumed compared to an agricultural machine, we are talking about 20 times less than Water is in the case of drones, which means that the farmer no longer has to pump huge amounts of water into the field.In addition, we also have the option of analyzing the plant with another drone that assesses the health of the crop and can tell us the real-time status on the soil I will give you an example: on an area of ​​​​20-30 hectares, he can determine exactly where we are having a problem with the crop, the drone analyzes it, the meter performs the “diagnosis”, and the farmer no longer has to deal with it as in the traditional case of the whole culture, but only In the areas where the problem has been identified,” Marius Tato also identified.

Cure Drones Vs. Spray therapy

Drone-applied herbicides and treatments have a number of advantages over carrying out work using a machine on the ground.

Marius Tato mentioned several advantages of using the DJI Agras T30 drone in specific treatments for field crops, fruit growing or viticulture:

• Significantly reduce the workload and replace people in the field from 3 to 1 person;
• business is improved and efficiency is increased: with low spraying, drones help create a microclimate – the leaf is attacked from above and from below;
• A good increase in production is ensured by eliminating the stability of the crop – for a crop of 1000 hectares, up to 50 hectares (5% of the total area) is lost per year due to technological impacts
• Water is saved: 10 liters / ha for 200 liters / ha, and traditionally / you adjust the size of the droplets and no longer need to transport water to the field;
• Farmers have the opportunity to make decisions based on data collected from the field and to control the entire process;
• Crops benefit from effective, uniform and customized spraying.
• high processing accuracy is ensured by careful application of solutions, while maintaining a constant distance over plants, even on slopes where agricultural machinery is difficult to reach;
• The treatments can be applied even in weather conditions that are difficult for agricultural machinery to reach.
• It can also control diseases and pests when the size of the crop does not allow the sprayer to reach the field (in the case of corn, for example)

Targeting farms for drone spraying service

TMC EcoAg company services deal

“Farmers contact us and we travel anywhere in the country to provide these services. Also, for those who are interested, we can also sell this agricultural equipment. In general, young farmers understand exactly this process, but also farmers who have been more traditional up to now are starting to use the latest generation services Which guarantees speed in treatments, accuracy, economy and above all efficiency. I would also like to mention among the advantages the minimization of losses, whether those caused by technological impacts, machinery stuck in the field or waste of materials in places where they are not needed”, as defined by an official TMC EcoAgiculture Company.

Marius Tato also emphasized that time is the big win for the farmer: the drones work for them at night, they fly in low places, slowly and without turbulence, while optimizing the doses of materials.

“You do not depend on the available workforce, it is only necessary for the farmer to show us where the culture is and to provide us with the inputs and products he wants to apply. In addition, our fuel consumption is zero, so this is another negative cost to the farmers,” emphasized Marius Tato.

For the detailed offer and other information, you can use the data below to contact TMC EcoAgriculture representatives:

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