Netflix series halts filming due to Queen Elizabeth’s death / ‘Trolls’ gives bad marks to ‘Lord of the Rings’ series, accuses Amazon/NASA of new troubles

Netflix has stopped filming a series due to the death of Queen Elizabeth. ● Squid Game star to star in Star Wars ● New CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery wants more “Harry Potter” movies ● New problems at NASA ● “The Expanse”-inspired video game ● “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” will have a spin-off ● Amazon accuses “trolls” of giving bad grades to “Lord of the Rings”

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Netflix series has halted filming due to Queen Elizabeth’s death

The American broadcasting company announced, on Friday, the suspension of filming for its movie the crown In honor of the woman at the center of the series, which has won no fewer than 21 Emmy Awards and received 42 other nominations.

And Netflix announced in a press release on Friday that “filming will also stop on the day of Her Majesty’s funeral.” the crown It follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, played in the popular Netflix series by actresses Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, and most recently, film buff Imelda Staunton. Harry Potter They will surely get to know him.

Staunton is set to make her debut in the fifth season of the Netflix series, which launches in November, which is also set to feature a number of new names in the cast, including the roles of Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret. Played by other actors while Johnny Lee Miller (discovery trainingAnd the primaryHe will play John Major, the new British Prime Minister.

I can’t think of more symbolic news of his success the crown More than two years ago when then-British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden asked Netflix to display a warning at the beginning of the series informing viewers that it was a work of fiction and not a historical documentary.

message from last september

‘Squid Game’ star shines in ‘Star Wars’ series

Going from one iconic series to the next, South Korean actor Lee Jong Jae, who is best known internationally for playing the lead role in squid gameHe will now play the main man in the assistantOne of the many projects star Wars In the Disney business, Deadline reports.

Future series is also one of the projects in the universe Southwest which the US entertainment giant has given very few details about, revealing thus far that it will take fans into an era darker than the final days of the High Republic and that it will be a mystery thriller. In theory, it doesn’t look that bad.

Disney also announced in July that American actress Amandla Stenberg (Rue in hunger Games), who defines herself with the pronoun “they/they” will star in the series, with the belief that she will play the main supporting role. Disney has yet to announce a release schedule the assistant.

From Squid to Star Wars, let’s see what comes out (Photo: LMK/Landmark/Profimedia Images)

The new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery wants more Harry Potter movies

The merger in April between WarnerMedia and media conglomerate Discovery in general brought only bad news, from the removal of European products, including Romanian ones, from the streaming platform HBO Max, to the cancellation of some series in the works. Perhaps the most shocking action was the cancellation of the film’s release bat girlalthough it was already filmed and in post-production.

I wrote more about this in a previous Nerd Alert column, in case you’re curious. Finally, the good news appears to be that David Zaslav, the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery has a schedule that includes several movies Harry Potterincluding rumors that he will meet with writer J.K. Rowling to discuss new projects.

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal have been writing about this since May, but the news caught the attention of fans again after Mads Mikkelsen, Johnny Depp’s replacement in the franchise. Fantastic monstersRecently, he may return to movies inspired by the universe Harry Potter After winning a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Zaslav’s intentions are more satisfactory because Dumbledore’s secretsThe last movie in the franchise Fantastic monsters, did not live up to expectations at the box office. It grossed just over $400 million on a $200 production budget, which doesn’t sound too bad if you ignore the fact that it’s the worst-received movie. Harry Potter at all times in this chapter.

Johnny Depp, back in the world of Harry Potter? I don’t think fans will have anything to object to (Photo: Joel C. Ryan/AP/Profimedia Images)

NASA has new problems

Yet in June, an audit by NASA’s inspector general criticized the US space agency in no uncertain terms for awarding the contract to Bechtel to build the Mobile Launcher 2 (ML-2), a massive launch tower. Manned missions to the moon’s surface, new report rains down on plans to return to the moon.

A report released this week by the US Government’s General Accounting Office (GAO) accuses NASA of not doing its part on the Artemis missions that will return a man to the moon more than half a century after the Apollo 17 mission, the last mission it performed as its destination for Earth’s natural satellite.

“NASA uses current recommendations to manage single missions, not multiple missions. Without specific instructions for multiple missions, NASA does not have the necessary guarantees that there are consistent practices in Artemis mission schedules,” states the report, which repeatedly notes that the space agency still has loopholes. Great at “time management”.

The Government Accountability Office notes that the ambitious goals NASA has set for the Artemis missions — returning humans to the Moon, establishing a permanent presence on the Moon, and eventually a mission to Mars — “will involve more and more programs over time as missions become more complex” and that the agency’s current practices Space needs a quick reassessment.

NASA is already feeling pressure from lawmakers in Washington as a result of the massive budget overruns of some of its projects, and one cause for discontent is the costs of the SLS rocket which, after two failed launch attempts, is now awaiting another scheduled for the second half of October, reports.

NASA will likely attempt to launch the SLS rocket between October 17 and 31 (Image: UPI/Alamy/Alamy/Profimedia)

Video game based on the movie “The Expanse”

Recently, we’ve been receiving a flurry of announcements of popular video game franchises being adapted into a series, with both Netflix and its competitors trying to emulate the series’ success. the magician. Now we have an announcement in reverse, as American game company Telltale Games has revealed that it is working on a title inspired by the popular sci-fi series. Extension.

While details about the upcoming game are limited at the moment,Extension: Telltale SeriesIt will follow a group of “divers” who make a shocking discovery at the edge of the solar system’s asteroid belt. Telltale Games is famous for its adventure titles in which players are forced to make various decisions that have irreversible repercussions on the development of the story.

This means on the one hand that each decision must be carefully evaluated, but also that players can restart the game multiple times to see how different decisions lead to a different outcome (which I always find great). According to IGN, Extension: Telltale Series It will be developed in conjunction with Deck Nine studio, known for the franchise life is strangeThis is another good news.

While we still don’t have a release date for the upcoming adventure game (it’s said to be waiting sometime next summer), we can get a brief idea of ​​what it will look like from the first trailer:

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” will have a spin-off movie

Paramount is working on a feature film based on the beloved 1986 comedy, which is set to be directed by John Horowitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, the names behind the series. Cobra Kai Broadcast by Netflix. It seems that the new feature film to be called Sam and Victor’s day offIt will follow the same one-day adventure format as the cult movie released 36 years ago.

There’s no word yet on which actors will play the lead roles, but they’ll certainly have some big shoes to fill given the unexpected success of the film that starred Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller), Mia Sarah (who played his girlfriend) and Alan Rock (best friend). His) overnight star among the youth of the United States.

A classic and huge box office hit in the ’80s, grossing $70.7 million on a $5 million budget, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off It’s been the target of many parodies and even inspired a short-lived ’90s sitcom starring a young Jennifer Aniston. However, this will be the first attempt at a spin-off based on the movie, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Amazon accuses ‘trolls’ of giving bad grades to ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

The streaming division of the company founded by Jeff Bezos has introduced a new weapon in the battle against what he calls “trolls” on the Internet. Amazon has apparently implemented a 72-hour delay system for all reviews posted on the Prime Video platform since last month, but the situation is only now attracting attention after the release of the long-awaited series. Lord of the rings.

In addition to delaying the publication of any review by 3 days, Amazon is apparently “evaluating” whether it is real or created by a bot or elf. Representatives from Amazon and some niche sites see L.Ord of the Rings: Rings of Strength He was the victim of a coordinated campaign by netizens to give low scores and bad reviews to the series in which the company invested a huge amount of money.

This is due to the huge discrepancy between the ratings given by film critics to the series and those given by fans. For example, in the Rotten Tomatoes complexrings of strength It has an approval rating of 84% among critics and only 39% among fans. On Metacritic, the situation was even worse, with the series receiving an average score of 1.8 out of 100 from 1,454 fans, compared to 71/100 from critics.

I’m not saying Amazon isn’t right at all (the average of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb seems to be the closest to reality) but for the time being I wouldn’t say the critics are any benchmark either. Of course, many of those stellar reviews seem pleased that Amazon “diversified” the series with things not really found in Tolkien’s novels.

For example, the Guardian wrote that the Amazon chain is “so amazing” that it “does it Dragon House For amateurs.” The Daily Beast made a similar comparison, saying that the Amazon series “puts HBO to shame” and gives it a maximum rating of 100 out of 100, so there’s nothing to complain about, absolutely flawless. Yes I am convinced.

This week has been a poor season Phrase But we still have an interesting novel, that of an adaptation of the classic novel Nothing New on the Western Front by German author Erich Maria Remarque. I don’t think the story needs much definition, but the film will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12 before its premiere on Netflix on October 28.

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