Celebrating European Heritage Days in Sibiu | culture

This year the European Heritage Days were celebrated in Sibiu through a series of events that began on September 7, 2022. The events were organized by the Brukenthal National Museum, the Sibiu Provincial Directorate of Culture and the Nikolai Belcescu Land Forces Academy in Sibiu and Transylvania.

Alexandru Konstantin Chitu, Head of Marketing at the Brukenthal National Museum said: “Today, September 10, in the courtyard of the Museum of History – the Altimberger house, we had a double event. In the first phase, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Avram’s death. Iancu. Sibiu debt paid her soul and honor For the person who lived for several years, worked and was imprisoned in Sibiu – Avram Iancu. On this occasion, the music of Sibiu Garrison gave us an exceptional show in which they participated as guests and visitors. The second moment was the celebration of European Heritage Days and the program launched by the Directorate of Culture of Sibiu Province through the Director Dan Nano. This year the Council of Europe has chosen sustainable heritage as its theme. European Heritage Days 2022 offers many opportunities for event organizers and visitors to reflect on how we can identify and protect ourselves through cultural harmony.”

Dan Nano, Director of DJC Sibiu emphasized: “Every year in Europe, not just in the European Union, I celebrate European Heritage Days on the second Saturday in September. Because this year, on this day in Romania, Transylvania also celebrates the 150th anniversary of the death of National Hero Avram Iancu, Directorate of Culture of Sibiu Province, as a decentralized service of the Ministry of Culture of the Territory, initiated and on this occasion launched a program to highlight among the population the importance of preservation and valorization of the national cultural heritage because this is one of the elements that distinguishes the people. Sibiu This program has three levels that form the basis of this Ten Commandments of the importance of preserving heritage because it is one of the elements that define it as a people, a culture and as an existence in this ethno-geographical and historical space.This program includes a series of elements that must make the population aware of the preservation and enrichment of the national cultural heritage, especially In this field, because Transylvania is multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multicultural, and therefore heritage is the most important at the level of this Roman province.”

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