He played for nine years in the second division, but has only two choices for the national team: “Our players played in the first division then”

Bogdan Patrascu The 43-year-old, the second Rapid coach and former player from Sportol Stodinsk, Litex Lovici, Piacenza, Chievo, Padova, Dynamo, Astra Ploiesti and “U” Cluj, has played in Italy for nine seasons. He spent most of them in Serie B, in Piacenza and Padua, but he also had half a season in the Italian league, then it was considered the best in the world.

Although there is a file Valuable player And he had Constantly good developments In the second division of the peninsula, the central midfielder could not issue suits to be called so often first representative, At a time when Motu, Chifu, Lobono, Contra or Radu were key players in their teams at the top level.

The second division is now awarding many players to the national team

I had two selections for the national team from the second division, and now we see that there are many key players in the team (no – in the second division, Radu Drogoyen and Jorge Pocak play in Genoa, Denis Mann and Valentin Mihilo play in Parma, Marius Marin, Adrian Rus and Olimpiu Moruțan in Pisa, while Vasile Mogoș relegated with Crotone to Serie C). Our important players were then playing in Serie A, Moto was in Juventus and Fiorentina, Chivu was playing in Roma and Inter Milan, Loponi was playing in Fiorentina and Roma, Contra was registered in Milan, Ștefan Radu was transferred to Lazio.

I caught them in Italy and beyond Valley Nustas (No – played in Genoa, Palermo, Bologna and Ascoli), Paul Codrea (No – Genoa, Palermo, Perugia, Turin, Siena and Bari), Doreen Guyan (la Palermo), Nikolai Decca (La Catania), Iannis Zico (No – Inter Milan, Parma), Claudio Niculescu (no – Genoa), Adrian Mihalcia (No – Genoa, Hellas Verona) … There were a lot, and most importantly, they played. I think the second division is a good tournament for training young players. It’s important to have players out there in teams that aim to move up.

“When I was in the second division, it was a very difficult tournament”

When I was in the second division, it was a very difficult tournament. Those who fell from Serie A to Serie B, said that it looked very difficult – physically, combatively, tactically. I think I spent nine seasons there because I was serious, which is an advantage you should have even today, I worked really hard. I was patient. If you’re not playing a game or two, don’t complain and want to go home.

She has shown adaptability, and I have been fortunate to be a man who fits me wherever I go. I don’t have any issues, I’m someone who integrates quickly anywhere. The experience helped me too BulgariaI played outside, but I was too close to home. It was 200 km from Lovichi to Bucharest. I’m ready to leave in Italia. Of course, you can’t compare football in Italy with that in Bulgaria, but I left the country helped me.

He says Del Piero is the best player he’s played against in Italy

I also played in Serie A, in Chievo, and I had matches against some exceptional players, who went down in football history, and I played against Moto three times, and he knew me and kind of went to other areas of the pitch (laughs). I had as opponents Del Piero, Totti, Trezeguet, Nesta, Cassano, Ibrahimovic, Inzaghi, Kaka, Cavani, Maldini, Shevchenko, Nedved, Zanetti … just what comes to mind now.

It seemed to me that the most valuable opponent was Del Piero. He wasn’t physically impressive, but he was exceptionally tactical and every touch of the ball was fun. The Brazilian Emerson was a very good direct competitor, very physically strong. They were valuable players, as if the star squad at Juventus, Milan, Inter and Roma was full at the time. Football has changed too, not from a tactical point of view, I think the biggest teams are on a physical level. It seems that high-value players are no longer only coming to Italy, but can also be seen in the Champions League. In the first decade of the twenty-first century it was the best tournament in the world, now other clubs with a lot of money have appeared.

He says Rapid fans are as fanatical as Salernitana fans

I went to Bulgaria the first time, and then came to Italy. In the 2002there was a big difference between Italy and Eastern Europe. Piacenza was a small town, 50 kilometers from Milanat 50 Parmaat 120 deg Bologna, in central northern Italy. It was one of the richest cities in Italy. I adapted well, because I had important players in the dressing room, among them Eusebio Di Francescoan important coach now in the Italian League, or Amedeo Mangoni, Enzo Marisca, Hugo Campagnaro, Marco Marchionne, Dario Hubner, Simone Pepe, Radja Nainggolan. I stayed with the Italian habit, I drink espresso In the morning, in addition to the food portion, pasta, olive oil, Mediterranean diet.

With the passion of the Rapidu fans, also considering the club’s colors, I think they look like Salrrnitana. It is a club from the south, where people are passionate about football. When it was played between Salernitana and Naples, there were high-risk matches, because there were two passionate fairs, some of the most beautiful in Italy. We played at the Naples stadium, and there were 50,000 people in the stands. It’s open, it’s a huge stadium, Petraco told Sport.ro.

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