Canon launches 5 professional cameras for content creators

Canon Europe today launched four professional camcorders, the XA65, XA60, XA75 and XA70, as well as the LEGRIA HF G70 camcorder for advanced users.

New models of video cameras can be used in many areas, including corporate events, educational events or documentaries. With exceptional-quality 4K recording, UVC HD streaming via USB-C and advanced autofocus and face detection features, these models deliver professional performance. All models allow recording in MP4 format, and four professional cameras offer XF-AVC recording for compatibility with TV applications.

4K high quality footage

With Canon’s range of compact camcorders, content creators can easily capture stunning 4K photos in any situation. Using a DIGIC DV6 image processor, a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, and a 1.0-inch CMOS sensor respectively, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 can record 4K UHD and Full HD images with increased sampling for ultra-high-resolution quality, perfect for many Recording positions. Thanks to Canon’s intelligent optical design, the new models offer impressive zoom functionality in a compact body. Using 35mm equivalent focal lengths, the XA65 / XA60 offers 20x optical zoom and the XA75 / XA70 offers 15x magnification. All Pro models offer 40x digital zoom, with built-in zoom reaching 800x for the XA65 / XA60 and 600x for the XA75 / XA70. With impeccable video functionality, these cameras are designed to improve operation with the help of a new 3.5-inch LCD touch screen display and a high-resolution electronic viewfinder.

Accurate focus, clear recording

Using Canon’s precise AF systems on the XA65 / XA60 and XA75 / XA70 cameras, content creators ensure they maintain focus on their subject and follow the action smoothly. The XA75 / XA70 features Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast and sharp focus, while the Dual Pixel Focus Guide makes it easy to focus manually on a specific subject. The XA65 / XA60 cameras use a hybrid AF system for accurate focus even in low light conditions. All models offer adjustable focus speeds for fast or smooth AF, which can be controlled via a 3.5-inch LCD screen, allowing operators to easily adjust focus by touching an AF point. For greater accuracy and flexibility, especially in crowded environments where operators need to keep the subject in frame, these models offer face detection and face tracking AF. All models offer manual focus, which can be adjusted from either the focus/zoom ring or the XA75/XA70 viewfinder control ring. Using 5-axis image stabilization, these models record sharp, clear images.

Versatile recording formats

Offering multiple recording options, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 can be easily integrated into professional workflows, whether recording XF-AVC 4K UHD at 160Mbps at 25p for TV or using the 150Mbps MP4 4K UHD codec. per second at 25p encoding for larger, small, and compressed files. With a wide range of professional recording options, including slow and fast recording, screen recording with date and time embedded in the video file, and an infrared mode for recording images in the dark, the cameras can be used in many situations. It can also be easily integrated into multi-camera products thanks to the dedicated image menu, allowing users to achieve colors similar to those produced by other Canon cameras. For professional audio, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 have 2 XLR audio inputs and 4 linear PCM channels for adjusting recording level and sensitivity.

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Options to improve communication

Canon’s new professional camcorders offer a wide range of connectivity options to enable simple and fast transfer of high-resolution images. The XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 can transfer HD UVC images via USB-Ci using a computer, which is ideal for educational institutions or places of worship increasingly offering virtual services as well as physical presence. All models use HDMI output and continuous duplex recording thanks to the dual SD slot, and the XA65 and XA75 also offer 3G-SDI output.

Camera for filmmakers

Designed for amateur filmmakers and documentary filmmakers, the LEGRIA HF G70 is a multifunctional video camera that delivers professional features in an easy-to-use format so users can achieve impressive results. Using a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and a high-quality 20x optical zoom lens, this camcorder records 4K UHD resolution in MP4 and HD downsampling for flawless video resolution. HDMI and USB-C outputs allow users to turn the LEGRIA HF G70 into a webcam that can be used for high-quality video calls and online content sharing. Additional scene modes are also available, including night mode, on-screen recording mode, and audio scene mode, allowing the sound recording to be adapted to the shooting environment.

Powerful Products in the Pro AV محفظة Portfolio

Besides camcorders, Canon today launched the CR-N700, CN8x15 IAS S E1/P1, EU-V3, and DP-V2730 series of products for live and television production. Canon’s latest PTZ camera, the CR-N700 is a 4K60P 4:2:2 10-bit PTZ camera with 12G-SDI connectivity, designed for high-end TV production. The CN8x15 IAS S E1/P1 lens, EU-V3 expansion module and new Cinema EOS firmware update will allow Canon’s high-end cinema cameras, the EOS C300 Mark III and EOS C500 Mark II, to seamlessly integrate into live production workflows. Today Canon also launches the 27-inch Reference Monitor DP-V2730, which joins Canon’s lineup of 4K monitors, offering solutions for all users.

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