Unfortunately, things are left to chance.

The people of Sibiu should accept the Valsén tribes in their city, and the Valsén must understand and accept the special culture of Sibiu, believes the Sibiu municipal branch leader of the Furua Drape Party, Cyprien Varun. On Friday 9 September, during the organization’s launch conference, he announced that improving the relationship between the two communities is one of his immediate priorities.

Ciprien Varon spoke of “two projects for the soul” that the Sibiu municipal branch of the Forța Dreptei party wants to implement in the first place. “One of them is the success in raising awareness among the Sibiu community of their rights in relation to local institutions in particular. There are cases that have reached the courts, time and time again, against the city council, against the local council, and yet things have not changed. The solutions are in favor of those who go to court. , but in City Hall or in CL or in other state institutions the changes do not happen. Hence we want to help the community understand what its rights are with respect to these institutions. And Pharaoh explained that they would find support in us if they were not taken into account at the level of those institutions, Rather, they were ignored.”

The second project that the Sibis in the new party want to strengthen concerns the relationship between the Sibis and Valsini, a problem, they say, that had to be solved by the local authorities through the implementation of integration mechanisms.

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“Unfortunately, things are left to chance. The camps were set up – the original Sibians and those coming from the south, especially from Vâlcea. The Sibians believe that those who came from Vâlcea do not meet their expectations. Perhaps those from Vâlcea think that the Sibians do not meet their expectations. Or here we should be A link between the two societies, because these two societies should become one,” says Cyprien Varon.

It emphasizes the “essential role” played by the residents who come to Sibiu, but states that they must understand and accept the local culture.

“The two important aspects must be well understood: on the one hand, the role played by those who come to Sibiu from outside Sibiu is essential. A large part of the business environment also works thanks to their presence here – some of them have opened their own business, others are in the university, we have statistical data – 30% of ULBS students come from Vâlcea.Statistically, just over 50% of these people go on with their lives in Sibiu, start a family, choose a job, set up a business, or want to integrate into this community, which Sibiu must understand.

But we must know very well that wherever you go as a foreigner, you must accept assimilation into the local culture. We have to come, as a programme, to help raise awareness among those who come to Sibiu – whether they are from Vâlcea or anywhere else – what the local culture is. They should understand this, accept it, and integrate in this way, the leader of the municipal branch of the Forța Dreptei party said.

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This issue will be dealt with, according to Faraon, by a man from Vâlcea, Andi Ispas, who lives in Sibiu, who has a business here. “We both want this city to thrive. I am convinced that it is a subject that we will receive criticism on as well, but it is a burning topic in Sibiu and as long as it remains and no programs are established to coordinate these communities, there will be problems and it will be more inclusive,” concluded Ciprien Varun.

Andi Ispas is a landscape architect, a member of the Sibiu chapter of FD, and a graduate of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection of ULBS. Holds a master’s degree in the same field. Specializing in mountain technologies and activities, landscape design and the development of farming techniques.

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